What about 9/11?

imagine no religionOver the years, many people have asked me about my opinion as concerns the atrocity of 9/11. My answer has always been short and sweet. Here I will lay it out in a longer manner. This post was prompted by someone challenging me over my take on Islamic fundamentalism, specifically as concerns the alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan. In a post that mentioned the U.S. Constitution, this person implicated “the American government” in the events of September 11, 2001.

First of all, I have been aware of the 9/11 conspiracy theories practically from the first day of the atrocity. I have watched many videos on the subject, and I believe that a good case has been made that the 9/11 hijackers could not have been acting alone, from purely external sources, without help from the inside.

Secondly, that being said, the fact is I utterly and completely disagree that “the U.S. government” had anything to do with 9/11. WE ARE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. If we are having our feet held to the fire for absolute accuracy when voicing an unpopular opinion, e.g., the criticism of Islam, then everyone else must be held accountable for accuracy as well.

In my view, it is despicable to label various individuals working within the United States who may have been involved in 9/11 as “the American government.”  I know many fine people who have served directly in the American government, and they were not involved. Again, just as we must be careful with saying things like “the Muslims did this or that” or “the Jews…” etc.” we must also be careful when pointing fingers of blame for other atrocities. To say that “the American government” committed this crime represents a broadstroke generalization that essentially condemns all Americans – and makes us as unsafe as Muslims feel when people do say, “It’s the Muslims,” etc.

My take on 9/11 is quite simple and factors in all major elements, not just one pet theory that fits your current outrage – in this case against “the American government.” It is obvious that individuals from a variety of agencies, both national and international, must have been involved. These would include, apparently, some officials not only within the U.S. government but also from a number of other countries, including Saudi Arabia.

That there were Saudi Arabian Muslims involved in 9/11 appears as evident as the notion as that there were “rogue” elements within the U.S. government involved as well. If Osama Bin Laden is some sort of operative, whether alive or dead now, and al Qaeda is a fake organization – as run the conspiracy theories – then these internationalist agencies who are creating these particular illusions and “false flag operations” must certainly have utilized the Saudi element in their plots. An average Muslim like Hasan would probably not believe that OBL/al Qaeda were anything but they are presented to be, i.e., a devout Muslim jihadist operation.

europe 9/11 9-11 on its wayHence, rank-and-file Muslims are being told in many cases by “radical” imams that 9/11 was a Muslim operation that Allah has allowed to punish the filthy infidels. There are videos of imams preaching about the martyrdom of the “Magnificent 19.” We can see the result from the image of a Muslim maniac holding a sign threatening Europe with its own mass-murdering 9/11 terrorist attack. Thousands of “militant Muslims” around the globe rejoiced at the idea of the infidel being wounded in his own territory by the Islamic jihad. Many Muslim fanatics have been inspired by 9/11 to believe they can in fact dominate the world – a goal repeatedly stated by many Islamist individuals and groups.

The U.S. Constitution protects us from this nightmare, if we understand what it represents and hold it up as a sacred document that must not fall to sharia law – and, again, that is a stated goal by various Islamists – who are not the pitiful and powerless rabble so many are evidently making them out to be with your passionate and misguided defenses. It’s really time for everyone to know these facts – those who are mindlessly defending Islamism really do not have all the facts. I have read and studied what they have read, but they appear not to have studied what I have.

The U.S. Constitution is my sacred text, and it will not be spit upon and degraded by infidels. To overturn the Constitution and force sharia law upon us all insults my god and my religion. The struggle has always been to make sure everyone adheres to the U.S. Constitution, and those agencies who have not are therefore rogue, illegal and unethical. The Constitutional ideals remain, whether or not the document is followed.

It is completely deleterious to mankind to pretend that Islamism is not a threat to our very freedoms. Our entire global civilization largely depends on this issue – which is at a make-or-break point. To side with an archaic, barbarous system of abuse and brutality over the enlightenment provided by the U.S. Constitution is not only sheer madness, it is also a reckless endangerment of all decent human beings.

Sticking your head in the Saud sands is a really bad idea.

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9/11 WAS an inside job!

In reality, I was aware from the beginning of the various conspiracy theories and have watched them continue to grow and morph in shape. Indeed, “some of my best friends” have been involved in the “9/11 Truth Movement,” and over the years we’ve all been bombarded with these theories on my group “From Fun to Superconsciousness.”

