The Narrative

CBS’s Lesley Stahl reports in “60 Minutes” about “The Narrative,” created in Pakistan and used to paint Westerners in a bad light in order to justify terrorism.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis live far better in the United States than they do in some Muslim countries.

Pakistanis in the U.S. versus Saudi Arabia

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  1. This was a great chit-chat
    Yes, this is proof that intelligent men can have their minds twisted by ideologies of hateful and prejudiced men. It happens in America all the time. Though the population at large in America believes in freedom of everything, many of us also try and be understanding of the “other side.”

    There really is a beautiful side of true Islam. The people want to conquer the thoughts in their minds that cause problems. Many people are troubled about life. Look at all the people in America that take illicit drugs, legal drugs and alcohol. Lives are a wreck because people can not and will not find a way to reconcile their past with their present.

    I was an extremist in the pentecostal church. I believed ALL the people that did not believe like me were going to hell. I saw stuff happen in pentecostal meetings that would make you vomit. I heard things said by these christians that made me feel such shame for ever even attending the churches. I am now free of the lies and deception as well as the manipulation. I am glad and happy to be free.

    This young man took a daring step to believe in logic and the power it has when dealing with ideologies that no longer have any place in a hopefully soon to be civilized world.

    Thank you for posting this video on FTN.

    1. Oh, that Islam …
      “There really is a beautiful side of true Islam.”

      “I am now free of the lies and deception as well as the manipulation. I am glad and happy to be free.”

      Methinks you have a wee bit more work to do prior to total enlightenment.

  2. Anjem Choudary is a pig …
    Nice to see a small ray of hope.

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