What’s God got against Haiti?

haiti earthquake (AFP/Lisandro Suero)

Haitian presidential palace (AFP/Lisandro Suero)

As I was reading about the appalling destruction of life and limb on the tiny half-island nation of Haiti, along with the fact that it is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, I was struck by the thoughts of “poor Haiti” and “that’s not intelligent design – that’s cruelty!”  So, if there’s an intelligent designer named, say, “God,” and he’s omnipotently in charge of everything, why does such atrocious horror as what has just happened to Haiti occur in the first place?  What does God have against Haiti?

Why is Haiti so poor?  Why are her citizens destined to live in squalor, and why should the weakest among us be beaten down even further? What kind of good God behaves in this manner, either to cause or to allow this sort of sustained nightmare beleaguer an entire people?

Enough of the cruel, brutal and uncaring – it is time for a more enlightened perception of reality to find its way through the cracks in the loony bin walls.

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  1. god ≠ good
    hypothetical 1: if a god type being manufactured the universe and he/she/it is good, then the universe would be a nice fluffy, safe place to live.
    hypothetical 2: if a god type being manufactured the universe and he/she/it is evil then it would be a horrible, dangerous place to live.
    hypothetical 3: if a god type being manufactured the universe and he/she/it was ambivalent then the universe would be both a nice fluffy, safe place to live [i]and[/i] a horrible, dangerous place to live.

    we know that the universe can be a dangerous place to live [i]and[/i] a safe place to live, all at the same time, so either the god type being is ambivalent to the affairs of the inhabitants of the universe or doesn’t exist. either way, it all lands back on us.

    humans have the knowledge and ability to measure and monitor our planet’s erratic behavior, and predict, with reasonable accuracy, those big catastrophic events like hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. and mitigate their destructive forces. and we also have the ability to rush to the aid of our fellow humans in their time of crisis. if their was a god type being would not he/she/it be more interested in how we behave toward each other?

    have a look in the news at the big shot televangelist’s opinions of the sad events in Haiti. how can an idiot like this even be given the credibility to air his puerile and self obsessed rubbish. religion is just a deep rooted psychological illness, caused by a lack of reason and logic, and where there is no reason and logic, the basest of human errors flourish.

    thought for the day:
    take the introspection, and stop the self rejection, and you might find that you only have yourself and your mind. i see you, see me, see you:-)

    1. Amen brother!

      pun intended.

      Love Light Peace Joy Understanding Compassion

      1. sweet
        ha ha ha

        pun taken:-)

    2. Hateful Pat
      Well said; I think that IF people don’t throw off the shackles of
      religion and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps of critical thinking.We
      are truly and rightly screwed.

  2. Well according to Pat Robertson, they made a deal with the devil to get rid of the French, or something ridiculous like that.


  3. Robertson doesn’t know anything.
    Who in hell does Robertson think he is? He wasn’t there. The devil doesn’t exist

    Oh wait maybe Pat has his decoder ring on and knows what god is thinking.

    Of all the nonsensical things to say, Pat will say them.

    Shut the hell up Pat

  4. Why is God Against Haiti
    :whistle: Pat Robertson has it right that Haitian’s collectively worship the Devil, the ‘devil’ being their type of ‘voodoo’ that promotes an ignorance which translates into not being educated enough to create an infrastructure including building codes to prepare for what has been predicted, much as places like LA have prepared for earthquake survival in far better ways. Still consider Pat Robertson a ‘bonehead’ religious salesman.

  5. Thou shall serve no other god
    when you worship any other god apart from GOD the creator of Heaven and Earth, then calamity befalls you!

    1. worship?
      did you work that out for yourself or are you just repeating what someone told you? seriously.

      you are a living creature of the highest order, with the remarkable ability to think, feel, and do amazing things! worship yourself first, then everything else just falls into place:-)

      there is an old axiom i read somewhere that goes: love yourself as you love your neighbour. if you do not love yourself how then can you love your neighbour, non?

  6. Did you honestly expect anything else?
    Of course not, but I’ll say this. If anyone made a pact with the devil, it’s Robertson. He cynically and calculatingly uses well-intentioned but ignorant people to enrich himself and further his self-serving agendas. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is.

    And he’s just full of…………Christian compassion?!
    He’s about as spiritual as a catfish, probably less so.

    Made a deal with the Devil….LOL……ignorance prevails.

    It’s becoming the biggest joke nowaday…religion…it’s just no longer relevant….omgosh….

    …you are plain silly.

    The world is the way it is today because of people like you. Hogwash.

    Your God is a terrorist….that’s about the truest your gonna get.

    Silly, Ignorant folk out there. Arise from the Illusion

  8. worship?
    jackie is correct.

    “worship yourself first”

    No Thanks

    “i read somewhere that goes: love yourself as you love your neighbor.”

    It’s what Jesus said.