Moreover, I possess a number of DVDs, including one with the environmental toxicity of the attack. In the earliest days, there was talk of the Mossad and controlled demolition, as well as the “pulling” of Building 7, as stated by its owner Larry Silverstein, not long after that. I have also spent time at Alex Jones’s site, as well as various other 9/11 conspiracy sites such as Scholars for Truth. I am well aware of who are Stephen Jones and David Lee Griffin. Moreover, I have also perused the Debunking 911 website, and I’ve watched the History Channel’s “9-11 Conspiracy Theories” documentary. I have also read the mainstream perspective, as in Popular Mechanics, a favorite magazine of my dear departed father.


Even though I was very straightforward in my original post, people are obviously having a difficult time grasping the points, so here I reiterate them.

I have watched many of the videos and read much of the literature – mostly the “inside job” conspiracy theories – since the atrocity occurred.  I know about all the flaws in the mainstream theory, which is precisely why I wrote what I did in the way I did, because there are many problems with the idea that a score of box-cutter, non-pilot Saudis did it all by themselves.  I basically stated that there was a multinational conspiracy, not just so-called American elements.  These “American” elements are in reality INTERNATIONALISTS. So, no, even if you factor in these “American” elements, such as Bush and Cheney, it is still not “THE American government.” 9/11 was not only an “inside job” but also an “outside job,” because there were undoubtedly foreign elements involved. Let’s spell it out: MULTINATIONAL CABAL, as it practically always is.

Yes, I am saying that WE are the government, and that, therefore, “THE American government” had nothing to do with 9/11.  As I stated, it is inaccurate to say that “THE American government” did it.  I know many people who are directly part of the government, and they had nothing to do with it.  My mother was a state legislator – she WAS part of the government, and she had nothing to do with it. I know plenty of people who are federal employees, including postal workers – they had nothing to do with 9/11.

Someone asked if I’m taking it personally.  Of course, I’m taking it personally – worldwide people are using this “inside job” business to say that ALL AMERICANS ARE EVIL.  If WE are the government in their eyes, then WE can be the government in our own eyes – I insist, in fact, upon this point. WE THE PEOPLE is how our Constitution starts out.  In case you’ve forgotten:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Here is where our Constitution differs so much from sharia law, and what must be emphasized again and again.  Rogue elements in our government are not “THE American government.”

To repeat, just as saying “THE Muslims are the problem” is inaccurate, so is saying “THE American government did 9/11.”  Well, at least blaming “THE American government” is a step up from blaming “THE Jews” all the time.  Maybe there’s hope after all.

It very simple. Accuracy and precision are absolutely crucial to such an important issue.  Sloppy thought and words in this case are a peril. Everyone finds in 9/11 what they themselves choose to see, apparently.  If it’s anti-American propaganda because they hate America – often by “self-hating Americans” themselves – then it’s “THE American government.” If it’s blaming the Saudis, because someone hates that country or its religion, then it’s “THE Saudis” or “THE Muslims.” Neither of these perceptions is accurate.  Moreover, again the broadstroke attack on “THE American government” plays right into the hands of those who are attempting to destroy the U.S., which at this time remains under the U.S. Constitution.  It may be a good idea for everyone to really review what the Constitution truly stands for. Here’s a link: U.S. Constitution.

By the way, if the Islamic religion had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, why are there so many people posting the image I’ve got above, saying “Imagine NO RELIGION?” Obviously, all these people posting this image around the net believe that religion – in this case Islam – did have something to do with it. My own perception is that Islam is a giant whip that has been and will be used wherever possible to keep the sheeple in line.

Before you make derogatory remarks about what you think I’m saying here, read what I have written again.  And again.  You will get it.

In case of confusion regarding my discussion of “my god and my religion” – which are freedom and democracy – here is an atheist explaining the point further.


  1. Stick to Religious Conspiracies
    Lady, I’ve read all of your books, I’ve bought many of them to give to friends, but your talent analysing the events of that day are dismal. I’ve seen it many times, where people have an expertise in an area of knowledge, and due to popularity they venture into areas for which they have little talent. And it’s always too bad, and always embarrassing to behold. Too bad this applies to you now, I’ve been a major fan of your work.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but what in particular do you believe is flawed in my thinking, and why do you feel the need to be insulting and condescending?

