Wall Street, Congress rape Main Street America

Wall Streetthru through a fish eye lens

Wall Street Fish Eye (Photo: Martin St-Amant – Wikipedia)

Most Americans – the bottom 95%, anyway – feel that Wall Street businesses which played a role in the economic crisis should not have been giving out any bonuses whatsoever for such epic failures. If the individuals running those businesses had any conscience at all, they would never have needed this fact to be explained to them via the media. It is unacceptable to reward such egregious behavior with bonuses that in many cases represent more money than many Americans earn in a year.

So, why do we give Congress similar treatment as those same Wall St. businesses? Congress has been doing a piss-poor job of working for the American middle class for how many decades now? While American middle class wages have been stagnant, Congress has consistently voted for its own pay raises, along with gov’t benefits like taxpayer-funded healthcare, while running the country into the ground.

I say it’s time to put an end to that entitlement completely: Gov’t and Congress, like Wall St., should be rewarded according to how well the country is doing. Why should taxpayers continue to pay congressmen close to $200k (and rising) for such shoddy work? Maybe all political leaders in America should work on an incentive basis? I’d like to see an independent panel decide if Congress deserves any sort of pay raise, and a pay cut should always be on the table.

Reward for competence, not failure

The better a politician’s city or state is doing, the higher his or her reward. When their district, city or state is failing, political leaders should be penalized accordingly. That payscale is precisely the way most Americans feel it ought to be with Wall Street. So, why not Congress as well? After all, middle class Americans have always been held to that standard. When a business isn’t doing well, Americans get a pay cut or lose their jobs altogether. Not so with Congress or the government. This is a disconnect. Wall St., Congress and gov’t big wigs don’t have any clue what it’s like to have to take a number and stand in line at the unemployment office. If they did, they would have a better understanding of what middle class America is going through.

America needs more accountability in Congress and across the political realm. Maybe then, our country will be number 1 again. Until then, it’s blatantly obvious that big business, special interests and lobbyists are running the country. That sorry fact certainly does not inspire me to respect the way my country is being run or the leaders running it. Nor big business running it into the ground.

“The Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited special-interest intervention into our elections made a broken political system much worse. Only one bill currently under consideration is strong enough to restore public trust in Congress. No other reform could be as important right now as passing the Fair Elections Now Act.”


Senate probe: Goldman planned to profit from bust


  1. Thnx!
    I sent the youtube clip to a member, who is a fundamentalist christian tea bagger, that LOVES capitalism and the free market.

    I couldn’t agree more and then some. Disaster capitalism is what our gov’t practices! I read a great book about it by Naomi Klein called ‘The Shock Doctrine:The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’. VERY SCARY and so true!

    I like your idea of holding politicians accountable and basing their pay on how well they do. There is a ring of “Gift Economy” to it. Matriarchal societies practice what is called a gift economy. No one goes without and the persons who gives the most have the highest status.


  2. Great article!

    Yesterday the Republicans actually had the nerve to filibuster Wall St. reform legislation to hold Wall St accountable and in check. Now, why the HELL would anybody even consider voting Republican in 2010? It’s obviously a vote against the American middle class. Republicans (most not all) only seem to care about the top 5% of the country.

    “Last night, to a person, like lemmings, every Republican Senator followed their leadership over a political cliff. They all voted against even debating a bill to hold the big Wall Street banks accountable. And the reason: they were drunk on Wall Street money.” ([url]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-creamer/republicans-are-so-drunk_b_553168.html[/url])

  3. UMM NO!
    How about we read history and realize we do not need them in “congress” all the time making more and more crap to make us slaves to the state/FED. This “congress” does include House of rep. and Senate, they only make congress when we have a problem interstate/international now given that the constant congress has made all our social, Governmental problems as well interstate/international problems.

    “We” (our parents and great great grand parents are guilty of handing down more than religious false hoods but, Governmental and Lawful false hoods as well), have any of you not realized that all forms of government is fascism just look behind Pelosi. Now go read the old testament or your torah’s or quran and find that fascism is very old and meant to bind you and me in slavery, well I’ll tell you whats in the old testament “its not verbatim just going from memory” the stick on the axe can be broken but when bound with others it cannot be broken!

    We do need rules to go by but, not parasites religious, social or governmental!

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