    MATTHEW 22:39 NKJ
    39 “And the second is like it: `You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’


    Jesus is Lord

    1. is what jesus said?
      really? how do you know? where you there? pfft!

      do you love your neighbour? do you do all the things that he, allegedly, commanded? have you achieved the level of uiniversal and unconditional love that is suggested by the texts? or do you wallow in your self pity and bitterness wishing evil upon all who don’t fall into line with the racist, sexist theology of the overlords of the roman state religion called christianity?

      like i said, how can you love anyone else if you don’t first love yourself? every psychologist on the planet worth their salt knows this!!

      1. I love you Mark. God and Jesus loves you too.

    2. Bri,
      Yes, that’s what jesus supposedly said…but he also said to kill your parents, siblings and spouse to prove your love to him, and then follow him…wow, I think a minor dictator like Hitler encouraged the same thing…..Matthew 10:21 and 10:34 both support this strange biblical hate (or at least abandonment) of family, the thing your church and religion may espouse the most…

  9. No wonder I left the church when words like this are said from the men who are to represent truth and compassion.

  10. enlightened
    And to think… for all this time I thought earthquakes were caused by plate tectonics of the Earth’s crust. 😉

  11. Voodoo priestesses UNITE ! Formulate an elaborate ceremony whereby hexes and curses are cast upon the televangelist, put it out on YouTube, and email it to Pat Robertson and TBN. 👿

    1. double, double, toil and trouble!
      go get him girls:-)

  12. 😆 He must’ve heard it directly FROM the devil !

  13. Pat’s Pontification

    I like these comments!

    Pat is still in the religious Dark Ages, still believing in a spirit “devil” more powerful than the Creator. People usually blame God for humanity’s problems. I suggest we grow to maturity and reject all the religious claptrap. We are responsible for our problems and we must solve them and stop blaming someone or something else for what we consider bad things.
    When it comes to weather conditions, earthquakes, etc., I believe that the governments are doing havoc to nature with chemical and weather warfare. They’ve been using HAARP and low frequency radio waves to affect weather and cause earthquakes, psunamis, etc. It’s time people responsible for such activities think of their fellow citizens and stop this horrific activity against others.

  14. It is a good thing that that great angry judge in the heavens did not put the Haitians’ punishment in the hands of ideologues and extremists! Had this rageful judge done so, the result would have been virtual genocide of the Haitian people. The various histories of these religious fanatics will surely bear me out.

    What terrible ignorance on the part of religionists! Take an inventory of just the last several thousand years or so. Major natural disasters have fallen upon virtually all races, regardless of religions, cultures or what have you. And at every turn, with every disastrous event, the real test is what will we as the human family do for those who suffer such things.

    Sit back and blame something or someone so that we don’t have to respond to their suffering and great need in the face of these events? Because it is “God’s will” or the “Will of Allah” that these ignorant and “sinful” people suffer and die?

    It amazes me to see the cracked and useless character of the big talkers who do little else but talk while pointing hypocritical fingers.

    BTW, J’s words, “Love your neighbor AS yourself” did not originate with him. Nor with any other of the 15 or so major Messiahs from all over the world and throughout earth’s history such as Krishnamurti, Buddha, etc. Just one of the earliest recordings of this statement was around 3,500-4,000 years ago occurred in the so-called Old Testament.

    The concept is not an original “New Testament” one.

  15. The only devil Haiti has made a deal with is the European. Throughout Haiti’s short history the European has enslaved, diseased, and murdered those ppl. And don’t get it twisted the French are still pissed abt the slave revolt and victory during the early 1800s. Much respect to Jean-Jacques Dessalines. JAH!

  16. not surprised
    The people I work with everyday believe this kind of nonsense. People like this are in the majority and probably will be for my liftime and much longer….unfortunately.

  17. ugh
    Could it possibly be that there is a fault line that runs through the southern part of their country? It moves every now and then and wrecks every thing that they have built? Their ignorance of the natural world takes over and they invent some supernatural explanation for this mystery. …….naahhh, a god obviously hates them.

  18. There are NO ACCIDENTS in the UNIVERSE
    The universe is perfect. 😉

  19. God is real
    no man ever have the right to judge, then he shall be judged !

    Not one man just doing good wiil see heaven, not even a believer…,

    Just they that live to His image by letting the goodness shine out of their souls, been a insperation to others, of how God intend us to be, by living it, not to put people in a building, play nice music and talk to them, LIVE it start with your home then the neighbour, then you will see what has God intent for us.

    To many people preaching stuff that they are not living ! Do’nt say you are a christian, LIVE it !

    God made us in His image and gave the world to us to rule, as He made it, not the way we are destroying it, never ever God reason in behalf of us, He give the tree of live which bear the fruit of good and evil, He lets us choose between life and dead / light and darkness / thruth and lies.

    Not even Jona the profet could understand God’s way when the people repent and he did’nt destroyed the city Nineve…

    Religion is a money making scheme that destroy and corrupt the whole world

    Now my dear friends choose, its never too late

    Love you all

  20. Robertson’s statement brings to mind Voltaire’s quote ” as long as there are rogues and fools there will always be religion “…and anyone who takes seriously Robertson’s statement regarding Haiti amply qualifies as much for being a fool as he does for being a rogue !”

  21. just wondering
    Pat Robertson’s self serving ignorant comments are shocking.