      Is it because you are a believer that THE American government committed this crime? I take great offense at the notion, and, man, I would submit in return that your interpretation of reality is way off.


      1. “…interpretation of reality”?

        Ha! What fun I could have with that one. I’m far too versed in the sciences and philosophy to take that remark as anything but a school yard retort–nothing to be taken seriously.

        If you think that you’ve studied the data [i]as best you can[/i], then I’m satisfied that nothing I could say or write would likely put a dent in your perspective. And in a forum? The subject is gigantic.

        I’m sure that there are many hangers-on who are just enchanted with your analysis and are ready to abhor the Infidels along with you.

        Onward Christian soldiers. To war! (drums)

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it doesn’t sound like you even read my post before you decided to become insulting and disrespectful.

          What “perspective” are you talking about “putting a dent into”? You have said nothing of substance but have simply been condescending because you think you know or understanding something I do not.

          I have to wonder about your comments asserting that you’ve read my books, if you can so wantonly assume that I am suddenly lacking in intelligence when it comes to other issues. “Christian soldiers?!” – that would be a clue that you have not read my books at all.

          In any case, to each his own. And I will continue to object to the anti-American notion that “[i]the [/i]U.S. government” committed this crime. Again, WE ARE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. I resent being accused of such a heinous act. Such accusations, in fact, are endangering the lives of Americans worldwide.

          If you must insist on a conspiracy, you could at least adhere to the principle of accuracy I discussed above, in an article you apparently did not read very closely. You could say something about a “shadow government,” which would at least be closer to the truth. The “Illuminati” or some other such “secret brotherhood” designation would also be more accurate than saying “[i]the [/i]American government.”

    2. What about 9-11?
      Rex –
      You are lying about being an Acharya fan. No fan starts a letter with ‘Lady’
      Try using intelligence and courtesy – it works!!!

  2. We *are* the US Government
    Thank you for pointing out that we *are* the US government. That is something that far too many people these days don’t seem to understand. I suspect the founders of our country would be appalled to see how many people today have lost touch with that concept.

    I’d also like to throw in some food for thought for any Christians who might stumble over this way: Muslim sharia law would likely be virtually indistinguishable from the laws that would be imposed by a Christian theocracy.

  3. My lovely friend Joan d’Arc has posted the following response in Facebook, where I am also getting the “it’s the U.S. government” propaganda thrown at me.

    Yay – three cheers for Joan!

    [quote]Acharya, I agree with your assessment that it was not the “U.S. Government” that was involved in 9/11. You are correct to want to define clearly that “individuals from a variety of agencies, both national and international, must have been involved,” including intel agencies of other countries, including Saudi Arabia. I believe we should say specificially “the secret government” or “global intelligence agencies” when speaking of the inside job aspect of 9/11.[/quote]

  4. It seems to me as if you are blaming another religion by saying that your religion is better than that one. It is simply a direct approach to the 9/11, instead of indirect approach which would question the fundamentals of the problem with a full grasp of the meanings of the government and constitution without presenting them as religion and holy. How come a constitution becomes someone’s religion? What is this necessity of fanatical belonging? Are we that scared that we are rejecting the real reasons and aims of constitutions’ and goverments’ existence? People created the constitutuion and the government; they did not come down as superstitions.

    The extremist approach to the American government as “we” is misleading. We are not the American government; government cannot be referred to as “we”. For example, think of two hostile countries which became enemies after wars. The governments are the ones which are hostile to each other, not the peoples. Peoples can love each other regardless of the governments’ indoctrination. Government today does not have the form of a “direct democracy” (which was the form of the government of the Ancient Greek city-states), rather it has the form of “indirect democracy” in which participation is through some procedures. In this case participation is indirect and blocks the people from fully participating in politics — leading the way to majoritarianism. You are not the government, we are not the government, I am not the government. In order to say that we are the government, we all should be in charge of policy-making and decision-making, which is not the case. Claiming that the government was involved in the atrocities does not imply an insult to the American people. Saying that it does so rather seems like a well-prepared rhetoric in order to cause sudden nationalism (another extremist way of replying to some other sort of extremism like religion, in this case). Still, it is true that generalization can be misleading, and in order to prove it well you need to have specific information about the individuals or the national agencies. Or it could be true that instead of using government, one could specify these as national agencies, government officials, and so on. Then you should do this while you are writing things about Muslims, Christians, Jews – without generalizations in order to avoid causing hatred and hostility which may come through lack of understanding and stereotyping wrongly.

