Zeitgeist Day: March 13, 2010

Global Zeitgeist Day events as at January 31st, 2010. Image: zday2010.org

“The Scientific Method applied to society, is something people don’t think about…”

It can safely be said that there is an increase in people beginning to think about just that, it seems that as society becomes more aware of global problems we are beginning to question our values and look to new solutions.

We should be nothing but excited to see growth in this very direction. Do we continue to try and solve global economic and environmental problems (which, as Ban Ki-moon has noted, demand ‘global solutions’) using a system that is the fundamental cause?

Or, do we look to a new solution, namely the scientific method, which isn’t really new but has a track record for success?

As Zeitgeist Day, on March 13th this year, nears how will you decide to think about the world’s dominant and all too often worsening problems?

“Zeitgeist Day,” or ZDAY for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs in the middle of March, each year. The goal is to increase public awareness of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project.

See an up to date version of the event map at zday2010.org/worldwide-map.


  1. Syrian Nationalist Party

    Check it all out, part of the grand deception. Call it the “BIGCHILL 2010”. Looks like Lenin, Trotsky, Jim Jones and the Boston Masonic Lodge teamed up to organize the worldwide chill parties.
    The wording on the event site can be cut and paste from any 1960 Communist or Socialist world conferences, although updated with 2010 lingo. You had a chance to prevent the Iraq war, to save millions of lives and trillions in cash, to refute the false allegation of 911 and expose the truth, but most failed to do so, not out of ignorance, but in acquisition to the New World Order masters. You missed your window of opportunity to maintain a meaningful and effective control of your governments, any people, any governments no exception. It is too late now, SUBMIT TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER and stand in the bread line.

    1. Either we deal with reality, or it will deal with
      I really think that despite your comment being approved, this website does not welcome conspiracy theorist mentalities.

      One of the major differences between a resource-based economy and the concepts of Communism or Socialism is that the basis of the resource-based economy concept is the application of the methods of science to the social system to increase the standard of living for all the world’s people – [i]which is our responsibility[/i].

      It is time we see all the worlds people as deserving of a humane lifestyle – not just wealthy nations.

      Communism also has strong concepts of a ‘war’ of the classes – which The Zeitgeist Movement, nor The Venus Project, has absolutely no concept of nor interest in because [i]we see the ‘class’ of powerful people as just as much victims of the present social architecture as a person who lives on less than $100 a week[/i] and has to find their sustenance from other people’s traffic.

      Instead of making the following baseless accusation:
      [quote]The wording on the event site can be cut and paste from any 1960 Communist or Socialist world conferences, although updated with 2010 lingo.[/quote]
      How about you actually [i]provide some referential proof[/i] for your frankly saddening point of view, instead of using buzzwords and meaningless attacks?

      Thanks for your comment, however, kindly back up your contentions in future instead of using what almost looks like scare tactics.

      What is your answer to the multi-faceted environmental crises we’re facing? It must be sustainable and it must take into account all of the worlds people. It must manage resources intelligently or else you’ll have problems like what we’re facing today. It must be free of anything that holds back positive and constructive progress as far as is possible.

      And, most importantly, it must understand that this is one Earth. Cultural boundaries are just that: firewalls that a culture has created out of it’s own self-interest. There is a place for such firewalls but many of them, such as nationalism, I challenge you to provide some really good proof for as being worth maintaining in the face of major global problems that must be solved.

      Either we deal with reality, or it will deal with us.

  2. Re: BIGCHILL2010
    Sustainability, the use of technology to end starvation, taking care of the human family, solving problems at their root causes – and the only thing you can come up with to say is “this is communism/socialism.”!? What is your definition of communism? If people are of aware of the fact that there is no reason for anyone in the world to go hungry, and people decide to utilize technology as a means to end hunger, then why would anyone stand in line for bread? If something changes, you might call it new, and if it happens the world over, then it is a new order for the world, but it is NOT necessarily the loaded “ruling elite Alex Jones NWO conspiracy” you seem to be alluding to. You didn’t say anything constructive. What do you propose we do? Try to vote for “honest” politicians and hope for the best? Crawl into a bunker with some canned food and wait for humanity to wipe itself out? How about actually taking some time to read about what The Zeitgeist Movement is really about, and ask questions if you have them, rather than pointlessly ranting and projecting your opinions. If you actually care to know, go to this address: [url]http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=28&Itemid=66[/url] and read question #5

    1. Thanks for your comment Jim; it’s always refreshing to get feedback that is considerate rather all too often personally attacking me, contradictory or filled with conclusions yet no premise to back them up.

      [i]The Alex Jones ‘New World Order’ conspiracy[/i] is nothing but a religious concept, and this is why they hold to it so tightly – because they see the Bible verifying this idea.
      Yet, we are in a constant state of moving to a ‘New World Order’ and have always been because things (though often very slowly) are in a constant state of change to some degree or another.

  3. Excellent
    A day dedicated to reality rather than supernaturalism or death. What an outstanding concept. I’m in. SNP clearly misses the point of the event. To advocate science as a solution to the worlds problems is quite a different thing than a social or political agenda that seeks to further a minority party’s effort to control the government.

