1. Who wrote this song?
    I don’t think this song tells, rather gives a message it just waffles without going anywhere or giving message other than “war bad” . “Guns N’ Roses” “Civil War” is much better gives a (several) message if you can here it? Just saying a doped up draft dodger like this Black “Nay PINK/PINKO” Panther is not very good. Not to say that all of rock ‘n’ roll isn’t doped up, but come on there is better out there. Sorry but I just hate the 60’s nothing good came out of them, any generation for that matter!

    “To properly assimilate the annihilation of the American Government it is official opinion to create a vacuum, fill that vacuum, as popular war progresses, peace is closer”

    Axle Rose’s speech part toward the end of the song “Civil War” It goes by so fast and the music track is so loud most people missed it!

  2. War Bah Humbug!
    I am a retired Army Colonel with 4 Bronze Stars from Nam. 1st Cavalry Division “We were Soldiers Once and Young”

    If I knew in 1967 what I know now, I would not have gone to Vietnam. All the protesters were right! A terrible tragedy for both sides, just like the wars going on now.

    Why, oh why can’t we learn from experience? Especially when the price is so high!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful post and for your service. I don’t criticize the average person for being involved in wars, as they are not ultimately responsible for starting or finishing them.

      Nor am I against defensive wars, if they can be demonstrated to be so. While I am a pacifist as much as I can be, I definitely believe in self-defense. I also think that martial arts [i]are [/i]”arts,” and I am a Bruce Lee fan, etc.

      Males often like to fight, as is evidenced by the sport of boxing. I’ve attended a couple of boxing matches – not my favorite thing to do, but I wouldn’t go on a campaign to stop it, so long as its regulated to some extent.

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