Why hemp could save the world

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Why hemp could save the world

See also this really cool document from 1817:

Plan for Reducing the Poor’s-Rate by Giving Permanent Employment to the Labouring Classes: With Some Observations on the Cultivation of Flax and Hemp; and An Account of a New Process for Dressing and Preparing Flax and Hemp, without Water-Steeping or Dew-rotting

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  1. this and many other things like birth control, or
    Just wait for the fun-dumb-mentalists to here this, yeah but doesn’t the BOOk say you can use any green plant? I guess the creator messed up with mother Mary J. but most did not pay enough attention that it is the female plant that gets you high? Ah females always the forbidden fruit, isn’t it a shame how creationists don’t even acknowledge how things create but do it repeatedly. But then too the evolutionist miss the mark quite a bit, make connections where non exist just for their own piece of mind, if it only ended there but no they force it on everyone else just like the other religious retards!

    You know I find it funny how the missing link looks just like a human but is not. In fact they are nothing but a seemingly close copy in look only actions tell a whole other tale, so gird up humans you are now here on the “for?” now planet of the apes! Which was of late your planet, going back millions of years. Should you fail to know the difference they will be the ones running around screeching and raping and murdering, OH they are already doing that huh, oh well!

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