    1. Thank you. There are several misperceptions in your remarks that I need to address.

      “It seems to me as if you are blaming another religion by saying that your religion is better than that one.”

      I have been studying these issues for a very long time, and I have deliberately contrived to make sure that our freedoms are held as [i]sacred[/i], because that is the only way to combat the fervent religious fanaticism that stands to engulf us all. As is said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I know history well enough to know that such enslavement and oppression [i]does [/i]happen, so denying it is not the way.

      In this case, rabid Islamists most definitely have stated that they will dominate the world, imposing sharia law upon us against our will. This mentality has already caused a number of nations to fall to Islamic aggression over the past 1,400 years. The citizens and victims of those countries have cried out for help for a long time – I know some personally who are actively working to prevent the rest of humanity from suffering the same fate. We owe it to these courageous individuals, like Dr. Wafa Sultan, not to stick our heads in the sand over this issue. Such denial would be the height of folly.

      “The extremist approach to the American government as “we” is misleading.”

      There is nothing “extremist” or “misleading” about what I have written. But nice try attaching a [i]terrorist [/i]label to my work. The fact is that we ARE the government. We must take the reigns of our own governing, and that is the purpose of our Constitution. All the rest is unnecessary rhetoric and ostentatious erudition that no one cares about. The bottom line is that we as the human family must determine whether or not we wish to be free individuals. All the rest is blather.

      Moreover, as I have already pointed out, the generalizations are on the part of those who say “[i]the [/i]American government” does this and that. And I have likewise pointed out that no one here – i.e., I – is saying “the Muslims” or “the Jews” or “the Christians,” so that point is moot.

  5. By the way, I couldn’t grasp the way you started off with 9/11 and ended up in an argument that the constitution should not fall into the sharia law. The constitution cannot fall into sharia law, don’t be scared too much. I know of societies who fell into these kinds of delusive fears and prepared their own end. Collective consciousness can be dangerous if individuals feed it with fearful, sick, adverse thoughts.

    Logic is important and things should not be turned into dogmas because of fear. Do not let the fear get the best of us.


    1. Knowing about history does not constitute a “delusive fear.” It is the eternal vigilance that preserves our freedoms.

      “Collective consciousness can be dangerous if individuals feed it with fearful, sick, adverse thoughts.”

      You are projecting your own emotions onto what I have said.

      I have posted a video to explain further the point I am trying to get across. Perhaps you will understand then.

  6. Thanks for your article on 911 dear Acharya. It is much as I suspected it would be I’m afraid! I think this will run and run as there are so many areas of concern. 911 has certainly concerned me, as it now officially disturbs a whopping majority of the US population who want to know the truth.

    One little thing bothering me most is you state “we are the government”, which is rather off the cuff. In fact, not many people in the land of the “free” would probably agree with you there I think.

    When I have more time perhaps I will return to this topic again. Thanks for your views though.

    1. You’re welcome. Why would you be “afraid” of what I’ve written, which is a defense of the freedoms that you probably taken for granted?

  7. Thank you, Jeff, for getting my point.

    As concerns sharia law and Christianity, yes, you have a good point there as well, in that sharia law is essentially straight out of the Old Testament. Christians who follow the Old Testament law would end up with something resembling life under sharia law, as outlined in the wonderful but frightening movie “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

    However, the New Testament and Jesus’s coming are supposed to “fulfill” or, really, abrogate the Jewish law, so we don’t have to live like that.

  8. Damn it Acharya – how many times do I have to tell you that you MUST start writing at a 5th grade level so these [b]dhimwits[/b] ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/Dhimwits.htm[/url]) can finally understand what you are saying. The IQ & intellect from most of these commenters insulting you (here & in your “It’s the Islam, stupid” article) is quite low, I’m afraid. That is the main part of your problem with all of your other works too.

    1. 9-11
      [code][/code][color=blue][/colorAnonymous has a point and with the last book, information is moving to the more ‘simple’ level.
      Children’s books are key with illustrations.

  9. LMAO!!!


    “(dïm-wît) – A non-Muslim member of a free society who unwittingly abets the stated cause of Islamic domination. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity. “


    “(dîm-mî or zîm-mî) – An Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a Muslim society. Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers.”[/b]

    Soooo true!!!