    I didn’t give SNP a thumbs down because he brings up a good point that is worthy of discussion but I think the conclusion is incorrect. We clearly need change in many areas. How do we get it without violence? You raise the consciousness of everyone so that they vote smarter, advocate better, and act in support of science rather than wasting tax payer dollars and personal dollars on pseudoscience and supernaturalism.

  4. Syrian Nationalist Party

    You missed the point.
    The point made was that you lost control of your Democratic, Governmental and Economic systems, or better put, you gave it all up out of ignorance and complacency. Unless the changes dreamt about are within the ruling elite master plan, you are engaging in fruitless effort. Unless the ruling elites wanted to run a CHILL down to calm people and make them feel they are practicing freedom and will power. For example, there are countless patents filed in the past decade that generate electricity by various environmentally safe means. All run aground, including one I obtained years ago, it generates Electric power from compressed air. Why, because oil (energy) justify going to wars for Americans. This will benefit the ruling elites and impoverish the working and middle class, it is a wealth transfer mechanism. Haiti, sits one of the largest oil fields, possibly rival Arabia field in reserves. Usually, the one that cry conspiracy is the one that has something to hide and in desperation for cover, shout’s CONSPIRACY. That is how they managed to take control, by way of secrecy and deception. And it does belong here because this is not about conspiracy or politic, those are labels for the ignorant, but about how a small religion sect in Christianity, operating in secrecy, managed to take over the world to bring the once Babylonian ruler to rule on top of a One World Government. The greedy hireling down under (the Blair’s of the world) the foot soldier, made to think that it is about economic, it is not.

    1. [quote] Unless the changes dreamt about are within the ruling elite master plan, you are engaging in fruitless effort.[/quote]
      The so called elite you speak of are a tiny group. The rest of humanity, when united, is deafening. And of course to say the elite have a ‘master plan’ is really quite asinine. Everyone in this system behaves as they ought, as a good little Capitalist.

      [quote]And it does belong here because this is not about conspiracy or politic, those are labels for the ignorant, [b]but about how a small religion sect in Christianity, operating in secrecy, managed to take over the world to bring the once Babylonian ruler to rule on top of a One World Government[/b].[/quote]
      And the evidence that a Babylonian religion is ‘taking over the world’ is [i]where[/i]? Even if it is true, as you note it’s a ‘small sect’ and therefore just one more pressure group jizzing for it’s goals. It doesn’t stand a chance in the long run.

  5. Syrian Nationalist Party

    You almost got it, go do it.
    “…Try to vote for “honest” politicians and hope for the best?..”

    That is your first actionable step. But not hope for the best, make sure they do the best, it is your contractual obligation.

    Look I am not going to respond to the few comments here, there are people not living in Shangrillah that knows what I am talking about and that all that matter.

  6. great response Brenton!
    Brenton, you get a standing ovation for such a thoughtful response to that conspiracy theorist comment.

  7. Syrian Nationalist Party

    The deception continue…
    Hey Brenton, You will get an even more respectable and overwhelming standing ovation if you will be honest in your effort and turn this $13.22 tickets price to me for building a patented electric generator that produces electricity using nothing but compressed air. Try Google Hybrid electric generator. The fact is, you will not turn in a dime to me for the worthy cause just like Jimmy Swaggart and Earl Roberts will not turn a dime they steal from old ladies church goers to help one crippled, maimed, homeless and hungry Iraq war veteran. You are no difference than Israelis who blown busses in Baghdad and then sent the body snatchers to get all those body parts chopped, frozen and shipped. And for sure I can say you compare to Bush, who sold fraud evidence to get the cash and run. What an awful world, good things it is all coming to an end soon.

    1. And building an electric generator would only prove that we can build an electric generator. It doesn’t address the much more important wider global social conditions.

      Many events are free, the NYC one hosted by PJ & The Venus Project (among others) is not because it’s so large.

      I’d have to ask how we’re selling fraud evidence, too. The scientific method has proven itself and it’s the only methodology which has actually worked so well. It’s responsible for the reason I can communicate like this online now. It’s responsible for my health (I have an illness and there’s no way I’d be alive without the medical research which provides my sustaining medication). It allows me to travel to places quickly.
      And it can allow us to eliminate poverty, war, false boundaries that separate people – and so much more.

  8. Lots of great discussion…a few points though
    SNP I was about to come to your aide. You lost me with the “good thing it’s all coming to an end” stuff. I’ll bet you don’t believe that yourself. Are you maxing out your credit cards yet? Have you got that second mortgage so that you can do all the things you want to before the end comes? I’ll bet not. Until the end-of-the-worlders start doing that stuff they aren’t really serious.
    There is a lot of bad in the world. It’s not all due to the NWO. Most is just profiteering off of the incompetence of others. I work in the Gov. I had no idea how incompetent the various offices were until I started here.
    I use to work for Mayo Shattuck (way down the chain). Try to google his name and 911 sometime. The info about 911 was out there but was ignored. The politocos that were in-the-know ignored it (at the very least). I don’t believe it was orchestrated, but I do believe there was a cover up to hide the incompetence of the FBI and CIA. As well as the blatant greed that was displayed by Mayo and his boy Kronberg.

