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Just a reminder of the discussion of my book Christ in Egypt .

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Light versus Darkness
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Horus and Jesus Equated in Antiquity
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The Holy Twelve in Egypt and Elsewhere
Osiris the Christ?


  1. man made religion power elite controll the masses
    religion, myths,stone writing ,papyrus scrolls all hoax by ets celestials beings, pass down to power human elite ( royals)to controll the masses, since the begining of time and to worship them as gods.

  2. What Does It Matter??
    Regardless where it came from or how it evolved, about one third of sheeple on earth believe in the Jesus story because they have a need to be absolved from their fear of being punished for their sins…better to discuss where this feeling comes from and how to deal with it…there is a new form of personal reformation….visit

  3. This is a great site – thanks so much, Nancy

  4. ” It matters not if my neighbor believes in 20 gods or no gods. It neither pick my pocket nor breaks my leg”. Thomas Jefferson

  5. I agree with Emmanuel.

    And since every so called holy Book, and notably institutionalized Religion, preaches

    – the Supremacy of an ethnic/racial Group and its way of living
    (without considering that this had/has to be allocated in a peculiar historical Time and in a specific geographical Area),
    – and boasts the Enlightenment of his (*) communitarian member (belonging to a specific ethinc/racial Group and living as people lived at that Time, in that Place),

    this means that the Caste/Elite tries not only to submit the local Mass(es), but the international/global/worlwide ones, as well.

    CRITICAL THINKING and FREEDOM OF THOUGHT is the Key to come out/over this unjust and discriminating (human) Situation: HUMANISM is the Answer [for those who really believe (…) that the 7 deadly/capital (Sins) are Vices, and not Virtues, and that Psychology (only) can help overcoming them].

    Loveliest regards.


    (*) Usually is a male, fact that deserved to be fully and further discussed (…).

  6. Moon Virgin – Virgin Moon?
    When reading the Virgin Deity Myths; of her outspring; of the qualities and creative powers etc. and compare these explanations with the Moon, one must ask yourself:

    Does the Moon have such qualities, such powers? Did the Moon give birt to itself? Can the Moon be “mother of all life”? Can the Moon give birth to a deity-son? etc. etc.

    In mytho-cosmology there are just 2 possible objects which is related to something that can be symbolized as having a possible interpretative connection to the Moon, namely the crescent Moon itself and the crescent figure of the Milky Way, seemingly revolving on the Earth celestial hemispheres.

    So: What is the most likely correct telling? Read for yourself here:


  7. Rattling Christian Cages–the Most Direct Approach
    A classic example of exterminations based on dogma stems from the crucifixion story in the New Testament. Critical historians have shown that the story is practically impossible. A Jewish mob is supposed to have assembled at Pontius Pilate’s palace. In real life any Roman official would have had them immediately dispersed by troops. He would never negotiate with a mob. Pontius Pilate hated the Jews and would never have granted them any “Passover Privilege.” The Romans have NO record of any “Passover Privilege” or of anyone named Jesus being crucified at that time. The Romans only crucified rebels against the Roman State or rebellious slaves. Romans strictly followed their own laws. They never would have crucified anyone unless they were found guilty, yet the New Testament says Pilate did NOT find Jesus guilty. They never would have crucified the two ordinary robbers either. The 2nd century Christians wanted to deflect Roman anger from them onto the Jews and so created this false story. Using the Jews as scapegoats then became standard procedure for Christianity from that time through the 20th century.

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