Who are these people?

Who are the people you see at the top of this website?

Loosely speaking, these are favored members of the Freethought Nation globally and over the centuries. Two of these freethinkers have articles on this blog, Acharya S/D.M. Murdock – me – and Barbara G. Walker. I originally had other individuals in these images, but have retained only those who are no longer alive, with the exception of me and the other contributor, whose image is used here with permission.

Please note that these images rotate to show a number of these great freethinkers in history.



  1. I know 3 of those faces up there!
    🙂 Hugh Laurie, George Carlin and Carl Sagan!

    Not familiar with the long ago deceased faces.

    I like this website and the “Truth Be Known” one too. I always thought there was something just “not right” about organized religion. I’m so glad I’m not the only one out there.

    Thank you!

    1. You do not know Samuel Clemens, (Mark Twain) Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson when you see them????? Your American History teachers are failures. I was sad to see that Col. Robert Ingersoll was missing. DL his works at Librivox.org. Outstanding.

      D.M. Murdock should be picked up as the fourth horsewoman after the loss of Hitch, she knows more than any of them about religion and its sordid past.

  2. you rock girl …
    not sure what House is up there for , but hey ,,, he defiantly is a fictional free thinker ,,, that’s for sure . with Carl Sagan being a wonderful soul who had a real effect on changing peoples perspective ,
    I have had much pleasure in reading your work over the last few years , I to have come to the same conclusions about religion as you have … including your research into who and what Jesus really was and how christianity was brought about , and the reasons it is practiced today the way it is and in the past … SO very sad to say the least …
    But my coming to this knowing was actually through my relationship with (I hesitate to use the word),so for lack of a better word ,GOD ..
    So thx for your courage , be safe .. but most of all continue to be true to the truth ..
    much respect

    1. Acharya is explained what she found as it was not from her own conclusion.her discloser about religion truth may affect and affend to people who are sceptical.

  3. Please take down Carl Sagan’s picture and put up Immanuel Velikovsky’s, the great free thinker and scientist who’s work suffered much at the hands of inquisitor and information manipulator Sagan… how much free thought are you putting into this? Do some research! Thanks.

    1. I agree with Max
      From what I read of Sagan, I was not impressed. Full of assumption and theory, built on theory, based on false axioms.

      Immanuel Velikovsky was brilliant and had real vision, which is why his work has been ridiculed and suppressed.

      1. Stand up …
        Do you get paid to be so funny?

      2. The reason Velikovsky was ridiculed was simple, His ideas were ridiculous ! They were no more suppressed than perpetual motion machines were suppressed. Carl Sagan was light years ahead of him.

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    2. You must be kidding
      Max -Velikovsky was a crank. He was willing to toss out every law of physics and astronomy to prove the OT correct. It isn’t. Venus being ripped out of Jupiter? Impossible. Sometimes the establishment opinions are correct. For one thing, they get all the funding. For another, if someone proved Velikovsky correct, he would become famous.

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  4. Dr. House is there because Hugh Laurie the actor is a freethinker himself.

  5. re:
    [quote name=”Hector”]Dr. House is there because Hugh Laurie the actor is a freethinker himself.[/quote]

    mmmmmm! Who knows?!

  6. Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan Absolutely belongs. A strong proponent of the scientific method and advocate for reason and accuracy in preference to fantasy and delusion.

    For me, it is far better to grasp the universe as it really is rather rather than persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. – Carl Sagan

  7. And then there is Kathryn Hepburn. Not sure what she did, but she looks like she could be related to Acharya. Acharya looks and sounds just like Helen Hunt. Acharya has a very classical look to her, like a Greek statue.

    1. Because …
      Hepburn was an atheist and a free thinker.

  8. Who are….
    I am happy and very proud to say that I know the chap who is second from right on the top: his name was Col. Robert Green Ingersoll and he was, without question the freest free thinker of the nineteenth century, a man of peace, a hero of war, a state attorney general and a man who, were he not a well-known atheist, might have easily run for President of the United States.

