1. Syrian Nationalist Party

    That is just 3 examples of a hundred
    In Damascus, the Omayyad Mosque was built over St John Church. Khalid Ibn Al Walid Mosquein Homs, Syria built on top of Pagan Syrian King whose childrens ruled Rome during Roman Empire. Islam is the only religion that built its edifices over other relegions places of worship while falsely, deceptively, claiming its respect and tolerence to it.

    1. not so
      Rome conquered Europe and built churches on all pagan places of worship. Every religion did that when they take over a place where another belief is practiced they build their own place on top of it. It is normal barbaric horrible behavior of religions.

  2. Thank you! These videos and articles below share similar info about the 1,400 year history of Islam.

    Ground Zero Mosque – VIDEO ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAr-_VYxAPw[/url])

    Islamic Crusades 5: Why did they hate us in 1783? – VIDEO ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUuH2G7dPFk[/url])

    “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” video ([url]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-871902797772997781[/url])

    The Religion of Peace ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com[/url])

    A mosque at Ground Zero equals victory ([url]http://www.hudsonny.org/2010/05/mosque-at-ground-zero-equals-victory.php[/url])

    Ground zero Mosque named “Cordoba House” See Why ([url]http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/4225.htm[/url])

    Overtolerance could pave the way for sharia in America ([url]http://www.libertiesalliance.org/2010/02/24/wafa-sultan-and-former-muslims-united/[/url])

    [b]”Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

    — Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

    “This religion [Islam] will destroy all other religions through the Islamic Jihad fighters”

    — Jordanian/Palestinian School Book 1998[/b]

    I am sick and tired of being accused of discrimination, xenophobia, racism and denying 1st Amendment rights just because I oppose a ground zero mosque. Those are intimidation tactics geared towards censoring a point of view that some just hate. It’s their way of trying to bulldoze over anyone who opposes the ground zero mosque in their race towards dhimmitude. There are already 200 mosques in New York. One at ground zero titled “The Cordoba House” represents [b]CONQUEST[/b] to Muslims around the world.

  3. A mosque at ground zero? Fits perfectly with the aims of the perpetrators of 911, and I don’t mean Muslim “terrorists” but the Zionist plotters who planned and used this incident to further their aims of subjugating the global population. Nice touch if you want to inflame the hatred of the blinkered masses even further!

  4. Remember this survey from Feb 08?:

    Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism
    Secret survey exposes widespread radicalism ([url]http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=57141[/url])

  5. Is there no organized resistance to this? If there is, they need to make themselves & their issue more visible because there will be a huge response to this issue if it ever gets any mainstream exposure.

    I move for a huge middle finger to be placed on the site facing Mecca.

  6. Three Things About Islam
    Three Things About Islam:

    From the video:

    1. The Koran is just one book written by just one man. It’s not full of symbolism or vague analogies, it is mostly direct commands. Abrogations solve any contradiction issues – the later passages supersedes the earlier passages. Most westerners are unaware that the peaceful and tolerant passages were written early in Mohammad’s prophetic career. According to the Koran those passages have been abrogated by later more violent, less tolerant passages. Muslims must not alter or ignore any part of Koran or they will burn in a fiery torment forever.

    2. Striving to institute Sharia law worldwide is a religious duty. In the Koran Allah makes it clear that man-made govt’s (such as a democracy) and free speech (such as criticizing the Koran) are abominations and must be eliminated. Sharia is the law of Allah. Any other form of gov’t is a sin. It is the duty of every muslim to keep striving until all gov’ts have been converted to sharia law.

    3. Muslims are allowed to deceive non-muslims if it helps Islam. It’s a principle called Taqiyya. The Koran instructs muslims to lie to non-muslims about their beliefs and political ambitions to protect and spread Islam. Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world until the whole world follows sharia law. So, deceiving westerners is totally acceptable – even encouraged if it can forward the goals of the spread of Islam.

    * Islam as a religion of peace:

    Muslim organizations worldwide often declare that Islam is a religion of peace but what does that really mean? It is easy for a muslim to quote a peaceful verse from the early parts of the Koran while following the principle of Taqiyya neglecting to mention the fact that it has been officially abrogated by later more violent and intolerant verses. According to the Koran the world will be at peace only when Islam and sharia reign in every country – and never until then. This is why every muslim can truthfully say that Islam is a religion of peace.

