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  1. truth is self evident
    I’ve been following these teaching for sometime and i believe the truthbeknown much of what i’ve learnt is good and right on.
    I once referred to myself as a born again christian however as i continued to study it was necessary for me to accept reality however with that said i must admit i did have a personal experience which has changed my thought and the manner in which i now act and see things. One of the first for me was the name jesus, when i learnt the letter “J” never existed until 16th century I began see other mis conceptions perpetuated in the guise of truth. And these truths have set me free from control of government, religion and economics, which the hatlots of whore Babylon use to promote their control and continued existence.
    Great work!

  2. Courage
    Great work by you too y. therlow. So many people refuse to even look at the truth. It’s a hard thing to do when it challenges your view of the world. What you did in examining these claims is nothing short of courageous.

  3. Ms Tina
    I have studied Religion all my life but only recently was the veil taken off my eyes. I must admit the Truth was nauseating at first but could not be dismissed. I realized I needed to digest new information at a slow pace as what I originally believed was embedded for over 40 years and was going to take some time to reeducated my mind. The Internet has greatly made knowledge available – I am committed to sharing what I find in an effort to free the minds of others.

    1. i would like to share with you ! my email is , prof51@bigpond.com.au .
      i’m in the same boat as you . years of thinking forced upon me from childhood ..there has now begun a process of reinterpreting my world ..shedding the bubble so to speak and realizing the beauty around me ! cheers .

  4. Acharya,

    your works on the religious histories are mindblowing,but I have a lot findings contradictory that of yours.

    I had read in my childhood in a newspaper that all the religions in the world has their background taken from Pagans. It is 70% true. There were other religions in between Red Indians and Africans, which were completely destroyed by the European intruders and the Church for want of invasion. Remember why Friday 13 is considered as a bad omen. 1000s of women prophets were burnt alive to give the church a male-oriented institution.
    Also you must be well aware of process of conducting the act of “THE QUESTION”. Despite all these atrocities Christianity is said to be a “Peaceful Religion”

    The main difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam take Jesus as Prophet while Christianity takes him as God. Also, all the atrocities happening in the Islamic nations could be avoided if they obey Khoran, but they follow Hadiz(a book wirtten by various Khalifa, regarding the life styles and practises). You have never mentioned anything of that in your writings. I could give you examples of a lot good writings in Khoran if you have mind to mind it.
    Now if you start thinking I’m a radical islam, or at least a normal one, then I must call it obnoxious. I’m just an Indian, who had learned Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Bahaai etc from the childhood. What I learned from religions were vasudaiva kutumbakam(the whole world is my family), altruism and love.
    I really find myself amused to find a freethought website a place for backbiting a single religion. Of course there will be superstitions in each and every religion(a coin has two sides), but it is upto you to take into account the good ones or the bad. I may sound freak or insane to you. As Robert Frost said- I took the path less travelled, and it has made all the difference.

    Even with all these differences in our thoughts, you are still my sweet heart.

    With Love and Regards

    1. I really find myself amused to find a freethought website a place for backbiting a single religion.

      And where did you see such a site?

      Sorry, but despite your familiar remarks, you obviously don’t know my work in the least.

      Nor do you understand that Islam is the currently the greatest threat to people who enjoy being free, especially women like me.

      Perhaps you need to study Islam more, since you apparently missed out on many facts of history in your previous studies:



  5. The God myth
    Aswin; I hate to differ with you but friday the thirteenth is a bad omen
    because the pope betrade the knights templar on that day On oct.13 1307.As for the big 3. Islam,Judiasm and Christianity.They all came from
    the same source.we know they have the old testment in common.
    And that book was copied from Surmerian texts like the atra- hasis and numerious others.The way I look at it is religion is just a way for the few to control the many. Belief in God is as childish as thinking our parents
    are super heros. We need to grow up and outgrow this crippeling
    need to please someone that isen’t real.We need to be responsable
    for ourselves.
    All the best,Karlos

  6. God!
    I get the whole sun/son argument, Ive read Sumerian text, Im familiar with Kinghts of Templar etc. But the one thing I can say is for certain, is, we have a Creator!

  7. Intruder race corruption of human religion
    Much of this controversy goes back to what was taken out of the Bible at the behest of the new founding Roman religion with the meeting of the Council of Nicea around 325 A.D.

    At one time, Ascension teachings were in the original bible along with information on stargates. Who stood to benefit from their removal and the alteration of existing texts were the then-existing power structure, political and religious.