    1. sure looks like Mark Twain to me or maybe Samuel Clemens.

  9. I love the faces at the top, especially Thomas Paine, Carl Sagan, Dr. Wafa Sultan, and of course Acharya. I would also like to see an image of Hypatia. Thanks for keeping us thinking!

  10. Thanks, Elizabeth. If you read what I wrote above, you will see that there are several images rotating. One of these includes Hypatia. 😀

    1. Carl Sagan smoked pot every day of his life.What does that tell you about him

  11. Thank you!!!
    Thank you for taking the time putting this amazing web site together. I have just finished reading Manly P. Hall’s immortal “The Secret Teaching of the ages”, and “The Essential Jung” It is really nice to have stumbled onto this site at this time in my life. Thanks again you are a stunningly beautiful and intelligent woman.

    1. Thank you, Sean, for your kind and inspiring words.

  12. Local Curmudgeon
    I just realized that you remind me of my beautify wife of 35 years, the mother of my children, God rest her soul. That’s what we say in Texas to mean she’s dead. Dead just sounds too upsetting to nice Christian Texans, with which I am surrounded.
    I’m reading “The Christ Conspiracy”, it’s awsome.
    I just linked to your interview on conciousmedianetwork a couple weeks ago, and you were so cool and level and crisp that I thought, “That woman has something to say worth hearing.” Boy was I right (for a change.)
    Have you looked at the peoples cube site? The link that says Forget Jihad! I hope you’re soaking them to use your site. Man those are some deflicted people.
    The word “deflicted” was made up by a 19 yearold rodman on my survey party. I refuse to try and define it, but I get a kick out of using it to describe some people.
    Thank you for living. I’ll study about the images.

    1. Nanook of the North
      Just to clarify:

      The use of “deflicted” – it was used in 1974 (if not created about that time) by the Great Freethinker and Greatest Composer of the latter part of the 20th Century, Frank Zappa, in reference to the fur trapper who was “strictly commercial”. It describes the condition of a person’s beady little eyes as a result of being them being rubbed with a generous mitten full of the deadly YELLOW SNOW crystals (from right there where the huskies go) in the form of a “dog doo snow-cone” in a vigorous circular motion (hitherto unknown by the people in this area, but destined to replace the MUD SHARK in your mythology) by a just about as evil as he could be Eskimo boy who was put into that condition by his favorite baby seal being attacked by said fur trapper using a lead-filled snow shoe.

      The composer is also resonsible for the introduction of several other terms into the English language, including “Fuming Incense Stencher” and “Bromidrosis”.


      (see “Does Humor Belong in Music” by FZ)

  13. Freethoughtnation.com is another great creation by you Acharya.

    Well Done!

  14. oily oily unfree
    Max is right about Sagen.He was a meda pupet who would have loved this global warming nonsense. Dureing the golf war he warned us all that if the Iraq people lit their oil dereks on fire it would create a mini nuclear
    winter that would cause all kinds of havoc. Well, they lit there fires,(which burned for weeks)and what happend? not much.Forests diden’t
    shrivel up and die,thousands of people diden’t starve to death as Sagen predicted.His”science”was not based on Empirical evidence as much as
    fearmongering and political conjecture.In a word “Junkscience”
    But George Carlin made me see the world through opened eyes.Truly
    a free thinker.And not enough can be said about Bruce Lee. If only he had lived a little longer.

  15. if that is indeed Ingersoll up there,great choice.personally i believe bertrand Russell was the greatest freethinker of the 20th century

  16. Hello! continued
    …are more interested in “fixing” you with expensive treatments and drugs than in preventing disease and health decay.

    Well, thanks for the free-thinking space and I wish very happy free-thoughts, right from Mexico City.

