The gods may be crazy, but they are not aliens!

Once again, it’s time for History Channel to trot out its “Ancient Aliens” series, which is apparently popular enough for them to run it a couple times a year. I am always surprised that HC continues to do so, since it is likely that they have received many complaints from professional scholars and scientists, as well as assorted other skeptics.

D.M. Murdock excavating a paleo-Indian camp in ConnecticutWhenever I’m flipping through channels and come across the program, I usually stop because of the images of archaeological sites, some of which have fascinated me since childhood. Indeed, it is because of such amazing ruins and artifacts that I studied archaeology in college and did post-graduate work with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. Having attended a college semester in Greece and later a year there as an alumna of ASCSA, I spent a great deal of time around the ancient sites of that country. Possessing a degree in Classics, Greek Civilization, and knowing the language fairly well, I have a pretty good grasp of the history and culture of Greece, including its religion and mythology.

In fact, I’ve been studying Greek mythology since I was a child, and I can tell you that the Greek gods were not aliens, not ancient astronauts, not “real people,” whether human or extraterrestrial. The Greek gods, like those of many other cultures globally, revolved significantly around nature, including celestial bodies like the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations. This sky-oriented worship has been called astral religion, astromythology and astrotheology.

Despite all the excitation associated with the concept of “ancient aliens,” the fact will remain that there was no need to guess at what the ancient gods and goddesses represented, as those who created them were quite clear that they symbolized significantly the celestial bodies and natural forces, such as the wind, water, sea, foliage, animals and so on. For example, we know that the Greek god Helios is a sun god, not an alien, as was his later counterpart Apollo, whose chariot represents the path of the sun, not a spacecraft. I cringed in embarrassment when I heard the “Ancient Aliens” show try to lay claim to Apollo as an extraterrestrial. Apollo is an extraterrestrial only in the sense that the sun is not part of this world, but assuredly he is a sun god, not a “little green man.”

Macrobius and the Sun Gods

The same can be said of numerous other deities from antiquity, who in many respects are significantly solar. Again, we have known this fact since ancient times, as stated clearly by such writers as the Latin author Macrobius. While Macrobius wrote in the fourth century AD/CE, he was recounting very ancient traditions that can be traced throughout the extant literary and archaeological record. As an example of the solar nature of the ancient deities, reflecting the fact that they are often syncretized with each other, in his book Saturnalia Macrobius (1.18.7) discussed not only Apollo but also several other deities as sun gods:

…given the earlier proof that Apollo and the sun are the same, and the subsequent demonstration that father Liber [Dionysus/Bacchus] is the same as Apollo, there can be no doubt but that the sun and father Liber must be considered aspects of the same godhead… They observe the holy mystery in the rites by calling the sun Apollo when it is in the upper (that is, daytime) hemisphere; when it is in the lower (that is, night-time) hemisphere, it is considered Dionysus, who is Liber.

Here we can see that the Greek god Dionysus/Bacchus possesses the same role as the Egyptian god Osiris, the sun of the night or “underworld.”

Macrobius (1.18.9-10) cites depictions of Dionysus, including as symbolically representing the winter solstice, “like the image the Egyptians bring out from its shrine on a fixed date, with the appearance of a small infant, since it’s the shortest day.” Other Bacchic images represent the equinoxes and summer solstice, the latter wearing a long beard indicating the length of the day.

“The sun is the mind of the cosmic order.”

More proofs of Dionysus’s solar nature can be found in Macrobius, including citations of older texts such as the Orphic hymns. The name Sabazius or Sebazius is explained (1.18.11) as denoting the Thracian sun god, equated with Dionysus. Moreover, the “physical scientists” explain that Dionysus is the “mind of Zeus,” because “the sun is the mind of the cosmic order…”

Zeus, Hades, Helios and Dionysus

We also learn from Macrobius (1.18.18) a neat summation traditionally ascribed to the Greek hero Orpheus:

εἷς Ζεύς, εἷς Ἀίδης, εἷς Ἥλιος, εἷς Διόνυσος.

One Zeus, one Hades, one Helios, one Dionysus.

“One Zeus, one Hades, one Helios, one Dionysus.”

Again, the god Helios is the sun, which is the meaning of his name. Hence, all of these gods are equated with the sun.

