Was Krishna born on December 25th?

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Was Krishna Born on December 25th?

In light of his traditional summer, rainy-season birth, the contention made by several writers over the past couple of centuries that Krishna was born on “December 25th” or the winter solstice appears to be a mistake. Oddly enough, however, this ‘error’ may have revealed a mystery for the higher initiates in the Indian religion: To wit, Krishna is a mythical incarnation of the solar deity Vishnu, who is said to “sleep” and then ‘rise’ at the winter solstice or ‘December 25th.’


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    I brought this up a while back to a friend of mine who is Christian. That many people have been born before Jesus who share the same characteristics. Died. Resurrected. etc. His response was that it just proves that Jesus’ birth was predicted. 😮

    1. Actually tradition has Krishna’s birth as the 18th or 21st of July. No one knows when Jesus was born, so using Dec 25th as proof of something means nothing at all. If Christians celebrated the birth of Christ on June 18th, we would be told that Khrisna, Osirus,Horus and others were all born on June 18th.

  2. You may wish to read the actual article before commenting. The birthday of Krishna has been celebrated on many different days, including in June, July, August and September.

    The relationship to Christianity is quite important, regardless of the red herring that Christ “wasn’t really born on December 25th.” The fact will remain that hundreds of millions of Christians since the third to fourth centuries, at the latest, have celebrated December 25th as the birth of Jesus. And the reason is that it was a very old celebration that was usurped by Christianity, which proves a pattern of such “borrowing.” This borrowing, in fact, can be proved to extend to many other supposedly Christian traditions, including what we find in the gospels themselves.

    But thanks for confirming that December 25th isn’t really the birthday of Jesus Christ – I’m sure there would be many churches that would appreciate you telling them that.

    In addition, the mere fact that millions of us have been raised to believe that December 25th [i]is[/i] the birth of Christ, with nary a mention of the fact that it’s really the winter-solstice rebirth of the sun, demonstrates a cultural duplicity, which we would assert extends to much of the rest of the Christian tradition as well, including the very idea of a historical Jesus Christ as depicted in the New Testament.

    “If Christians celebrated the birth of Christ on June 18th, we would be told that Khrisna, Osirus,Horus and others were all born on June 18th.”

    No one would make that claim because such a date is relatively meaningless and has nothing to do with the astrotheology that underpins much ancient mythology. Again, the December 25th birthday has to do with the winter solstice birth of the sun god, which is highly pertinent to the subject of religious origins.

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