  17. Hello!
    Hi! It’s great you have updated and enhanced this site, looks great.

    But… why did you choose a so fictional character as Gregory House for your top list personages?!

    First, as I said he is a fictional character. And second, his character is also fictional.

    Explanation: there isn’t any doctor like that in the world.

    Today is of pretty common knowledge the fact that doctors are little less than butchers.

    Millions of people die every year due to medical errors (that is from the medics themselves) and many others for the drugs this doctors prescribe.

    It’s very certain that this Dr. House is just a media invention with the porpoise of deceiving TV-watchers making them believe there could be a Dr. House out there that, althoug his rough manners, he will safe your life.

    The very truth is that this doctors indeed have very rough manners, but they won’t save your life nor better your health.

    I sure that there must be several good docs out there (I beg to the Gods) but most of them are more interested in “fixing” you with expensive treatments and drugs than in preventing disease and health decay.

    Thanks for the free-thinking space and I wish you very happy free-thoughts, right from Mexico City!

  18. Mr
    😀 loved it


  19. stv. I can’t believe…
    … nobody mentioned Robert Anton Wilson!

    from ignorance and chains of bizarre traditions. That’s why I appreciate D. M. Murdock. Keep on doing your good job!

    wanderleyxc from Brazil – South America

  21. I would love to see OMAR on your page of GREAT thinkers-
    http://www.omarstouch.com. He is a brilliant High Vibrational Man of Our Times!!! He’s very dedicated to his work which involves Natural Healing as well as making new advances and discoveries!
    Thank you!

  22. great
    😯 your doin great ! love it…keep it up …so i can ! let us destroy castrating bull and kill joy propagatorz ! ra ra dr Murdok !

  23. I recognize Gene Roddenberry and Bruce Lee! (And sorry to read the comments of the ignorant putting down Carl Sagan…)

  24. guernicastone
    Just came across this site and it i think it’s got some potential, as for the characters above i noticed the legendary scottish empiricist philosopher David Hume :cheer:

  25. My favorite free-thinker is C.S.Lewis. He was an agnostic who went out of his way to disprove Christianity and converted himself in the process.

    1. A freethinker is not someone who believes in supernatural myths without any evidence whatsoever. 😉

    2. Lewis failed as a Freethinker when he became a Xian.

  26. Oh, I thought a freethinker would be someone who thinks out of the box, ideas not formed by others opinions. I guess the criteria is different for this site. My bad.

    1. That too, but following Christian doctrine – in a book written 2,000 years ago by someone other than oneself but, rather, essentially shoved down one’s throat often since childhood – hardly constitutes “thinking outside of the box” and following “ideas not formed by others [sic] opinions.”

      In other words, thinking outside of the box and following ideas not formed by others is the exact opposite of believing in someone else’s ideas of God from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

  27. That is one of my favorite Free Thinkers up there, Samuel Clemens, or Mark Twain.

    It is sad that such an intelligent and witty author as C. S. Lewis and many countless others couldn’t stand the pressure of found-less religious arguments and sank from their former lofty free thinking views into the ‘blissful abyss’ of believing. Now days a thinking person can find so much more evidence, so much more history, and so easily, that there will be many fewer that suffer such a fate – such a sad thoughtless fate in these days, thanks to the work of these many Free Thinkers now and those who have come before us.

    I’d like to see Frank Zappa up there, as he was an out-spoken Free Thinker and genius.

  28. Some of my favourite Free-Thinkers….Bill Hicks…George Carlin…John Lennon…David Icke…Oscar Wilde…Ron Paul…Nigel Farage!…Great visionaries! All!!

  29. Dear Acharya,

    In the sixties I watched a BBC tv show during the “god hour” in which a scholar of comparative religion took part. There was the usual assembly of intellectual believers there and this chap. When given the opportunity to speak he tore into the believers with the ferocity of a top cross examining barrister and laid them waste. Needless to say that he never appeared again. I can’t remember his name (he must be in his seventies or eighties if he’s still alive) I’m sure you must know who this entertaining wasp is(or was) Acharya? As I would like to read more of his musings.