We discover further that, by the authority of the “sacred verses” of the oracle of Apollo of Claros, another name is likewise given to the sun: Iao. Says Macrobius (1.18.19-20):

For when Apollo of Claros was asked, concerning the god called Iaô, which of the gods he should be considered, Apollo replied as follows:

Those who know the mysteries should conceal things not to be sought.

But if your understanding is slight, your mind feeble, say that the greatest god of all is Iaô:

Hades in winter, Zeus at the start of spring, the sun in summer, delicate Iacchos [=Dionysos] in the fall.

Macrobius (1.18.21) cites earlier writer Cornelius Labeo as identifying “father Liber and the sun as Iaô.”

As concerns this name “Iao,” Macrobius editor Dr. Robert A. Kaster remarks:

Derived from Yahu, a form of the sacred name of the Jewish God, “Iaô” appears in syncretizing contexts, as here, in Gnostic texts, and as a name to conjure with in the magical papyri.

Thus, we discover that Yahu or Yahweh, the Jewish tribal war god, is equated with Iao and is therefore also solar.

There is much more to this fascinating subject, which can be found in my books, articles, blogs, forums, radio programs and videos. Suffice it to say, I am more than willing to help History Channel in creating a series that examines the real meaning and origin of the ancient gods: To wit, they revolve around nature worship and astrotheology.

(Note that the title of this blog reflects an old movie, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”)

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  1. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, “I don’t know therefore aliens” :s

    Also that recent bible series does really need of comparative religion input.
    When I first heard about that bible series I wondered if it was going to be of how it evolved from earlier cultures aka comparative religion.
    Nope it’s just a dramatization of various bible stories that even skips the questionable parts. Guess the producers must not offend the believers even though it’s from the same freaking bible. 😀

  2. Also, here’s a link from the FAQ’s:

    Does Acharya subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory?

    For Christ’s sakes, people really need to complain to the History Channel for producing such a sloppy show full of egregious falsehoods. They could have Acharya on there explaining the mythology and astrotheology behind all those fascinating ancients cites, but they ruin it instead.

  3. Thanks. What I’ve written above remains true. There is no “belief system” to it. Sitchin simply is wrong about the Anunnaki and other aspects of ancient religion and mythology.

    Unlike Sitchin, we are NOT interpreting the belief systems of the ancients. They said these things themselves, in lengthy texts, such as SOLAR HYMNS.

    One can only make such claims about the gods if one is ignorant of ancient mythology, such as the Egyptian, Babylonian, Ugaritic, Phoenician and other poems and hymns to the gods. Here’s just ONE of many thousands of solar texts:

    You are the light, which rises for humankind;
    the sun, which brings clarity,
    so that gods and humans be recognised and distinguished
    when you reveal yourself.
    Every face lives from seeing your beauty,
    all seed germinates when touched by your rays,
    and there is no-one who can live without you.
    You lead everyone, because they have a duty to their work.
    You have given form to their life, by becoming visible.

    Here is another:

    You appear beautiful,
    You living sun, lord of Endless Time,
    are sparkling, beautiful and strong,
    Love of you is great and powerful.
    Your rays touch every face…
    Your radiant skin animates hearts.
    You have filled the Two Lands with love of yourself.

    The above are known sun hymns that have nothing to do with aliens. There is much more, such as the sun’s epithets:

    Perfect of Form, Divine God, Ruler of all gods, Ruler, Chief of the gods, King of Eternity, Lord of Everlastingness, King of heaven, Universal Lord, Primeval One, Unique God, Greatest of greats, Ruler of rulers, Self-Created, Creator, Great Illuminator, Lord of Life, Lord of the gods, Great God, Lord of men, Father of the gods, Lord of all, God, Father of humankind.

    Again, what I have stated above is true and factual, and whether or not I have detractors – most of whom have not read my work at all – is irrelevant.

  4. The History Channel “Ancient Aliens” show is a completely load of happy horse sh*t. They show great video shots of amazing ancient cites around the world and give a basic explanation of them, which is usually very interesting, then, they always do a 180 and ruin the whole damn thing with that same old alien bullsh*t.

