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colonel allen west

Asked about Islam, an American colonel, Allen West, spells it out like it is. Too bad we don’t have more informed leaders like this guy, since he’s got a clear understanding of one of the biggest threats to Western civilization.

One of the few Republicans I would support – on this issue, at least – West is running for Congress.  Don’t know if he’s a bibliolater, but at least he’s not a dhimmi, like so many other politicians.

(Yes, the double entendre of the word “West” is deliberate…)


  1. This man is speaking the truth and saying what so many others are too afraid to say themselves. To hell with being politically correct. It’s time for honesty and working on a real solution to the problem. The Abrahamic religions are vile,elitist,exclusive,elitist,and sexist. The Muslims are the most brutal of them all. Their agenda is world domination and the elimination of ALL other religions and cultures. It’s as simple as that. This nonsense that it’s only the “radical” Muslims that think this way is utter rubbish. There can be no peace in the world as long as Islam and the radical branches of Christianity still exist. Sad to say but true none-the-less. :s

  2. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    This is idiotic. He presents a bunch of historical examples of Muslim nations “attacking” the west, but fails to mention and important detail. The crusades. THE DAMN CRUSADES. That’s why the Venetians were against the Ottomans: they invaded them repeatedly in the crusades. Actually, the first sacking of Constantinople was by Christian troops in the 3rd crusade. The Muslims themselves were attacked in Spain by Christian troops during the inquisition. Ask the formerly Muslim city of Cordoba where all the Muslims went…
    And while we’re at it, why don’t we talk about the Muslim history of oppression? The Ottomans were the most religiously civilization of their time. The millet system was one of the first explicitly pluralistic ones. Meanwhile, in Europe, pogroms and inquisitions were killing Jews, scientists, and philosophers all across the west.
    In fact, I will go so far as to say that there has never in the history of the planet been a Muslim empire as oppressive as empire presently fueled by Christianity. Yes, there were brutal Muslim empires, but all empires are brutal. That’s the nature of empires.
    Not only that, but the present form of Muslim extremism is a direct outcome of the expressly Christian Ronald Reagan’s funding of fanatics like the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. We destroyed secular movements in the Middle East, and now we’re upset when religious ones come around.
    I’m as anti-religion as anyone else, and as against political correctness as anyone else, but this is sheer ignorance and racism being used to justify western oppression of the middle east. This army colonel is doing whatever he can to justify the mission of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    1. Yes, we are well aware of all the Muslim apologetics.

      West is correct in his brief overall assessment here.

      Perhaps you need to read the voluminous writings of the Norwegian scholar Fjordman ([url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fjordman[/url]) as concerns the history of Islam and the West, especially regarding the Crusades. And, by the way, raising up the Crusades is a very typical Muslim apologist tactic.

      How to debate a Muslim ([url]http://sheikyermami.com/2009/06/16/how-to-debate-a-muslim/[/url])

    2. Anthony Green said:
      [quote][b]The Muslims themselves were attacked in Spain by Christian troops during the inquisition. Ask the formerly Muslim city of Cordoba where all the Muslims went…[/b][/quote]

      Yes, Anthony, that’s true – but tell me, how did the Muslims come to be in Spain in the first place?

      pax vobiscum,

  3. not all that wrong
    Well, the Crusades weren’t the first punch thrown. What were the Muslims doing in Tours, France in 732 that Charles Martel has to fight them? Of course, by 732, the Christians had quite an aggressive history themselves. Many are content to attack Christianity, probably because they’ve never had to live under Shariah (I haven’t, I’m just saying it’s not nice either). Both religions are rather aggressive.
    And so, does religion start wars? Truthfully, that depends on the religion. The Abrahamic ones (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are more aggressive than others.

  4. If we didnt have any wars we would have a planet population out of control.Someone has to take charge!! it may as well be the christian nation that gave us this thing called liberty and freedom…When our liberal president,senate and congress get done with there watch theyll be nothing left but ol Shareeeeeea!!!!salam alaikum dudes

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