    I’ve also noted that Pat Condell is also featured on this site;a very brave man who eschews the thousands of death threats that he’s received. I hope that you receive the media time that the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have received as the believers are always scared to death when confronted by intellectuals who know a lot more about their fanciful dogma than they do.

    It amuses me that at http://www.richarddawkins.net there is a convert’s corner where people write to express thanks for acquiring common sense. The world of religion is one where dogma trumps common sense and reality is suborned by supernatural nonsense.

    In a sane world truth must triumph over inculcated fiction. As HL Mencken said: An attempt to explain the unknowable in terms of the not worth knowing.

    1. Pat Condell, Dawkins and the late Hitchens are not freethinkers. They are an anti-Muslim, and two anti-Christians. But none ever subjected ‘Jews’ to free thought. They are all special pleaders hiding as freethinkers.

  30. Russell G. Thatcher

    King Swastika
    While in jail I had vision/dream. I looked down at my 4 arms and shocking azure/skyblue skin and realized afterwards I was looking at myself in a most ancient body. A few days later there was an article on TV news about a local Pearland (TX) Hindu Temple I needed to visit and find out more. I am VISHNU!!! Holy Smoke. I am now 65, having combatted the Jewish/Edomite controlled system for over 36 years. I embraced the Swastika years ago. Now the understanding of what the sign represents — VISHNU. I am the Preserver. Where is the audience that will grasp me. Our society is so deluded! Today I come as a mere man — no magic. I learn like everone else, one step at a time, but there is direction from the spirit so I don’t just meander aimlessly thru life. I will get this book. It does indeed have a lot of truth. I helps in my awakening. Yes, I came down as Jesus. This sure flies in the face of most Christians who like to parrot “I don’t believe in reincarnation.”

    Put my name and website (former) in the Google search engine and see what comes up. Even the Russians have a say.
    Russell G. Thatcher

  31. faces up top
    I have just recently come across your work and to say I have been captivated by you would be an understatement….can you in the future provide a link to the faces above so that us uninformed can learn about the person behind the face

  32. I admire you
    I just wanted to say that it must have taken a lot of studying and time, and patience to put this invformation together. I really find it admirable! You must put a lot of effort into your work. 😀

  33. beside pic of Acharya S
    Is that a pic of Bonnie Lange beside you Acharya S ?

    She sent me an interesting audio tape many years ago after we had a very interesting talk.


    1. No, that’s Barbara Walker. Bonnie Lange has not been particularly welcoming of my information, unfortunately.

  34. welcoming of information
    I am welcoming of your information and pleased about your existence. I do sometimes have concerns about your approach, in that one may misconstrue the approach as divisive instead of unificative, one sees. Combative and not nurturing. There perhaps isn’t a problem with this, and perhaps there is a time and space for this approach. All in all, one agrees with one poster above-We cannot wait to see you on the television screen.

  35. Deja vu all over again …
    “First, as I said he is a fictional character. And second, his character is also fictional.”

    I heard an ex-teacher on NPR this morning say that when she was teaching she taught her students to “self-discipline themselves”.

    Must be an invasion from Mars.

  36. Do you think that there were intelligent beings on this planet in the course of 4 1/2 billion years, between devastations? There has been five complete devastations.

  37. Thomas paine. Have you read his commentary on the Bible. Hardly free thought, just really bitter. So bitter he doesent even make convincing arguements. Honestly there is much better arguements here than in panes stuff. He had catchy rhetoric for the day thats all.

    1. Yes, we know you are a believer in Christ and are therefore a biased bibliolater. Paine’s “bitter” work has been quite sweet to those of us who know history and who are enlightened beyond manmade religious texts full of fairytales and violence.