    Three Things About Islam ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w[/url])

  7. the keepers of orions/aryans belt the distaff of f
    in the ancient time secrets were kept in a place that no man could reach THE STARS …the distaff of Frigga also Orion…here is where she spins her lies to control mankind’s destiny….man kind that word does not mean what you think it means…
    man is the old Germanic phrase for a jewel or light an astonishing intelligence….kind is a child still used in Germanic speech..
    old speech the oldest …spells speils-play in german A PLAY ON WORDS ….words that have hidden meanings only for the wise to know the truth.
    THE logos GREEK FOR LOGIC comes from an older Germanic word LOGE ancient it means a BOX logic is depicted as a cube.
    it is an ALTERNITIVE SPELLING FOR LOKI the god of fire and trickery….what is the trick of LOGIC???
    its how words are formed LIKE A BOX THE ANCIENT AND ALL POWERFUL RUNES THEMSELVES….formed from the body of human from the somatic self observance of mans own mind.
    this is WHY words are so powerful and can control entire cultures because they COME from your own body’s somatic self understanding the dream within a dream within a dream the AEON it self the 3 stages of consciousness
    WHEN THE GREAT POET HOMER SPOKE it was not he who wrote it was a slave..a slave from the far north who left his identity behind in his writings homer was blind he could not write he was an ORATOR.
    the clue to the slave/SCRIBES origin is the name of the hero ULYESSES….AND ODYESSES they wrote in odic script an essay the hero of a LONG BURNING STORY ..a yule log..play on words BURNS for a long time
    THIS TRADITION came from the far north
    YULE TIDE the lands of the druids and the ancient north men who trained scribes and sold them for HIGH prices into slavery after castrating them
    yet even they had a long hidden memory that surpassed that of the women with wisdom for in the word LOGE is the hidden sound of a lions roar the LO this is the clue to FASCINATION
    THE SIGN OF LEO is shaped as the OPTIC NERVE and WHY the Sphinx is facing LEO.
    re 9/11
    AT THE END OF THE LAST ICE AGE the Aryan tribes broke out of upper europe and with them they carried the prehistoric neanderthal programming since they had interbred but they also carried with them the knowledge of AFRICA since they were cro magnons
    THE ANCIENT religion of zoroastrianism(IRAN) chief god is arhuru Mazda this is a modern german phrase hor aus masse .literally to speak out of wisdom
    word zoro comes from zur meaning backwards literally backwards STAR …or SUN
    the human body on top of the head has tow optic nerves about 4 inches above the head the two WAVE PULSES meet and form an IONIC DISCHARGE IS THE SODIUM/CALCIUM WAVELENGTHs
    this is in the bright yellow area of the electromagnetic spectrum
    it is NOT the eyes that see it is the OPTIC LOBE in the rear of the brain….however since the STAR is located ABOVE the head and the brain is programmed to sense everything as FORWARD when the hypnosis is done and you are in a seated position i APPEARS as if you are facing the floor (in your somatic consciousness)
    this is WHY ISLAMICS kneel when they pray….
    i was taught this strange and ancient martial art but i prepared myself with years of study and was ready when the moment came UNLIKE ODIN i did not fall and scream ..
    i stood UP and stood before this great star and UNDERSTOOD what it was a IONIC discharge visible in the somatic consciousness of the mind only it is actually a real thing……very real….this is were the ancient sun gods ideology came from
    so to prevent FASCINATION or the weird world of seeing every ones chakras..ionic endocrine gland discharges i merely COVERED my eyes
    with my ARM armor love loge logic and gave it the EL BOW..
    the yes would also be the pillars of Hercules THE VEGUS NERVE
    the ancient word for all of this the LOST WORD OF THE MASONS
    is ATEM german for a breath the T is silent thus AUM OM
    mistranslated ADAM and Eve SINCE IN ENGINEERING THE AMLE IS SENDING AND THE FEMALE RECIEVING…the first male and female
    with in..paradise /heaven
    what was 9/11 all about???
    the act of the terrorists was a deeply disturbing look at world wide mass psychosis
    the pillars of Hercules were the twin towers now take a breath ..metaphor the AIRPLANE…….in the land of the 5 city’s
    at the gate way to Atlantis….the titan ATLAS had 50 children ..these became the 50 STATES…..the spell of making within the spell of making the DOUBLE is the OUBLE the spell of FORGETTING
    when the ancient tribes broke out of upper europe at the end of the last ice age they took with them the psychological disease of the OLD ones
    REVELATIONS and the 4 and 20 elders knelt down before the beast.the beast is VA ESTE independent free stand man special warriors trained to resist fascination…in american Indian this word was WACHTE LOVE…so what do the intellectuals fear and hate above all else ..love and freedom …of course freewill
    4 20 the date of the ancient summer solstice before Julius caesar changed the calendar making Jan and Feb months
    all ancient knowledge was a from of fascination predating modern science……
    TO BREAK the ancient lock on the somatic mind i used the simplest of tools OHMS LAW E I R ……and cross referenced all other primitive works since EVERYTHING can be referenced to the ELECTORMAGENTIC SPECTRUM and simple science
    some certain keys were laid out by various tribes around the world
    like the tales of the lighting brothers in australia and the x ray vision of other tribal peoples like the ancient Celtic/Gallic tales of cowboys who went underwater to fight giants
    and the Hindu sculptures which depict martial art movements and special metaphoric techniques
    even the letters themselves are a form on hidden knowledge of martial arts-tz tsaddi is one it means to throw a javelin
    once i mastered the art of doing this with my martial arts techniques all else fell-in place since i did not suffer from FASCINATION
    rather i CONQUERED it.
    by using the keys of the WORLD i followed the Legends what is a key to a map of the world/ATLAS called ..a LEGEND…
    so to understand what 911 was about i had to have the FAITH that all the people of the world were all telling the truth only from their PRESPECTIVE OF THE sphere OF THE PLANET AN GLOBAL COMPUTER IF YOU WILL.
    FASCINATION ..THE WORD ALLAH is derived from the word ‘ALL’ Germanic for the universe…
    you can only RESPECT IT and strive to survive it as long as possible since it is what we are ultimately made of.
    so a mosque at ground zero …i pity them they are lost very lost actually SHORT CIRCUITED and sooner or later they will blow another fuse…..religion as we know it is a form of PSYCOSIS a delusional belief in extra dimensions …
    when in fact it is the somatic minds refusal to accept reality since it cannot reference anything beyond its own body…hence subconsciousness
    sort of strange to realy know that the BULK of the world population is mostly asleep ….i wonder what will happen when they wake up…or if they ever will…
    i am called BRASSICA NIGRA by some people its ancient latin slang look it up its a metaphoric insult with special coding in it just for me.