    Jackson, I love honest Abe but that quote I can’t help feel that there is room for a little foolishness. Lets get it out so that we can have open dialogue and clear things up.

    Just a note on the compressed air Generator referred to by SNP; it cost far more energy to compress the air than to run the generator. Air compressors are very inefficient, and their seals leak a lot.
    Just remember in engineering you don’t get something for nothing…ever, and friction is a bitch with attitude.

  9. A Reality Check
    I’m a skeptic to a point.. that point being where the evidence or arguments overcome my resistance to accept a proposition.. In the last wee while I’ve consumed Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas’ well researched insights into the Masonic/Templar/Essenic/Solomon story.. conveyed through “the Hiram Key” and “The Second Messiah.” These tomes along with their “Uriel’s Machine” appear to hold validity in terms of the questions they asked and the answers they found..

    I’m yet to read Acharya’s “the Christ Conspiracy” and I now have a copy of her “Christ in Egypt” but are yet to make a serious entry into it..

    I’ve also read the works of others including some of Barbara Therings’ works describing her thesis on the “Pesher” method of reading some of the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Qumram Sect.

    It would appear that there was an elaborate and organized conspiracy on the part of the early Gentile Christians and/or their leaders to deify Jesus the man, whomever he might have been.

    We have thus been stuck with 2000 years of bastardry to maintain this falsehood.. this is a large conspiracy.

    On the 11th September 2001 a major event penetrated our collective perceptions… at the time I was caught up in the dramatics of it and pretty much took it at face value… a plot by terrorists to rein confusion on the USA.

    It was a number of years later ( and bear in mind I reside in New Zealand) that I saw a 9/11 truth DVD which opened my eyes to a alternative possiblity… this caused to me plough through multiple online references in pursuit of that which lay behind the story..

    This prompted me to write my findings at the time into essay form. It’s called “the Greatest Lie” available here.. [url]http://gregfullmoon.gaia.com/blog/2006/10/9_11_illusion_and_illumination

    My considered opinion is that there was at least complicity by persons who are United States public officials and probably that the event was actually stage managed under the auspices of senior USA public officials and their friends in both the private corporate world as well as other parties from off-shore.

    Their is no other way of conceiving the numerous coincidences which made the event possible.. the obvious places to start an inquiry are in respect to the alleged planes at the Pentagon and Shanksville Pennsylvannia. If these are plane crashes they must be the first on record where the wreckage is disappeared on impact??

    The Syrian Nationalist Party dude has some valid points in terms of the state of the USA democracy… I mean you guys got all excited about your first black President being a social reformer, perhaps even a humanist? To my eyes the USA agenda has barely moved out of the rut it was placed in by his predecessor Bush Jnr.

    The machinations which pass as the USA political process bear no resemblance to the document you all worship called the Constitution.

    Zeitgeist lays the conspiracies out to the public consciousness along with many other media. For me if we seek to embrace “one humanity” as a goal and ideal then we need to get away from petty fiefdoms and bigotry.

    If we are to improve the lot of the World’s population approaching 6.8billion at what cost and to what standard? Is the basis for the future humanity based in consumption? As it stands the West will need to move from exploiting others resources to enabling technology transfers to the developing world, transfers of the tech that they desire not crap like GE food!

    What power will render today’s corporations to want to share their knowledge? What power will bring hegemonic governments to amend their ways toward humanism?

    Back in 2007 I wrote another essay to mark “Remembrance Day” 11 November.. I think you guys call it “Veterans Day”, it can also be called “Armistice Day,” it may be old news but here it is … [url]http://gregfullmoon.blogspot.com/2007/11/lest-we-forget.html[/url]

    We can only affect the future if we understand the past.. and to know the past requires us to be aware of the reality now.. for if we do not know what’s going on now how do we ask the question “how did this come from that?”

    The current game appears to me very much one of “us and them,” a small and avaristic us and a huge poor and disenfranchised them. If the world followed the democratic principle, irrespective of the details of the regime, the interests of the “them” would be upheld. This is not the “current reality.”

    A very good day to all, greg.

  10. Syrian Nationalist Party, that last comment was way over-the-top. Just chill out. If you can’t make a decent argument then it’s probably best just not to say anything.

    [b]”It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”

    – Abraham Lincoln[/b]

  11. Politeness, respect, humility, trust
    Brenton – thanks for the plug ;^)

    In Solidarity

    The Zeitgeist Movement, Illinois Chapter Coordinator

    The Zeitgeist Movement, activist arm of The Venus Project: beyond politics, poverty & war

    politeness, respect, humility, trust

  12. simply joy…is awakening:)
    I am one voice who dares to blend mine with those who are increasing their awareness and walking in the light.
    Together WE CAN! Without a creed, without a guru, without a dogma or other authority ‘figure’ who will do nothig more than continue the enslavement of our minds.

    I DARE! To Wake UP. To walk in beauty AND truth AND forevermore to seek the light instead of run from it in denial!

  13. zday
    Worldwide !

  14. Politeness, respect, humility, trust
    Join us. Join yourself.

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