World’s oldest observatory discovered?

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World’s oldest observatory found?

Every so often we read exciting headlines proclaiming that the “world’s oldest this or that” has been discovered by archaeologists. In 2005, for example, Chinese media declared that the “world’s oldest observatory” had been found at Taosi in the Shanxi Province, dating to some 4,100 years ago. Other recently discovered sites have also been pronounced the “world’s oldest astronomical observatory,” including one in Goseck, Germany, that was founded almost 7,000 years ago and that likewise is astronomically aligned, causing it to be called a “sun temple” as well as the “German Stonehenge.”…

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  1. What is your truth and knowledge based on a civili
    What truth that you write when you ignore a civilization that existed one hundred and twenty million years ago that you can find the truth of this if your learned enought to type in on google search …The Map of The Creator . That refutes our knowledge, our capabilites , our intellience. Will you reply to what is a “Truth” or stay with the lies of conforming our knowledge of existence of civilization that can not compare .
    So what we call civilization , truth is all Lies?

    Waiting for a response hopefully before another One Hundred and Twenty Million Years ?

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