Tiger Woods’s sex life

tiger woods affair rachel UchitelMy friend Tinamarie Bernard has been writing her “Modern Love Examiner” column for months now, but with the publication of a series of articles on Tiger Woods’s sex life, she suddenly was propelled front and center into the national spotlight. Tinamarie’s a great writer, funny and with an important message of “conscious love and sexuality,” so it’s really terrific to see her work getting so much attention.

Of course, being who I am, I have to ask, ‘though – what is it with the fascination for the sex lives of celebrities?  I guess the Intelligent Designer also must have been sexually obsessed, since we are suposedly made in “his” image.

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  1. His wife is better looking
    As an older male aware of how women age when I look at his current wife and the woman who denies the affair as usual the wife seems better looking and more together and more sharp.

    The key is to look at the two women and picture how they will age in 20 years and Uchitel loses.

    1. While I agree with you, it isn’t an issue of how women age. Our society tells men over and over again through advertising, etc. that it’s almost a rite of passage for men to cheat; it’s something that is condoned and in some circles even encouraged. Look at Bill Clinton. Cigars aside, little to nothing happened as a result of his affair, (other than cigar sales shot through the roof.) If anything, that lack of action confirmed the sentiment that it doesn’t matter.

      But it does matter. What about his wife? How does she hold her head up and keep her self-respect knowing that her husband has been meeting other women behind her back repeatedly over time? According to some stories, even while she was pregnant with their child. No matter what problems there are/were, why not deal with them and THEN move on?

      The slide show of their earlier times was beautiful. I don’t understand how he can he just throw it all away because ‘it’s harder than he thought it would be’. And how hard can it be? With their income and the amount of traveling he does I’m pretty sure he isn’t put out too much. Oops- I almost forgot, he’s too busy putting out to be put out. But that may change soon as the truth comes out. It might be the wife putting him out.

      Tiger needs to grow up and stop thinking with his penis. Oh, and a bit of honesty would be easier to accept than the silent treatment. At least then people could process the facts and move on. Sticking your head in a hole doesn’t work and leaves your ass hanging in the wind.

  2. Thank you!
    I am honored that you write, “I have a most important message of love and sexuality.” The funny part, that’s nice too, but I’m an accidental comic.

    As for celebrity sex lives, I have my own little theory about that…just waiting to figure it all out still. The muses are overworked from all this intense scrutiny.

    You will have to share with me your secret for dealing with nastie comments, dear friend.

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