    The Annunaki and the Draco races are largely responsible for the pollution and corruption of all mankind’s angelic lineage. They are responsible for introducing concepts of a “God outside yourself”
    that you had to appease, that you have no power yourself. These
    are the same races still conducting raids. They are the same ones that stand behind the human illuminati races still controlling and manipulating politics and religions to-day. They do NOT want any human to understand that you have a POTENTIAL far more than what you’ve been taught since birth. These are the ones behind false ascension teachings of reversed Metatronics and only which to pull you into and assimilate you into the Wesedak collective.

    Relgious teachings on Terra/Earth/Gaia are corrupted.

  8. Be Specific Jules. There is a natural explanation for every argument that you have.
    I would love to share these with you but you have to actually make a claim rather than a generalization.

    Sacred cows make the tastiest burgers. – Abbey Hoffman

  9. Who is Real Relief?
    Satan as other name Azazel calls all people and nation to hell. If you agree him to turn away from the way of Allah the Great, all disasters and punishments like comets, volcanos, famine, plague will be waiting for you here, in the world. Satan is deceiving by differents ways and method. New Age is cesspool. Real relief is Allah.

  10. It is a well known fact that Yahweh was there before Allah ! That Jewish people worshiped Yahweh CENTURIES BEFORE Allah was born !Shalom and lilatov .

    1. Yahweh
      I find it funny Rabbi – you are doing a “my God is better than your God” rant. The thing is though, your “Yahweh” comes from Egypt. Archaeologist, & Anthropologist alike recognize the worship of Yah/ Aah/ Iah –Thoth being one and the same. Thoth is the Egyptian name of the Moon Deity also known as ‘Yah’, and his worshippers base most of their holy days around the Lunar calendar. This same Yah is the Ah of the Muslims. Ah later became Alah – Eloh and Eloh[im] of the Hebrews. Allah is the representation of the crescent moon to the Muslims unknowing to the Muslims that Alah & Ah –Yah are one in the same. Yahwah/Yahweh is Egyptian at its very root as well. The word ‘Wah’ has it root in the Egyptian tongue which means “To grow into”. Yahwah then becomes “To grown into Yah”.
      The moon has three fazes which are called decadents of 10 x3. The full moon who is called Isis and then there is Horus who is the waning period (note: the waning period is the period of growth) and Osiris is the crescent moon i.e. Thoth i.e. Yah. The period of Horus is ‘Wah’ which means to grow into a man or the father deity called ‘Yah’ and thus you have the word Yahwah.

      There are no “Yah” prefixes in Hebrew, are there?

  11. Shalom and Bokertov …We know from talmudic influence that sex is a sin ! Sure ,sure we can’t help it , but still it’s called that !God doesn’t think sexual stuff ..only we animals ! So when we dress our women in potato sacks , its to keep us clean for Yahwey !If the women object , then we need to slap them around a bit !After all its yahwey not our way which is important ! So i would suggest Acharya see our point and not think of our womens dress as insulting , but rather leading us closer to God ! We of the jewish faith ,are as the Islamic faith on this issue , dress your women in sackloth and save yourselves from the devil’s scurge ! lilatov and salem halechem !

    1. How can you call your self a Rabbi and use Yod Heh
      No Orthodox Jew would speak or pronounce The Yod Heh Vav Heh. You are not a Jew but you speak lashon hara . You speak foolishness and lies under the name of my people and spresd hate instead of truth and love what is this garbage you espouse and I quote ” I have recently advocated penile restrictors for my flock !Made in china and quite cheap , they keep the men on God ;and coupled with the potato sack dress for the girls, we now have a very obedient synagogue…” You should be ashamed of your self !!!!!!!!

    2. “Slap them around a bit”, wow, you are a class A douche! Why did your god make so many mistakes? Why are Jews and Arabs so afraid of women? If seeing women bothers you so much, why not poke your eyes out? Women are beautiful in case you haven’t noticed.
      Why are Jews gods “chosen people”? Didn’t your god make all people? Or did some other god make non-jews?
      If Adam and Eve were the first people and their kid was to be cast out to the land of Nod for murder(Genesis), who were the Nodites? aliens, apes?
      Whose prayers were being answered during WWII when Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini & Franco killed by the millions?

  12. bokertov and lilatov ! I have recently advocated penile restrictors for my flock !Made in china and quite cheap , they keep the men on God ;and coupled with the potato sack dress for the girls, we now have a very obedient synagogue…. baruch hashem ! :woohoo:

  13. i’ve watch the monothiest’s ramblings for a while recently i became aware of the messianic movement and reformed judaism making serious strides maybe there’s an inkling of hope, have you ever thought about putting your stuff on some cable channels, maybe you could get a 5013 status, you could call it friendly discourse or perspectives or something, that would be refreshing, LOL!

