Muslim states reject UN ban on violence against women as violating Islamic law

Dishonor KillingHow can it continue to be maintained that Islam is peaceful and “good for women?” Not only does the Koran sanction discrimination and bigotry against women, as well as wife-beating, but Islamic or sharia law also includes the right to marry females of any age and to have sex with girls as young as nine years old. Women are considered worth one-half of men, if that, and female sexuality is viewed as so perilous that women in fundamentalist areas and families must wear oppressive clothing. Moreover, around 140 million women and girls worldwide have their genitals hacked off or otherwise mutilated, the bulk of which female genital mutilation is justified in the name of Islam.

In July 2013, Islamic states rejected legislation by the United Nations Human Rights Council that would outlaw violence against women, including rape within a marital situation. It is claimed that not beating and raping women, therefore, is “un-Islamic,” which means that beating and raping women is Islamic. Again, how will  defenders of Islam keep up the charade of “peace” and benefit for females?

Below is the Kuwait News Agency report on this latest disgrace involving the world’s most misogynistic ideology. The highlighted paragraphs concern the “right” of men according to Islamic law to beat and rape their wives, as well as the ability of a rapist to escape prosecution by “marrying” his victim, whether or not she is willing. Also rejected were sections of the resolution that “subdued” the prosecution of rape victims for “moral crimes or slander.” It need not be pointed out that the prosecution and imprisonment of rape victims is among the lowest forms of barbarism in the world. Yet, here these various Islamic states are acknowledging that such anti-woman savagery is part of Islam.

Will women’s organizations finally pick up the ball on this issue, or will they continue to pretend dishonestly that this problem doesn’t exist? Until we tackle the religious ideology driving this sexism, misogyny and gynophobia, we will never end the abuse of women and girls worldwide. Let us have no more irrational and immoral defenses and pandering that only allow for this suffering to continue.

Islamic States UN Human Rights Commission

Islamic states frown on Islam-opposing paragraphs of UNHCR violence against women resolution

GENEVA, June 14 (KUNA) — Islamic member states of the United Nations Council for Human Rights (UNHCR) rejected on Friday paragraphs violating the Islamic law in the council’s resolution on the elimination of all forms of violence against women, noting that the member states must make sure that their laws and national policies are consistent with the rejected demands.

The rejections include the paragraph, which gives women “the right to control matters concerning their sexual lives as well as their reproductive health without coercion, discrimination or violence.” They also rejected the paragraph that allows performing judicial proceedings in cases of rape within marriage, the abolition of provisions that require the matching of certificates and allow the rapist to escape prosecution by marrying him to his victim as well as subduing victims of sexual violence to prosecution for moral crimes or slander.

The Islamic countries also frowned on the paragraph that urges abortion in the context of the provision of health care services to rape victims, rape avoidance and other forms of violence against women and girls.

This resolution calls on the states to demonstrate their commitment to the prevention of sexual violence through the enhancement of women’s human rights, protection, equal participation in communities to men, in addition to taking necessary action to make sure that women are active in decision-making, including matters of peace processes, transitional justice, democratic transition and constitutional reform.

It also urges the states to increase measures taken to protect women and girls from all violence forms, including sexual violence by addressing issues related to their safety and security through several means such as awareness, involvement of local communities, enacting laws to prevent crime, as well as the provision of infrastructure, public transportation and health facilities, street lighting and improvement of urban planning. (end) KUNA 141639 Jun 13NNNN

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  1. Obscene depravity …
    There will never be a civilized coming to terms with this monstrous superstition. They seem to be getting worse by the hour. May Islam become extinct in our lifetimes.
    Islam is poison.
    Make it Waslam.

    1. Thanks, PH. The lack of commentary on this heinous news is a reflection of what we are up against. Either no one cares, or everyone is terrified. Neither thought is encouraging.

      It is unfortunate, but humanity’s slumber is leading it straight to the slaughterhouse. A horrifying thought, but you can’t say I didn’t try to warn about and help prevent such a hideous future.

      1. I think there is a HUGE misunderstanding in the West about Islam. It’s my belief that most Westerners have no idea about the tenents of Islam and so they think that the issues they see on the news are caused by a small percentage of radicals. Then there is political correctness and the potential for losing ones job if you’re called out by an Islamic collegue or a misunerstanding Western appologist.

        I don’t think that I’d have the understanding of this issue if I hadn’t finally become an Atheist a number of years ago and then started researching religious issues due to the increased violence throughout the world.

  2. Who cares?
    The muslim men feel it’s their right to abuse women and the muslim women are so brainwashed that they practically want to be abused. So, just let them be abused. They think that they’re being honored and respected this way, so why should we care?

    To the muslim women: You’ve made your beds, now you have to sleep in them after your husbands beat you and force themselves on you.

    1. What you say is unfortunately true. However, we [i]must [/i]care, because these sociopaths are attempting to force this ideology upon us as well, and we FREE women will only suffer from such inroads.

      As concerns the damaged women who defend this misogynistic and divisive cult, let us not forget that it is they who give birth to and raise the men. So, they will defend their legacy with all their might, no matter how heinous it may be.

    2. Unfortunately …
      As Acharya says, we must care whether we want to or not, because these mind-diseased vermin are working 24/7/365 to force sharia on the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and much of Asia. And, they will not stop. We must become aware first, then begin to talk and learn, then begin to take action everywhere and in every way we can. Plus, our dhimmi “leaders” are helping them force their barbarism on us. Free speech is under attack all over the formerly free world, yes, even here in the US the current administration, through the DOJ, is attempting quash free speech regarding Islam. Unless we want and or are willing to accept a pre-dark ages society, then we have to pay attention, learn and care about what occurs in the Islamic world, because it’s not coming our way, it’s here now.