      There are few things better than Paine’s criticism of the Bible. He is spot on and shall remain a prophet of [i]my [/i]religion ([url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dy1Z8IEjIg[/url]). Please don’t blaspheme my prophet.

      1. Free is the Key
        A man who risked his life over and over for the expressed purpose of helping create a foreign country founded upon freedom of choice (the USA) is defined as “bitter”? Well, that’s sour grapes Apologetics for ya! :woohoo:

  38. Extreme Mythicism
    Acharya, Amazing work all around. I just found the Mythicist Position video ( http://bit.ly/PMZjER ), and I think you will enjoy, though probably not swallow in its entirety, the mythicist position proposed at [url]http://starlarvae.blogspot.com/2012/09/culture-as-phenotype-and-evolutions.html[/url].

    Both more generally and in more detail than in that blog post, [url]http://www.starlarvae.org[/url] spins astrotheology into and out of the genes.

    1. Thanks for your kind regards. As concerns your analysis of “Superman” vis-a-vis ancient mythical notions, I like it!

      I don’t doubt that the creators and writers of the Superman story were fans of ancient mythology, especially the mythical Christian superhero amalgam. Perhaps you are aware that the “Star Wars” films and books by George Lucas were largely inspired by the late, great mythologist Joseph Campbell? Campbell was living on Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch when he died.

      Of course, I would not agree that these mythical figures are “real” and “historical,” whether human or alien ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/anunnaki.htm[/url]). In reality, these various shared mythical motifs frequently have their origins in natural phenomena, including not only earthly characteristics such as wind, water, soil and so on, but also, abundantly, celestial phenomena and landmarks such as the sun, moon, stars, planets, constellations, asterims and so on.

      If one adds that dimension to the analysis, the myths become truly cosmic indeed.

      1. Superman …
        His father sent him to Earth. He gets his power from the yellow Sun. He has super powers. He saves people. He ascends. He is compassionate.

        Now, how could anyone think that his story has something to do with Jesus/Sun myths? 😆

    2. Sanitize 1 KM radius, Get More gdtgeas, have this have that…yes, we all become intelligence experts/ security advisors minute an event of this nature takes place…But how many of us really cooperate with the Police? If they perform security checks, we say we are being harassed…if the police arrest suspects, hell breaks loose, thanks to the self styled Human Rights activits and the “sickular” media! In the case of Bangalore stadium, KSCA had even prevented Police from entering particular areas of the stadium!No amount of Policing or Gadgetry would help as long as the self declared intellectuals/human rights activists support meaningless “Naxal” or “Jihad” mindset.

  39. Thank you for your interest and query. The DVD link is on the top left of every page on this blog as well as on truthbeknown.com. Perhaps your browser is blocking the image, but the link with the words “Acharya S on DVD” in it should be visible.

    If you did a search on this site for “DVD,” you would have found it, both through the search engine results, as well as because the link is just below the search box.

    In any event, here is the direct link:

    https://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/584-dm-murdockacharya-s-on-dvd.html ([url]https://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/584-dm-murdockacharya-s-on-dvd.html[/url])

    I hope you enjoy it.

  40. I have looked everywhere on ‘truthbeknown’ and ‘freethoughtnation’ and cannot find where I can buy your new dvd or how much it costs. Can you help me out with this?


  41. MAX
    Can you please mention their names also. Thanks…

  42. We’re a leaf falling to the ground, briefly alone.

  43. The growing numbers of free thinkers
    Nowadays I feel a new rising in the numbers of free thinkers. Guys like you and many others are responsible for the awakening of further more free thinkers in this universe through their awakened thoughts. I really like work you are doing. Also I came across a website[url]http://www.collective-evolution.com[/url] where there are guys like you who are also creating the same impact on the false belief systems of the society. Much respect for all you guys. Keep up the good work.

  44. compare notes
    would be interesting to get you and joseph farrell in same room and compare notes … or have you already done that?