  14. 😯 i am surprised and shocked to see the team allow this Rabbi , who is obviously a complete crackpot; to actually voice himself on this forum ! What a nut ! Penile restrictors ? you must be joking ! Potato sacks ? Slap your women around . Listen to me Rabbi , bokertov , lilatov your way to Jerusalem on your yamaha , please . :woohoo:

  15. ignorance is cureable
    I think some of the strongest evidence for the historical Jesus is found in the camp of His detractors. This is real evidence,solid and undeniable.
    There are scores of refrences to Jesus in the Talmud, albeit unflattering and denegrating. Such was the animosity toward Him, they
    could not keep silent,which if they had,they would not now have to make a case for His never having existed.

  16. Love the site. I’ve read/have several of your books
    Acharya (love that pseudonym) as well as many others on the subject of religion, its fallacies, history, faults, etc. You were one of my leading sources for information. I think the final nail in the coffin of the ‘revealed’ nature of Christianity cam from the book The Rise of Christianity and the Proscription of Paganism” by Maude Huttman which demonstrated that the belief didn’t take hold because of the loving message of the ‘gentle prince of peace’, but rather because of a series of law enacted by Constantine and his successors which ultimately outlawed paganism and finally on penalty of death. Convert or die was essentially the membership drive of the Christian church.

    Alvin Kuhn, Gerald Massey, Elaine Pagels, Karen Armstrong, Thomas Merton, Sri Aurobindo, Rumi and many others do point to a ‘spiritual’ side of humanity while nudging aside the complexities of meaningless ritual of religion. Personally, I tend to embrace a spiritual aspect to humans and all life, but steadfastly reject the notions proffered by the “Book of Bunk” (the Bible)

    There was no exodus, no wandering in the desert, no parting the Red Sea, no great kingdom of David or Solomon, and thus no ‘promised land’. While the other religions base themselves on this first book of lies, it is my feeling that exposing the book of bunk for what it is will go a long way toward destroying the foundations upon which the other 2 rest. Once the Torah and Talmud are cast into the landfill of history, the other 2 will fall under the weight of their own lies. hen and only then can we have any meaningful chance at PEACE ON EARTH.

    The ‘god’ written about in the Bible is no god at all, but a tribal warlord who only manifests the psychological vices and hatred of those who worship him. Yahweh is a fictional deity born out of wishful thinking. It was a desire to unite a group of people based on a fictitious history. Completely fabricated.

    The Torah and Talmud teach a supremacist theology, racist and hate-filled at is core. They are weapons of mass destruction and it’s adherents are enemies of humanity. The sooner it is destroyed, the sooner we can have peace and human brotherhood.

    Keep up the good work “Acharya’s” 😉

  17. The wise ones from the ancient world religion, paganism, have always known the technique of sucking out astral, intruding forces from the human body. This old technique is a huge part of shamanism. These intruding forces are considered to cause dis ease of all kinds, mental and physical. Most of the wise people, who knew the technique of sucking out intruding, astral forces, were murdered in the witch hunt, so more and more people would fall ill and stay ill. In the old and new pagan practice, we seek to heal the human being, to make him or her whole, not sharing the person into a good and an evil side, that always fight each other, like the religions of the book are teaching. The three religions of the book – Jewism, Christianity and Islam, promote dis ease and dumb mindness, making the people slaves to a system, that is built up of lies.

  18. Thanks for the excellent research
    Dear Madamme Acharya ‘S’,

    I thank you so much for the good research you have done and presented to the world on the subject of Jesus is including what I call comparative religion without any bias.

    In fact, to me as an African who has moved from one path to another in search of answers as to our underdevelopment not only in the material/scientific but also spiritual, I have arrived at the conclusion that an individual can not die somewhere else to save others’ sins.

    Even if Jesus existed, he would have done things for the Jews. but on the contrary, the his people the Jews do not believe in him.

    I have also come to a conclusion that the events of the world are cyclic in nature. Thus the period when the Romans conquered Judea in Jesus’s time could be likened to the American occupation of Iraq. During the Roman conquest/American conquest, the both societies were torn into pro Roman/American. Thus, those who formed governments with the approval of the occupiers and those who were against(Sacaraii, Sanhedrin, Pharissees etc, and the Sunnis and Shiites of our times.

    The bible seems to me to be written in a coded language covering the efforts made by Jes who were in support of a group led by Jesus but lost their attempt to regain sovereignty over thier country.