    i hope you liked my letter if you want go one you tube and watch sheral crow sing a song about me ..its called SOAK UP THE SUN

    1. interesting stuff
      I have often wondered WHY I never saw the things I see now? Something happened to me when I got babtized on 1/15/1989. I just discovered THAT…was the very NIGHT the Israelites left Egypt! The night of January 15th. At any rate, even though I no longer buy into the Jesus MYTH, and even though my eyes are failing me due to old age, I SEE better than I ever have in my entire life. The Matrix is an interesting place. I enjoyed living there for almost 39 years, but now I live somewhere else. In my mind. Or perhaps, “in my brain” would be more exact? I believe we are in a unique time, in all History. I also believe TPTB are manipulating Biblical prophecy to FOOL Christians into giving up their lives for a God that doesn’t exist. If I’m wrong, “God, forgive my imagination, AND my intuition; because, I believe “we’ve been SCAMMED!” There is a WORLD-WIDE-DECEPTION going on here, and “people” just don’t “see” it. We are raised-up believing the fallacies TPTB want us to believe. I’m not skull and bones, OR a Freemason, but I am very AWARE of their deceptive motives, and methods. Once the “wool” is removed, you “see” it everywhere. But it’s true, so many are still ASLEEP. In Crawford Texas, they believe the WMD’s were actually found! How deluded are they!?
      Anyway, I’m off into Numerology now, and I hope more people awaken soon. If they don’t, this will be the Prison Planet that Alex Jones professes.

  8. Why Does Rick Warren promote Islam?
    The 1500 years of Islamic Conquest as described in the above posts can’t help but beg the question why Rick Warren thinks he can forge his Global Peace Plan with Muslims which he guarantees will succeed. This flies in the face of Islam’s own eschatology of global conquest, as evidenced by the mosques they built on top of churches and the Temple in Jerusalem. See this chapter in Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture at:

  9. I seem to have read somewhere, that Helena, Constantine’s Mother decided to build the original temple, over this grave, that she believed was Jesus’ grave? AFTER that, the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, and THEN built “their” Mosque over that? Something like that. So, in truth, that Roman broad did it first. Maybe it wasn’t a church, but she did build it over a grave, for basically the SAME reason. That is to say, “SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Better yet,”SELF-DELUSION.”

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