Uganda’s homosexual affair

rick warren uganda kagameIn recent days, a brouhaha has erupted over notorious Christian evangelist Rick Warren’s involvement with  Ugandan colleagues who are attempting to impose the death penalty in their country for homosexuality. A couple of weeks ago, the Huffington Post reported on the debacle caused when Warren refused to condemn the measure by claiming exemption from interfering with a sovereign nation’s policies. HP subsequently reported that Warren has officially and publicly condemned the “anti-gay law.” On its face, Warren has done the right thing, obviously, since no rational person wants to see people like Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper murdered because of their gender preferences.

However, the fracas appears to have overlooked an important alleged fact about Uganda’s history that is abhorrent enough in its own right. To wit, per a Christian Newswire article:

By official count 22 young men were executed under Uganda’s law on homosexuality. The law in question required that all men and boys in Uganda be willing to submit to the homosexual seduction of its ruler, King Mwanga. When Ugandans began to convert to Christianity in the 1800s, a group of Catholics, led by Charles Lwanga, refused to allow themselves to be sodomized by the King. Enraged, King Mwanga had them torturously bound, marched 37 miles and then roasted alive in a fire pit. The date of their execution was June 3rd, 1886, and is today a national holiday commemorating Uganda’s rejection of homosexuality and commitment to Christian values.

According to this article, “The Death Penalty in Uganda” by Dr. Scott Lively, after decades of overturning this heinous practice by Ugandan kings, poor Ugandan boys are now being preyed upon by foreign pedophiles using them as sex slaves. Under such circumstances, it may be understandable that some in Uganda would become distraught and wish to take convicted child rapists off the planet. With this fact – if true – Warren’s reticence may actually possess some merit, as opposed to representing mere mindless homophobia. Am I saying that we should execute gays? Absolutely not, since “gays” are not boy-raping pedophiles; they are consenting adults who love people of the same gender. This distinction needs to be made, and homosexuals in Uganda need to be left alone.

As the mother of a young child, I know how I would feel when confronted by an individual guilty of child rape of either gender. Do we need the death penalty for child rapists? Not necessarily, as their fate in prison is often one worse than death.

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  1. Stop the death penalty world wide
    How can a government of any country decide that the death penalty even works? It’s a very sad word when they give themselves the right to take the lives of others. Once we die then we are dead, no hell no heaven.

    On what authority can they kill a man? Prison can be the only way and it is worse than death because once a mans brain is dead it’s gone no pain no worrys just gone IMO.

    Maybe some day third world countrys will see it as completly wrong and in no way can they have a reason for this. It is still just another wrong that a government commits to make this choice to kill a man even though they might believe in hell.


  2. People are sick
    This kind of thing happens every day but it either is not reported, or never looked into. Most heads of state enjoy this kind of behavior, I.E. Bohemian Grove in California-men/ Beliezian Grove New York-women. So the sickness goes even farther back but Acharya could better describe the infanticide cuts of Northern Africa, middle east, southern Europe(Turkey). All were MOLOCH worshipers, as well took the young pretty girls and boys for sex slaves in their temples.

  3. 😮 I’m stuck on Anderson Cooper being gay. He’s frequently on Regis and Kelly where he and Kelly flirt a lot! But in a way it make sense. Rick Warren is a ‘closet bugger’?? :woohoo:

  4. King Mwanga and African homosexuality
    The above is actually quite offensive, as a gay man I can tell you that gay men and women have no ‘gender preferences’ as being gay is not a lifestyle choice no more than being left handed is a lifestyle choice.

    Regardless of the debate regarding genetics or nature V nurture being gay is ‘innate’ and cannot be taught, its not catching and has been fairly prevalent throughout human history

    and it has been recorded in over 400 species of animals and is thus entirely natural.

    Even if being gay were a learnt behaviour which the far right often claim to be the case why is it a problem?

    Its only a problem for those that take the bible literally.

    Its a problem for those who misunderstand the reasons for that particular passage in the bible which says man should not lie with man (when people believed that sperm was a commodity that could run out then wasting it was seen as sinful).

    and please note that homosexuals have no more paedophilic tendencies than heterosexuals, less in fact…

    I’m a gay man with an African (Malawian) partner. We have fought for gay rights in Africa specifically Tiwonge and Steven a couple who were arrested for being gay in Malawi and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

    My partner had to flee Africa after he was found to be gay and was beaten and could have been killed (many others have been in Africa).

    This is because of the religious intolerance which has been instilled in the African nation by the largely American right wing evangelical Christian movement who are intent on promoting hatred of homosexuals abroad as they are rapidly loosing ground in the more liberal West and have thus turned their attentions and their hatred towards a nation that still believe the literal interpretation of the big book of nonsense.

    Anyway the ‘alleged fact’ you speak of is being used as a smokescreen by the right-wing movement of intolerance and hatred and as such should not be promoted by any free thinking person.

    Have a closer look at the history of King Mwanga

    This smokescreen is an attempt to claim that intolerance of homosexuality existed before the American hate preachers arrived but this is not the case

    please do not help this hatred to spread without looking at the right wing political hate agenda that is behind it

    1. Jason Feather
      Hmm all very nice quoting all those Pro-Homosexual sites.
      Try flipping the coin sometimes.

      A man can never be a woman nor can a woman ever be a man. You speak of the minute number of exceptions as if it is the rule.

      Funny you mention the Bible where it was already, 5000 years plus ago said that it is an abomination and death is the penalty.

      Yours is the smoke screen to divert thoughts to other things.

      You say her information is wrong but have not given any verifiable information about yours being correct when you refer to King Mwanga.

      I do not know why the word “Gay” is used “Sad” would be more appropriate. But this is also just another smoke screen is it not !

  5. Correction.
    Whom ever gave you this source on a homosexuality law under King Mwanga in Buganda has seriously flawed information. There was never any such “law.” In fact, homosexual behavior in traditional Bugunda society was already abhorrent. If there was any such law that required males to become sexual under the king, then there would be far more than 22 catholics sent to the fire, as there were also muslims, protestants, and people of traditional faiths who already were intolerant towards homosexuality.

    The issue at this time under Mwanga’s rule was the influx of european and other foreign entities infaltrating, physically and mentally the Bugandan population. Protestants (british), Catholics (french), and muslims (arab) missionaries have been competing to convert citizens and the Kings themselves since the 1860’s. By the time Mwanga became King, he thought of these foreign religions as a threat to the Kingship (his father was under critism by Muslims for not being circumsized), undermining his traditional power as King. According to unbiased references, when one of his male servants refused his advances, he felt that his loss of power as King was solidified (traditional, no one would EVER refuse a King’s advance no matter how “immoral” the act may seem), so he set out a campaign to deter people from converting to catholism by massacring the converts and missionaries. Catholics because they were the most active and efficient in converting the Bugundan population.

    Otherwise, there was no law that required men to subdue their own sexuality to fulfill the sexual prowess of the King, the notion even is a bit absurd. The massacre was no different in nature than the massacres of the Roman Empire (Christians), The Holy Roman Empire (Pagans), the Engish (Catholics and Protestants), the French (Heugonots), and so fourth. Not so much for the sexual appetite of a King than for a percieved threat to a Kingdom.

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