    Why is Haiti so poor? Samuel Huntington’s book Culture Matters discusses the voodun religion and how it holds Haiti back.

    On the issue of HAARP, I don’t really know. But it is strange that Katrina also hit a poor black area. California, which is supposed to be due for an earthquake is not hit but Haiti is. People should be asking questions.

  22. Humanoid
    I think Pat Robertson: 👿 is one sick dude! Maybe he’s one of the many devils running loose on this planet.

    Anyone that listens and/or believes his ridiculous beliefs, opinions or B.S. must be totally brainwashed and under severe mind control!

    If you ask me, almost everyone on this planet has some real humanity issues; people have been lied too for so long, most humans have not a clue about what life & living is all about. Most of the populations all over the world are conditioned from birth to be cruel, sick creatures.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… BOO to Pat Robertson! He should be banned from ever speaking in public again. In my opinion he is a very sick man, he preys on the weak and instead of spreading the truth, compassion and the solution, he continues to spread poison. He vomits the disease of man on humanity every time he opens his evil mouth! Some really are sicker than others!

  23. voodoo
    In order to be a good Voodooist one must also be a Roman Catholic in good standing. To be a Voodoo priest one must also be a Roman Catholic priest.
    Just a thought.

    1. Voodoo
      In order to be a priest in the Church of Satan, one must also first be a Catholic priest. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Pedophilia rampant in the Catholic Church, preparing them for Satanism.!

  24. Really?
    You’re on this website debating the Haiti experience, or your ‘gods’ omnipotence? Are you consorting with the beast here?

    Doesn’t your ‘good book’ warn against associating with charlatans and psychics, e.g. anyone who doubts or disputes the word of your ‘sacred lord’? What are you doing here then?

    If you’re seeking answers, you’ve come to the right place. However, like a parachute, your mind only functions when it’s open, baby…

  25. To Jacques and others with the god disease, no being gave anything to humans. We are simply the highest evolved creatures on this planet.
    You say religion is a ‘money making scheme’ but yet your beliefs are based on a book belonging to one of these schemes.

    I love the way you jesus freaks always say god loves us but then he still wants to destroy us with earthquakes and such, and then eventually burn in hell for eternity. Doesn’t sound much like love to me

    Time to free your diseased mind, there is no god, just get over it. If you must believe in something, be inspired by the amazing chaos and fragility of life itself, the beauty and diversity of this planet and the vastness of the Universe.

  26. what has God got against Haiti
    I wonder why we even bother to make comment to Christians
    who always seem to have the answer to every disaster our
    planet is hit with! Bertrand Russell made mention of how odd the ethical evaluations of those who think that an omnipotent,
    omniscient, and benevelont Diety, after preparing the ground by many millions of years of lifeless nebulae,would considerHimself adequately rewarded by the final emergence of a Hitler,a Stalin
    and an H Bomb a Holocaust!! What utter nonsense this man
    Robertson talks, he along with many others make of theology
    a branch of human ignorance. An earthquake, volcanic eruptions,
    plagues, floods etc is nothing less than Mama Nature throwing her shit around, as do the supposed advocates of God on a Sunday
    morning, their rehearsed sermons with all the artificial trimmings
    devoid of truth!

  27. The people of Haiti had to go to the Devil for some compassion?
    Bible God is such a cruel malevolent piece of shit that Haitians had to go to the Devil for help to end their brutal oppression?

    And this mentally deranged Bible God is still holding a fierce grudge hundreds of years later against children that had no part of that contract? Even though his son( who he is, except when he is not him) taught forgiveness?
    What would Jesus say to such a Bible god, this cold hearted unforgiving evil being if he were able to talk to him?

    Dear Jesus,
    Please save the poor people of the world from that cruel, compassionless, evil Abrahamic desert Bible god and please kick St Paul’s ass for Romans 13 which so many of the world’s leaders use to keep them enslaved.
    And please protect me from hate speech laws for pointing out the obvious.

  28. Still an Idiot, eh Pat?
    I can hardly believe that anyone who isn’t locked up somewhere could be SO retarded, and, whatsmore, – he’s making money at it. Can you imagine, for a minute, since he’s making a living at it, how many other folks are STUPIDER THAN Sir Pat? Now, that’s downright scary. Pat, if you knew how lame you really are, you’d murder yourself in your sleep.

    Pat just hates Haitians because they are black, plain and simple.
    And they are also zombies.

  30. Religous scandel
    Pat Robertsonis just another part of the “Religiongate scandal”

  31. 🙁 A god who supposedly created the universe could have waved his hand and made the fault lines go away ,but he choses not to or simply does not exist .

  32. What’s God got against Haiti?
    Haiti’s current crisis has less to do with God and more to do with America. When Toussant L’Overture defeated the French it had nothing to do with a pact with the devil. Pat Robertson is a lunatic. America did not want the rest of the world to see that colonial oppression could be defeated so the have had an economic embargo on Haiti ever since. Ther economic policies of France and the US are the cause of Haiti’s economic plight. No mumbo jumbo, devil crap.

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