What is Islam? An ex-Muslim speaks out

My good buddy Amil Imani, an Iranian ex-Muslim, pulls no punches. I have excerpted his article in the following, comprehensive and direct paragraph.

What is Islam?

Islam is a comprehensive totalitarian form of slavery. It is the opposite of freedom. Islam strives for nothing short of enslavement of the body of humanity as well as the bondage of its mind. Islam is a creed of an ignorant people of a primitive age. Islam proclaims itself as the only legitimate religion for the entire world. Islam actively suppresses and even prohibits the practice of other religions. Freedom of the press is completely alien to Islam. Islam is not a religion by any standard. It is a militant, political and savage cult. It is time that we treat Islam as the greatest threat to [the] human race.


  1. What is Islam
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  2. I agree. But don’t let the other religions or denominations “off the hook”. Any proselytising religion does a lot of harm. Particularly with stamping out free-will,thought & inquiry.

  3. I reiterate the comment of Doug. E. above.
    How is Christianity or Judiasm better/different? When we reject the predominate(sp?) religion of our upbringing, we usually retain cultural taints. Does any religion meet your definition for an acceptable religion?

  4. Useful Idiots
    How is Christianity any different? Man, you have got to be kidding! First off, anyone stupid enough to say (Like Bill Maher), “A lot of awful things have been done in the name of Christianity too’, is a self evident idiot. People have been killed in the name of Love, does that mean Love is bad or evil? Of course it doesn’t. Jesus said “love your neighbor like you love yourself”, so anyone who murdered, enslaved or oppressed anyone else was clearly and obviously not following the teachings and examples of Jesus, and therefore was not a Christian. Mohammad, on the other hand, personally led his men on many raids that murdered, looted,raped , tortured and enslaved innocent men, women and children. So now you know the difference. People who do evil are not Christians, they are liars. Muslim terrorists are doing what Mohammad told his followers to do. His commandment “The Jihad can not stop until all non muslim governments in the world are OVERTHROWN and replaced with Islamic government and muslim law” says it all.

  5. what!!
    I am a muslim and I have very close friends that are christians, Buddists, jews and atheists. I was brought up to respect and accept people regardless of their choice of belief, and that violence is never the answer. In my local mosque there are many youth groups where young people take trips to the places of worship of other religions and are educated about the teachings of the major world religions.If you look at the histories of the other religions the leaders of those religions also used violence in order to not be oppressed and to gain freedom of their beliefs. I think everyone here who is badmouthing is just plain mean. If you don’t believe in Islam thats fine but there is no need to be so cruel. I pity you….

    1. There’s nothing “cruel” in exposing an heinous ideology that enslaves the hearts and minds of millions worldwide and causes so many to commit unspeakable acts of violence and brutality. Muslims are, in fact, the biggest victims of Islam, and it is the exact opposite of “cruel” to tell them the truth about the ideology that has enslaved them.

      What were your ancestors before Islamists invaded their lands, killed their men and raped their women? Please go back to your pre-Islamic roots and rediscover your heritage before it was destroyed by Islam.

      For more information, please study the following links:

      Islam Reality Videos ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])
      Quotes from the Quran ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])
      The Religion of Peace ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com[/url])
      270 Million Murdered by Islam ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad[/url])
      Faith Freedom ([url]http://www.faithfreedom.org[/url])
      Islam Watch ([url]http://www.islam-watch.org[/url])
      Jihad Watch ([url]http://www.jihadwatch.org[/url])
      Amil Imani ([url]http://www.amilimani.com[/url])
      Prophet of Doom ([url]http://www.prophetofdoom.net[/url])
      Islamic Crusades ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html[/url])
      Women’s Rights in Islaml ([url]https://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url])

  6. Cleo, here are comments by muslims that disagree with you. Maybe you could set them straight?:

    Islamic flag over the White House ([url]http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/oct/4/islamic-flag-over-the-white-house/[/url])

    video ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agOU2R6MTbg[/url])

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
    – Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) July 4th, 1998 ([url]http://www.danielpipes.org/rr/394.pdf[/url])

    “I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam”
    – Abu Bakr, Muslim Cleric

    “Oh, you Muslims everywhere, sever the ties of their nation, tear them apart, ruin their economy, instigate against their corporations, destroy their embassies, attack their interests, sink their ships, and shoot down their airplanes. Kill them in land, at sea, and in the air, kill them wherever you find them.”
    – Sheikh Abdel Rahman from a US prison

    “The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom. Millions of you are ready to be shaheed. Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. In the end of the day, Islam must control earth, whether we like it or not.”
    – Abu Hamza al-Masri, Islamic Cleric

    “We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians…Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.”
    – British career welfare recipient Sheikh Omar Bakri

    “We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands…”
    – Imam Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Islamic Society of North America

    “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country … because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”
    – Ihsan Bagby, CAIR

    “The 9/11 hijackers should be honored as martyrs.”
    – Warith Deen Umar, Former Muslim Chaplain, New York Prisons