  3. I’m always amazed …
    … at the abject cowardice of the religious, especially Muslims, when it comes to basing their “reasoning” and making their excuses on their so-called “holy” books. “Oh, we didn’t make this absurd bullsh*t up, our deity did and he or she or it told us what to do”.

    Muslims, take responsibility for your beliefs and actions. It is the only way you will ever become sane. I’m not holding my breath for that either. But, as long as you project your pathology onto a non-existent deity [i]somewhere out there[/i] you will never be able to join the rest of the world and pull yourselves out of your dark ages muck, you will always be ignorant and stupid and you will never escape your blood lust which is destroying you and your incessant longing for death which warps your minds beyond what is even remotely acceptable in any human society. Or, I simply could say “keep it up” because you will destroy yourselves soon enough and maybe that is what we should hope for regarding your ideology of insanity and slaughter.

  4. Christian women
    Christian women are treated as 2 nd class humans as well. Why would any woman belong to such is because of brainwashing from the time they are born. As a father of three girls ,who are now grown, I have told them that this bible was written by men , for men. At least they were raised knowing the truth.

  5. Disgusting
    Lauren is really lucky that she is who she is- with all the privileges of her society and culture- and not one of those ‘brainwashed’ women who ‘want’ to be abused.

    Just goes to prove a few things: 1/ it doesn’t take only men to piss all over the sisterhood 2/ opinion is a right taken for granted by the ignorant and 3/ victim blaming is well and truly alive.

    We’re asking to be raped and beaten and have our vaginas mutilated.
    Fade away with your hateful uneducated views you female chauvinist pig

  6. the role of ‘islam’
    without questioning many problems as discussed in this article with traditional Islam it ought to be mentioned that there are alternative interpretations of Islam that are very different. read some articles here for example:

  7. This is child abuse! They should be putting the mothers & fathers in jail for 50 years and take there children away & that they can not take their children abroad. They should be checked. They should be teaching in the schools that this is against the law. They should have been done this from the very beginning of immigrating them.

    But now, the dumb ass Brits have got such a large population of immigrants that they can not control it.

    The British government has enabled for this to happen by not out lawing it….


  8. Muhammad was the example for abusing women
    It must be said that although many Muslims and apologists claim their are other interpretation of the Qur’An that is opposite of what the world is used to hearing about I.e. abuse, rape, mutilation, it needs to be pointed out the the authority of true Islamic behavior was embodied by Muhammad himself. Muhammad said himself that he is the “best of all creation” , and the guidance of all mankind according to ALL his behavior. Muhammad himself was known to beat his wives, and even condone rape. To say that those who do this are interpreting the Qur’An wrongly are not only being deceptive or in senile they are claiming that they alone have a higher understanding and superior character then the one chosen by god himself…just something to think about.

  9. Now i know why the rape case i filed with Hyderabad Police regarding my Muslim Collegue from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India name Mohammmed Basheer Ahmed(29 years old)who worked as Electrical Engineer in BK GULF LLC & Tristar Engineering LLC later on the time he rape me way back End Of October 2011 has no action at all up to the moment. Even how much you try to follow-up, nothing happen and just an offer of marriage was their option. The problem was that incident causes a son. I really don’t know why this fucking Muslim are free enough to do this thing and still he & his family was proud of what he did. They still even come out in FACEBOOK like nothing happen. If we spread the thing they did in FB, all other muslim will comment and block you for exposing their face as wanted rapist in Hyderabad. This is how these fucking people had much power on ruing life. RAPIST FACEBOOK ID:

    1. Some of our Christian friends seem not to read their Bible and want to point finger at Islam tenting our religion contrary to what the truth is.
      Let us see what the Bible and Quran says regarding slave women…
      Deuteronomy 20: 10-14: ” As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms or peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.”
      “And whose is not able to afford to marry free, believing women, let them marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess. This is “for him among you who feareth to commit sin. But to have patience would be better for you.” (An-Nisaa’: 25

      1. Most of us are not Christians here, and deflection fallacies and apologetics will not work to assuage the horrendous guilt of Islam in its body count of some 270 million human beings.

        You cite a Quran quote that involves SEX SLAVERY – are you proud of it?

        “And whose is not able to afford to marry free, believing women, let them marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess.

        Here is what Islam represents, according to sharia law – one cannot deflect off this awful ideology, and we will not submit, no matter how many logical fallacies one tosses out.

        Honor killings
        Supremacy/global domination
        Limb amputations
        Genital mutilation
        Death to apostates
        Forced conversion
        Sex slavery and rape
        Women enslavement
        Wife beating
        Child marriage/rape
        Brutality against homosexuals
        Bigotry and hatred
        Robbery and pillage
        Extortion of nonbelievers
        Persecution and/or death for blasphemy/atheism
        Animal cruelty
        Prohibition of music/singing
        Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities

    2. Meral Maria Gokcen

      Mikhaela, that scum’s facebook link has been removed already, that means they don’t WANT it spread around , haha ! They should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to you !

  10. Does anything those animals do surprise anyone anymore?

  11. Man, I always knew muslims were f*cked in their heads. They just behave like blind people who only see religion. There are a few good muslims, but they are just a drop in the ocean.

  12. These creatures never cease to amaze me they are sick minded, evil, morally corrupted cretins that should be restricted to living in the Middle east & banned from living in any civilized society.

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