  45. Interesting audio
    Very interesting radio show (Red Ice Radio) making the case that Rome created the Christ story for political reasons, and why.


    1. Thank you. Yes, I am aware of Joe Atwill’s thesis, as I appear in his documentary. Please see my comments on the thesis here:

      A conversation on the Caesar’s Messiah thesis (https://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/729-a-conversation-on-the-caesars-messiah-thesis.html)

      1. Atwill
        Though I agree with most of your characterization of Christianity, I find Atwill theory quite compelling as it completes important parts of the puzzle left unresolved by the Mythicist position. I find both ideas entirely compatible and rational extensions of one another.

        Though you are correct about the “canonical” versions of the NT, these are copies of texts (to which I believe Atwill suggests the Flavian originals). By then the “church” had time and need to provide “guts” to the framework to their newly minted propagated Christianity.

        Mithraism filled the bill in many respects while it also included the ancient religiosity already believed/existed/craved by much of the masses. I think this is why Orthodox Catholic liturgy, style, and canon closely resembles Roman Mithraism.

        Atwill suggests that merely the “wheels” were set in motion by Josephus’ writings based on a secretive cabal within the Flavian Dynasty, and not that it met with complete success in its original promulgation, only that it’s[u] literature[/u] preceded the eventual creation/adoption of the organized Holy Roman Church (Constantine’s Christianity) by the Empire.

        1. Thanks. You will want to read my article about Caesar’s Messiah (https://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/729-a-conversation-on-the-caesars-messiah-thesis.html). I disagree that it possesses the kind of merit you are giving it. In the long run, only a few details may be important to the Christ myth studies. The overall picture is much bigger and far more inclusive. For the most part, Atwill does not recognize in the story ancient mythology, some of which dates back thousands of years and has nothing to do with Titus or any other caesar.

          There are many more characters involved in the Christ compilation, most of them contributing far more to the myth. And Josephus had nothing to do with it, except that his work was used decades later to flesh out the “history” of this historicized fiction.

          For more information, see my articles on the Christ myth (http://stellarhousepublishing.com/christmyth.html).

    2. First time visit to this site and am excited at finding it. John Lennon surely deserves this company and it was refreshing to see him included.
      Rome likely could have encouraged christianity to pacify a very rebellious land especially in the 1st century.

  46. Can someone please tell me how to register to the forums? At the bottom of the registration page it asks how many people are in the banner at the top of the page. This question is asked because they want to protect from bots. The only problem is that there is NO banner with people at the top of the page. I can’t answer the question, because there is no such banner.

    1. Sorry about that. We have recently been working on our site and have not got to the forum yet. Try either 6 or 9.

      1. how about if karma is different and you have gone throw a scale like you have been a germ and then an icnset and then a fish and so on until you have been a human that it is at some extent the most powerful being in the world right now not the most powerful but the most intelligent the max reincarnation that you can be and after you die you go to a good or bad place at some extent you upgrade after every life instead of saying you degrade to animal or icnset this is what i came? up with RESPOND

    2. If we see someone we bveilee has poor karma, like lacking money, wisdom, health or whatever label we want to use, why would we not give them love instead of saying the deserve this! because aren’t they there to challenge us to use OUR Karma the right way? If we ignored their needs we would simply be hurting ourselves because of our lack? of love so these people are there for us to build our understanding, patience, love and mercy instead of the other side AND to help them RISE!

  47. Do I see Einstein in the banner? Who said: “Everything is determined by forces over which we have no control – for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious time, intoned in the distance by an invisible player.” We just happen to call this ‘invisible player’ God.

  48. Robert Green Ingersoll is missing..
    Guess I have to wait ’till it “surfaces”…

  49. Hello,

    With all due respect, may I please ask, what do you believe sustains you? Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? My apologies for mentioning “spiritually”! Thank you very much,


    Sabina D.