    Jesus was crucified but was saved by his people who druged him to safe him from the cruel pains of crucifixion but latter through bribery to Pilate revived him. That is why during American occupation they made sure an ally(corridor) was built linking Sadam’s prison door with the gallows living no chance for the Irakis to pull any fast one on them. Being true to Ibrahimic religions the Iraqis used a knife to cut Sadam’s throat as they would do a ram for the muslim feast and declared him the first sacrifice for the feast.

    Just like there was no woman who committed adultery brought infront of Jesus as the bible says, rather the adultery situation was that of Herod and his wife. John the Baptist lost his life for such criticism and the question was from Herod to know Jesus’s stand on the issue to also have him arrested.

    There are many situations such replacing Babylon for Rome in the New Testament and the New testament will be a coded message to followers and the objective has been to overthrow Rome.

    I wish more information on how to purchase you books from Africa (Cameroon).

  19. re: God!
    [quote name=”Jules Winfield “]I get the whole sun/son argument, Ive read Sumerian text, Im familiar with Kinghts of Templar etc. But the one thing I can say is for certain, is, we have a Creator! [/quote]

    Where is your proof??

  20. who wrote the book of love
    When I read the koran I found many nice messages with one big fat ass thron in it. Anyone who does not follow allah shoud die? Well if that was not written by a control freak, really. And all it causes is trouble. Do you not find it interesting that after christ comes mohamad who says he is jesus’s brother and that he came with the new message and the new way. Yea right good try dude. Also there is no good god who would relish in the tears of heartbrroken orphans and morning widows and parents.

    Keep that in mind when you read of different faiths.

    I also find it upsetting that the jews really believe they are god’s chosen people, to the tune of killing their neighbor for all the water front property in isreal. Do you really think gods wants people killing each other over land. I think the true god morns over the stupidity and heartlessness of mankind and is sorry to see how brainwashed his creatures can get.

    Whom ever wote christ’s teachings was a pretty elevaated soul because everything christ says can be proven through quantum physics.

    Christ could be the son of god the egyptians spoke of. In fact we are all children of our maker.

    Quantum physics says that our skin is our insulator which allows us our own personal experience. without it we would feel and be one with everything around us. Everything we say and do effects the whole if we feel it or not.

    God is found in nature and science and math and music and can be found in mankind if they would just act from love with a desire for peace.

    Man can lie,books can be written to confuse and mislead. nature,math,music and science are constant and the written word can be tested against it to find what was spoken in truth.

    let us not forget the alien agenda also

  21. Bleefs …
    I find it utterly amusing how we cling to our beliefs and refuse to move on to a much bigger, brighter, open reality …

    OK, that was myth and that was that, been there, done that. Now, what’s next? How ’bout the lion’s roar of the sun god as he rides away from the palace?

  22. Matthew virgin birth story
    Is there any evidence that the virgin birth story in Matthew was added to the text? And how about in Luke (though Luke does not say it explicitly)?

  23. Inner Light
    I am wondering if this will be posted…Hoping..
    When Rome took invaded Palestine-Judea they considered this area simply part of the Larger Palestine territory. The Hebrew/Jews who lived there lived amount Bedouins and Greeks and now the Romans. Now for a Historical Christ to exist and actually be part of some great conspiracy of power would not hit there history books. There were many self professed Messiahs during this occupation. The Romans would not be concerned about one more.

    Its what Christ consciousness is saying thru a man called Yeshua Ben Joseph. That God the father and you are One. How could any power structure allow this reality to exist and still have power. Its about Consciousness nothing more, not money, not power. Its about joy and happiness.
    We have lost this to the powers that be. Because we never dealt with this outside of what we have been told. As a mass.
    Yeshua, came to the realization that his conscious psychical mind could permeate the Super Conscious Universal mind of Creation. And its our minds that create reality. And, in Revelations it states that Satan sat upon the throne of God…that throne is your mind, and Satan is ego. You need an ego in the psychical in order to survive. The soul is separated from spiritual reality. There is no sin, just guilt and shame. Those who do not feel this when they cause harm are lower on the spiritual evolution of the soul, they deal with Ego (satan). They desire the psychical and Christ manifested thru Yeshua simply teaching thru parables to wake up your a spiritual being connected thru Consciousness to the Creator. Thus as the prayer says ‘Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven”. This is what hes telling us.
    I believe that Christ existed at the time and Yeshua Ben Joseph connected with this Christ consciousness. And the powers that be, paste over his deeds with theres of Sun Worship, because that is all they could understand.
    As an Astrologer I can say one thing for certain, what is in the stars will manifest on this planet. Every second of the day.
    Sorry for the long post.

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