    “Now, all our imams, our public speakers, should be concentrating on militarizing the Muslim public…Only carrying arms will do this task.”
    – Muhammad Al-Asi, Former Imam at the Washington, D.C. Islamic Center

    “Americans in general might be more supportive of targeted attacks on civilians, as part of the war on terror, than U.S. Muslims.”
    – Ahmad Al-Akhras, CAIR

    “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing left will be Islam.”
    – Siraj Wahhaj, Brooklyn, New York Imam

    “Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the secular system in the United States, for it “is against the orders and ordainments of Allah”
    – Imam Zaid Shakir, Former Muslim Chaplain at Yale University

    “Let us continue the protests. Let us damn America. Let us damn Israel. Let us damn their allies until death. Mohammad is leader. The Qu’ran is our constitution. Jihad is our path. Victory to Islam. Death to Israel. Revolution! Revolution! Until Victory! Rolling, rolling to Jerusalem.”
    – Sami Al Arian

    “This religion [Islam] will destroy all other religions through the Islamic Jihad fighters”
    – Jordanian/Palestinian School Book 1998

    “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.”
    – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan

    “Islam not a religion of violence, but if you burn Qur’ans or draw Muhammad, we’ll kill you”
    – Gambian President

    “No we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy” “We love you, America – and we want your children for Islam”
    – Islam on Capitol Hill.com

    “I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”
    – Samir Khan

    Dhimwit ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/Dhimwits.htm[/url]): “A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.”

    Infidelophobia ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Articles/Infidelophobia.htm[/url])

    The video below is precisely what’s happening throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, as well as the Americas.

    ‘Islamization’ of Paris: a Warning to the West ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAh480e6bH8[/url])

    Why did they hate us in 1783? ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUuH2G7dPFk[/url])

    Three Things About Islam ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w[/url])

  7. islam is evil as well the messenger mohammad is evil…
    why they cannot accept that(muslim)…. open your eyes
    and the truth will set you free… read the koran with your languages no an arabic,coz you cannot understand..ask question to your and be sure they will not tell a lie(coz imam are liars as well as mohammed(pbuh)

  8. we should concentrate our fire on the leaders of Islamic societies more.They deliberately engineer Islamic societies to exist in an illiterate mode so the mullahs can have an easy life by controlling the masses stay subjugated by fear.Africans are leaving Islam in droves because the fear factor is relatively new and their tribal bonds are stronger .Moreover Africans love music.Music is light.That is why it is prohibited in Islam

  9. I have to add a bit more to the above comment.Islam is relatively new in some parts of black Africa -only a century old.And hence the fear factor is not deeply rooted-fear of going to the horrible Islamic hell.Also Africans love music and local bear .Most of them were converted to Islam by Arabian slave masters to assist them with slavery during vast demand of black slaves in Americas.The slave traders had to go deeper and deeper into Africa not because they started running out of would be slaves.The Arabs and their cronies must have tried to sell off circumcised slaves to the western slave buyers and it backfired on them.Slaves were sold naked to the buyers and a lot of them died in transit because of the appalling conditions in ships.So Africans learnt tricks to stay alive by making themselves worthless by circumcision and or mutilation,both male and female,e.g.tribes like MASAI,GOGO,NYRAMBA,NGONI,MAKONDE,NDOROBO, etc.”TAKE THEM AWAY THEY WILL SPREAD DISEASE”This is the origin of female genital mutilation in some nationalities such as Somalies and Sudanese.After the mass African slavery was made illegal these practices have not gone away despite efforts by various organisations and governments because the money involved concerning the so called experts carrying out these practices.And moreover these tribes are under the belief that these are their identity tribal marks.

  10. Islam is just like witch craft or black magic but on a massive scale.Both are base d on FEAR and both systematically subjugate their followers by fear and rewards like non-stop sex.Once your mind is taken over it is very difficult to break free.I want to cite an instance when a woman who was a member of a witch craft cult decided to leave it and start a new clean life.She did not last long but the pull to go back was too strong.After torturing herself for a few months she decide to go back knowing all the time what the consequences would be like for her leaving the cult.She was repeatedly raped by the cult henchmen in front of all the present members including women and children,just like in Pakistan a few years back when a married woman was raped in front of villagers including her relations and husband.The rapist was one of the local MULLAH .And her crime ?Refusing to sleep with her husband because of his crueltytowards her.

  11. Islam is cancer my friend.

  12. Is allah the same God as the God of Abraham?

  13. I’m reading a book at the moment called people vs Muhammad, it’s quite interest in as it says he was a fat dwarf or short man who had sex with little girls, kept slaves and even was caught having sex with his dead aunt and can be compared to Jeffrey Dahmer as the only difference between these 2 is Muhammed did not eat anyone. How anyone can follow this psychopath is beyond me

    1. Islam is like a disease and like any disease it should be eradicated. Muslims are parasites who worm their way into a country and like any parasite they live off of the host country and eventually kill it by making it like the Muslim country they left. Then they don’t like where they live so they move on to be a parasite in another country. There will never be world peace as long as Islam exists.

  14. What else do you call a thief, murderer, pedophile and hate-monger?

    A “prophet”!

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