    1. Thanks for the query. My concern for humanity and the natural world sustains and motivates me. I see “spirituality” not as a bad thing but as empathy, which I have in abundance. I empathize particularly for victims of religious abuse, although I myself was not abused by religion directly.

  50. Greetings Acharya, Really love your work.How about adding some diversity to your list of Who are these people? Here are some great candidates for consideration Octavia Butler, Hubert Harrison,
    Richard Wright, Hattie Mcdaniel. These people were all influential freethinkers of African decent.

  51. You must be an Obummer believer. The past is the past and you WON’T SEE ANY REAL CHRISTIAN BEHEADING PEOPLE OR KILLING THEM BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT ASSIMILATE. You are ridiculous. Nobody gives a sh7t about the past. The future will not last long.

    My belief is simple: either you believe Christ died on the cross for sins or you reject him. It’s not about religion. It’s about accepting Christ as your savior. Call it what you will because you are non believers.

    See how long you live when you tell ISLAM you don’t believe. You and your followers will be doomed. I suggest you start searching for where you want to spend eternity. May God bless you in your search.

    1. I “accepted Jesus as my [personal] savior” at least twice that I remember (not counting Lutheran confirmation at age 13). Once was at a Billy Graham “Crusade” (see McLoughlin’s 1959 article “The Engineering of Mass Consent), when that was, I don’t remember, and definitely on Feb.19, 1970 at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa (Love Song in the air). Received a somewhat abortive “baptism of the Holy Spirit” sometime later. So, I think *I’m* covered, as far as your urgent entreaties are concerned. And I’ve no doubt the LJC, where ever he may be at the moment, is “every inch a gentleman”. He rises in the East every day and I really and truly adore him, but I still have to guard against skin cancer.

      Eventually I “just growed up.” and said, “30 years of faith and still no evidence,” Goods not delivered. Breach of contract.

      kjs: taste the good fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Say good riddance to the “squeeling savages of salvation” and the “40-year-old bearded babes of Omnipotence eternally sucking up their sincere milk of the gospel.”

      But, too bad, you probably have run along back to your “church and chapel where you won’t have to hear any thing you haven’t already heard before.” “Clasp thy Bible to thy heart, and say its all divine.” But wait! Paul said “the letter killeth,” that is, your literalist reading of the Bible just might not be on the safe side…

  52. The second portrait looks like Rev. Robert Taylor. A major martyr for freethought (along with his publisher, Richard Carlile, and other early English “Radical” freethinkers.) I first found out about them from reading J.M. Robertson’s Freethought in the Nineteenth Century back in 2011 or so. Since then I have produced a facsimile PDF of the Syntagma, Diegesis, and all Taylor’s lovely Devil’s Pulpit sermons and orations! (Carlile published transcriptions of Taylor’s vocal performances.) Taylor and Carlile are truly heroes of freethought and also early advocates of women’s mental liberation, education, and general social emancipation.

    I think Richard Carlile’s portrait needs to be in your freethinker image collection. He supported and advocated in his periodical several freethinking women booksellers during his very difficult but productive career. He supported Susannah Wright during and after her trial and imprisonment (!) for “blasphemy,” and informed the British Public of the work of Scottish freethinker Frances Wright about her work in America, which included an early experiment in buying and emancipating slaves to their own autonomous community (but it failed for various reasons.)

    A question: Richard Carlile published an essay titled “A New View of Insanity”. I haven’t been able to find any copy of it online. Huntington Library has a physical copy of it. But, as you may be aware, it isn’t easy getting access to Huntington Library’s holdings. I think Carlile’s essay was published in the 1820s. I believe he discusses the connection between fanatical religious belief and descent into insanity resulting from it. Have you ever come across this essay elsewhere?

