The Zeitgeist Movement Exposed!

The Venus Project in HellAt last! Just kidding. This well-done video is a hilarious lampooning of the lies and smears against the Zeitgeist Movement. The “newbie” brilliantly and accurately represents the Zeitgeist Movement in its most idealistic perspective, while the TZM cultist reflects the erroneous views of Christian fundies and other detractors. A perfect rebuttal to the sinister silliness being spread about TZM and the Venus Project.


  1. 😮 😯 :Pinch: :dry: 😛 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 “YES WE CAN-THANK YOU SATAN!” HAHA, let the silly out.

    1. Thank you satan, Adendum! ;)!
      Yeah I really liked these films good openers for some people, but really in a world where if you do not want to be a part of society and your life is looked at as useless to the “ZOMBIE” hoard or mass population”this includes those in poorer nations” it… well…. seems to me that there is no way to shrug off the monkeys on our backs. Now when I think about it the biggest baddest monkey really is yourself isn’t it you are your own obstacle and worst enemy! Well my point is if you can’t get past yourself, how are any of us going to get past the hive mind of sports fans out there? You know the…. well idiots who still think that “incorporated” union’s are for the worker and big bro’s gonna have your back! Just how do you get past these zombified idiots, to change anything? By the way they really are showing their true colors now making death threats against the Wisconsin Governor and any one else who goes against their herd mentality!

      Well hell, that’s what tis going to be I am a feared hell, hades ETC> Well stock up on dry beans and salt, sugar, canned goods OH and don’t forget the Ol’ “ghetto blaster” other wise known as 12 gauge pump or auto and a ton of shells and at least 300 gallons of stabilized purified water may be some sort of stimulant or what ever too, cause it will be messy out there! And for those that think the world isn’t over populated, wait till you are on the menu for what ever some sick psycho wants to do with you catches out scavenging for supplies, hey I know got a few poor souls that lived through Katrina here, hollywood couldn’t make better horror story then they have to tell!

  2. Change the world…
    👿 Yes.. 👿 👿 👿 If you want to change the world to a better, fairer place for ALL who live here.. We are either 👿 or insane.. Probably both..
    Thanks so much for more ammunition…
    Leeanne xx

  3. Lol
    Who made this film lol, it is always easier to deconstruct, belittle and destroy things that are different to western civilisations way of living, we have been doing it since the dawn of time, it’s even happening now with Muslims.

    1. If you mean that Muslims are belittling and destroying Western civilization, I have to agree.

  4. MH
    Ridiculous rubbish

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