  10. Thank you for your reply my dear Acharya. I am afraid that the freedoms we apparently enjoy are merely a thin veneer beneath which lies a seething mass of corruption.

    You are obviously connecting the government of the US with democracy. Anyone can surely see that true democracy is not currently present in any Westernised country, less alone America, which has a two party structure designed to deliver the same results whoever is in power. One only has to look at the Federal Reserve and the IRS to see that the American public have been massively conned. It now looks from this side of the Atlantic that Martial Law is being fomented in the US, propelled largely by the War on Terror.

    Unfortunately Acharya, it is the security agents of the US that have been responsible for the attempted cover-up of 911, just as the major figures in government have combined to spin the official story. I agree that many foreign agencies must have played a part in this tragedy, but the co-ordinating element has obviously been from within the US.

    This is not to say that Americans are bad people at all. As I have said, most people now believe that the government is lying to them about 911. The bottom line is, [i]whoever [/i]perpetrated this false flag operation has instigated a massive global conflagration based on the erroneous premise that 19 Muslim terrorists hijackers attacked the US. It has also generated much unnecessary anti-Islamic sentiment, as I am sure you are aware. Repairing the damage will not be easy, but I am confident we [i]can [/i]do it once we all accept our responsibilities to shine love on other human beings, whatever their creed.

  11. I’m sure you’re well aware by now that anything that undermines the tightly-held beliefs of the majority of people places you at risk to be criticized and even attacked by knuckle-dragging sods who couldn’t see an inch past their noses. Those who believe the fairy tale of 9/11 are the same people who believe the fairy tale of religion.

    One need only look at the photos of the Pentagon on 9/11 or watch the film clips of the collapse of the Trade Towers to see clearly that what we were told happened on 9/11 is a complete lie.

    I remember how I felt when, after many years, I had to face the facts of the Kennedy assassination. It took me over two decades to come to the realization that the story we were told of those events was an absolute lie and that the government…and that includes the White House…was the only institution capable of performing the deed and covering it up.

    The pilot of the aircraft that allegedly hit the Pentagon, Charles Burlingame was a Navy combat pilot in Vietnam. He flew over a hundred missions in the F4 Phantom. You may rest assured that Chic Burlingame was not going to turn the controls of his aircraft over to ANYONE, much less an Arab with a box cutter!

    The story is a fable, a myth, just like the story of Jesus.

  12. I will be interested to hear what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other patsies have to say about the 911 incident. Perhaps they can shed some light on how the towers fell at free fall speed or how a jetliner squeezed through a 16 foot hole in the Pentagon, plus a thousand more questions begging for answers over 911.

    I want a front row seat in the gallery!

  13. I think people say call the offenders “The US Government” because they don’t know of a better label or title. I”m sure the vast majority of such these people would tell they are not referring to John Q Citizen who has a job with the federal government, or even their local congressman.

    Obviously, we’re just talking about semantics here. Hundreds of thousands of people are employeed by the Federal Government and of course, they as a whole, are not responsible.

    But evidence indicates that Bush and Dick were involved at some level, and they represented a pretty major part of our Government at the time. There’s also evidence indicating top officials of the FBI and CIA helped facilitate this by ordering their agents off leads etc.

    So I’d have to disagree with you there Acharya, that it’s necessarily inaccurate to say the Government was involved.

    Also, you say “we are the federal government”, but I would submit to you that that is only true in theory. Our federal government is NOT working for us, it’s working for banks and corporations. But that’s another story…

  14. great analysis
    thanks for taking the time to address this. I understand where you are coming from and I must say that I agree. While I agree that it was a multinational action against america on 9/11, I grow tired of how the religious community is rolling everything into the NWO and tired old antichrist conspiracy theories. The NWO crowd can be just as hostile and defensive as the religious community, and in fact overlap greatly.

    It’s nice to have a little sense for once. Thanks again.