  53. I wanted to add: it seems that we owe the existence of Robert Taylor’s Syntagma and Diegesis work, not to mention an excellent, insightful, 1-year series of Taylor’s prison letters to readers, to active support by Richard Carlile after Taylor was first imprisoned for blasphemy. Taylor was a brilliant orator and probably quite emotional and gregarious. Without Carlile’s help recruiting subscriptions and providing Taylor with a reading public (and sympathizers) during Taylor’s imprisonment, Taylor may have sunk into an unproductive despair and not written anything. He was imprisoned far away from his community of supporters and friends (on purpose, by the London prosecutorial bigots.)

    Carlile had already endured 6 years+ imprisonment, nearly two years of effectively solitary confinement, helplessly confined when one of his children got sick and died on the outside, his mother died, and his wife also imprisoned (with him) for a year, giving birth while incarcerated, etc., etc. He tells Taylor that he is a graduate of “King’s College”, (that is, Dorchester Gaol). Carlile used his proven endurance as encouragement to Taylor to persevere. Carlile had returned to publishing before Taylor was imprisoned.

    Carlile was prosecuted mainly for publishing Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason and other theological papers.

    Anyway, I am immensely grateful to Carlile for his efforts to recruit Robert Taylor to the cause of promoting religion-free life, and hope to help revive interest and recognition of both of them now. Their popularizing rhetorical, analytical, philosophical, and satirical abilities are amazing, even from my point of view 180 years later.

    I also note, that Taylor already had an illustrious solo career before meeting Carlile. Taylor had already endured physical and social attacks plenty, before the his first long imprisonment. But Carlile intervened at a very auspicous time.

    THOSE ANCIENT STORIES PREDATE THE JEWISH ONES BY 2000 – 3000 YEARS. for every story in the Torah there is a parallel story in the ancient texts. Today even Jewish scholars are doubting the events recorded in their Torah. See the article below :
    JERUSALEM — An Israeli archaeologist is drawing fire for claiming that the biblical history of the Jewish people is probably fiction.

    In an article last week in Ha’aretz newspaper, Ze’ev Herzog, head of the archaeology department at Tel Aviv University argued that the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were not given on Mount Sinai, and Joshua never conquered the land of Israel. Herzog said that if there was a King David, he probably was no more than a tribal chieftain. The same holds for King Solomon, Herzog said.

    “The many Egyptian documents known to us do not make any reference to the sojourn of the Children of Israel in Egypt or the events of the Exodus,” Herzog said. “Generations of scholars tried to locate Mount Sinai and the stations of the tribes of Israel in the desert. Despite all this diligent research, not one site was identified that could correspond to the biblical picture.”

    Herzog said there is no evidence that Joshua led the children of Israel into the Holy Land or brought down the walls of Jericho.

    “Repeated excavations by various expeditions… have only yielded disappointments,” he said. “During the period when the conquest would have taken place, there were no cities there, and of course no walls to bring down.”
    Those views are also shared by professor Israel Finkelstein who said that despite 70 years of excavations to prove their biblical history they came up empty handed.They were only able to prove that their god ,Yewah had a consort called Asherah who incidentally was an Egyptian Diety.

    To many people in Israel, such claims smack of blasphemy, even though many scientists agree with Herzog.
    YOU CANNOT Make truths from untruths.

  55. Hi,

    I would love the chance to purchase some advertising space on your website freethoughtnation.com. I have a few clients that I think would be a great fit for your niche.

    Please let me know if this is something you’d like to hear more about and we can take it from there.

    Thanks for your time.
    Stacey McConnell

    1. It would be great to have more writers so long as they write about topics this website and forum are about such as mythology, religion, astrotheology, archaeoastronomy etc.

      For example:

      Astrotheology of the Ancients

      Star Worship of the Ancient Israelites

      Zodiacs on the Floor of Synagogues

      2,750-year-old solar-aligned temple discovered in Israel

      Zeitgeist Part 1: The Greatest Story Ever Told

      Mythicism and the Ph.D.: A Brief History

      Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

      Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver

  56. I recently discovered Acharya S, and am saddened at the knowledge of her passing :'(

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