1. I love it …
    Sign on far left … Seriously, what other sort of deal can be made with the MB? As with Midas and gold, everything the MB/Islam touches turns to sh*t. By definition, there’s no other possibility.

    1. What’s really appalling is the unthinking support for this sordid affair by Western liberals and leftists, working squarely against the interests of their brethren in Egypt and elsewhere, including their own.

      Naive falling for propaganda or something worse?

      1. I’m with you on that …
        But, including all the conservatives and rightie-tighties who [i]think[/i] they’re not dhimmis, but support Islamic/MB regimes also and or that their support of Islamism is somehow different from the support of same from the left.

        I’ve even seen a few lefties pop up on Yahoo stating that they’re lefties, but they don’t support the Islamsim. That’s a mountain of cognitive dissonance to overcome.

      2. Liberals in the United States are so clueless about this kind of News because they see Obama and their brains go on automatic pilot and here a obamanation BS sound bite every once in a while and let that be their news as well as CNN (Cable Nit Wit News) that conveintly leave out this kind of news or do not even cover it in debth.

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