  15. Acharya, if you’re going to use the naive argument that ‘we’ are the US government, that would mean that ‘we’ are, all of us, each and every US citizen, personally responsible for the lies about non-existent WMDs, non-existent mobile biological weapons labs, and non-existent Al Qaeda activity in Iraq that the Bush administration, the US State Department, the Pentagon, and the US intelligence agencies told to the US Congress, to the American people, and to the United Nations Security Council in order to provide an excuse for the US-led aggression against Iraq, which has so far killed 4,500 US troops and several hundred thousand Iraqis, most of them civilians.
    The US Congress has failed to do its duty by not indicting the US government officials and their staff who perpetrated those lies to start an unnecessary war of aggression. The war in Iraq is unnecessary because it was motivated by, and predicated on, the lies told by our US government officials, by our US military brass, and by our US intelligence agencies.

    When US government officials told lies about WMDs, mobile bio-weapons labs, and a false Al Qaeda threat in Iraq to the US Congress, to the American people, and to the UN to start an unnecessary war, not just one crime, but [u]a whole series of crimes were committed[/u], and the responsibility for commission of those crimes lies not only with the US government officials who told the lies, but also with their staff members who prepared the lies for presentation. The USA has a Constitution and a body of laws, but the US Constitution and US law are currently (and historically) [u]not in use[/u] when it comes to policing the rogue elements that effectively control the US government.

    The German Nazi government officials and military men who were tried and convicted at Nuremburg after World War Two were not tried and convicted for perpetrating the Holocaust; they were tried, convicted, and many of them were sentenced to death — not for the Holocaust, but specifically [u]for starting an unnecessary war[/u].

    Many people make a religion of nationalism or ‘patriotism’. They treat the national flag like a religious icon and they recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem with religious devotion. Their motto is “my country, right or wrong,” and their allegiance to their nation overrides their intelligence, their free will, their critical thinking, and their humanism.

    Personally, I see nationalism and patriotism both as ‘religion’ — the servile worship of the nation or state. Nationalism and patriotism are not ideologies which I believe in or support. I was born in the region that many people call the ‘USA’, but I do not believe that I owe the ‘USA’ any loyalty, obligations, or service.

    The US Constitution is not ‘sacred’. In fact it has several serious flaws and could benefit from some re-writing. For example, the USA’s ‘Founding Fathers’ wrote a lot about the ‘natural rights’ of all human beings, but they utterly failed to protect the rights of women, blacks, Native Americans, and foreigners in the text of the US Constitution. If Americans are serious about upholding the ‘natural rights’ of all human beings, the US Constitution should plainly state that all Americans and [u]all human beings[/u], including foreigners, should be treated by the US government with the same respect and legal protections.

    Acharya, you have stated several times that you regard the Government of Saudi Arabia as culpable in the 9/11 attacks. In spite of the US government’s 9/11 cover story about 19 mostly-Saudi hijackers, the US government has never requested an accounting for, or an investigation of, the 9/11 attacks by the government of Saudi Arabia or by US intelligence agencies in Saudi Arabia. In spite of the US government’s ‘Saudi hijackers’ 9/11 cover story, the US government has been content to ignore the alleged ‘Saudi connection’ to 9/11. Instead, the US government has chosen to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Not-so-funny, that.

    For those who have thoroughly studied the history of the Project for a New American Century and the 9/11 Attacks as revealed in independent media sources, it is obvious that top officials in the Bush Administration, the Pentagon, NORAD, the US intelligence agencies, United and American Airlines, the WTC management, the mainstream media, and a sizable team of their accomplices were involved in perpetrating the false-flag 9/11 Attacks. There is also evidence of involvement by Mossad and the BBC in perpetrating the 9/11 Attacks.

    The US government has a long history of producing false incidents and perpetrating false-flag attacks for the purpose of providing an excuse for waging aggressive war. The explosion of the US battleship Maine in 1898, the largely-fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, and the Kuwait Incubator Fraud of 1990 are famous examples of US deceit and treachery.

    ‘We the People’ need a new Constitution, and probably also another Revolution.

    1. “…if you’re going to use the naive argument that ‘we’ are the US government”

      Thank you. Apparently you missed my entire point while dismissing my commentary as “naive.”

      There is nothing “naive” about it – that is the intention of the American Constitution, and I am simply owning it.

      If you would like to be falsely accused of having something to do with crimes, that is your prerogative, but I am not.

      Nor am I interested in a false accusation of “THE American government” – i.e., the American PEOPLE, since that is how the rest of the world AND Americans sees these things – had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11.

      I repeat, WE are “THE” American government. Anyone misusing the U.S. Constitution and our financing to commit crimes is NOT the U.S. government. Those are FACTS.

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