Winter Solstice: The REAL ‘Reason for the Season’

baby jesus sun god mangerJust a little holiday cheer in advance of the coming winter solstice celebration! Actually, those who have my Astrotheology Calendar will know that we are already in the midst of several ancient winter-solstice festivities, including Brumalia, the Mysteries of Osiris and the Halcyon Days of Greece. In fact, December is chock-a-block full of celebrations largely revolving around the triumphal return of the sun after its long journey towards the darkness of winter.

Which reminds me of my infamous article…

“The Christmas Hoax: Jesus is NOT the “Reason for the Season”

Three years ago, this article went a bit viral and garnered tens of thousands of views. Also included in this link are two videos, one of which is a lengthy winter-solstice interview with “Infidel Guy” – check it out!

Most of all, as you will see from my Calendar, rather than belonging to one culture, religion or ethnicity, this celebration is universal, found in the month of December in cultures from Japan to North America!

In this regard, I truly believe that the fascinating knowledge of the astrotheology of the ancients would go a long way in uniting humanity beyond its divisive religious beliefs.

May you have a happy and sustained holiday season wherever you are!



  1. good article
    It might seem silly but, to me, the reason for the season is merchandising!, merchandising! get all your wants right here folks, all your needful things!

    They sell sell us, our presidents the same way they sell us our clothes and our cars, they sell us every thing from, youth to religion, at the same they sell us our wars!
    Jackson Browne

    But it is a good point, that we are taught to be lemmings!

  2. Acharya, I have thoroughly enjoyed your work on these issues. One thing I’ve learned from you that I’ve never heard anyone mention before is how Christianity severed Dec 25th i.e. Christmas, from what was originally in pre-Christian and ancient times, part of the winter solstice celebration that lasted 3 days beginning on the winter solstice (darkest day of the year i.e. death of the sun) and culminating on Dec 25th (re-birth or resurrection of the sun). Christianity doesn’t even recognize the solstice probably because it’s too close to home demonstrating that Christianity IS a sun worshipping cult.

    I wish more knew about this tactic by Christianity to rid itself of the [b]WINTER SOLSTICE – the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON[/b]

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