    Those who’ve studied ancient mythology already know that show is bullsh*t. It’s provable through the primary sources, also, in the books by scholars who discuss them. The History ch. performs a huge disservice with the “Ancient Aliens” load of crap and they should be ashamed.

    I hope people will contact the History channel ([url][/url]) and demand they stop producing such blatant falsehoods.

  5. Here’s what i just sent the History channel:


    I’d like to make a formal complaint about the History Channel show titled “Ancient Aliens.”

    It is a monumental disservice and ruins the subject of ancient mythology, astrotheology and real history by attempting to connect everything with aliens. It’s insulting to our own ancestors and their/our own human achievements that never had anything thing to do with extraterrestrials.

    The “Ancient Aliens” show is so disappointing because those of us who’ve actually studied ancient mythology love all those ancient cites but already KNOW they have absolutely nothing to do with aliens. Almost all of the gods discussed are symbolic of natural phenomena i.e. the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations. The year 2012 is over, can we begin to get real now?

    It’s time for the History channel to actually have an accurate show on history for a change.

    The gods may be crazy, but they are not aliens!

    Does Acharya subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory?

    But since they only allow 500 characters I had to shorten it to:

    I’d like to make a formal complaint about the History Channel show titled “Ancient Aliens.”

    It is a monumental disservice and ruins the subject of ancient mythology, astrotheology and real history by attempting to connect everything with aliens. It’s insulting to our own ancestors and their/our own human achievements that never had anything thing to do with extraterrestrials.

    The gods may be crazy, but they are not aliens!

    1. just because a person has “studied” ancient mythologies and histories does not mean they have a grasp of the meaning in their ruins and artifacts that have survived the test of time….

      your quote here wraps up the ignorance that you project very clearly:

      [ The “Ancient Aliens” show is so disappointing because those of us who’ve actually studied ancient mythology love all those ancient cites but already KNOW they have absolutely nothing to do with aliens.]

      unless you have a time machine, and more than a remedial grasp of the
      social, religious, and cultural mentality of the time, then there is no way you can proclaim that you “KNOW” anything to others that are trying to ask new questions about stagnant ideas that still leave many holes in humanities past….

      1. You didn’t even read my original post, did you? If you did, you certainly didn’t retain anything from it.

        Again, your insulting remarks will not change the FACTS in my article. We are talking about a long lineage of religious ideas that we can trace back in many cultures in their original languages, written by them. Your insults merely underscore the utter ignorance by the vast majority of humanity concerning its ancient roots, which we really CAN know, with study. Yes, it requires study, not belief, in aliens or anything else. It is YOU who are ignorant, as you have not read the primary sources in their original languages from a wide variety of cultures.

        It is utter nonsense to suggest we need a “time machine” to comprehend the MYTHS of antiquity. We have countless artifacts, ruins, texts and a continuation that has been passed down to us. If one wishes to remain ignorant about this vast body of evidence, that is one’s prerogative, but spewing hate speech and insults is the mark of a poor intellect and proves absolutely nothing factual.

        The word “science” means to know, and we most assuredly can know what happened in large swatches of the world in various periods of history. We’ve already know about what the myths represented, and there was no need for the ancient alien theory at all. It is a superfluous and unscientific proposition. Apollo was NOT an alien – he was a sun god, and so on down the line.

  6. You do realize that you’re arguing belief here, right? You weren’t there – none of us were – so how you spin things depends a lot on what ancient writings you have studied and/or believe.

    Zecharia Sitchin devoted his entire life studying the ancient Sumerian tablets, and while he has his critics and detractors, he probably got some things right. I personally think he missed the mark with his 12th planet hypothesis, but that much of the rest of what he wrote was based in truth, or at least a fairly accurate translation of what was on those tablets.

    Acharya S has her detractors too. The fact that some people diasagree with what you write doesn’t prove or disprove anything. And the fcat is that when you are talking about something that happened thousands of years ago, it may be very hard to determine the truth of the matter. We can’t even determine the truth about certain events that happened in our own lifetimes, so how much harder must it be when we are working with fragments of information from a long-removed culture that is nothing like ours. We don’t know how much of what was written was truthful. Did the victors change history? Was there such a thing as historical fiction back then? We will probably never know.

    I agree that Ancient Aliens sometimes really reaches to make a connection, but then they are just offering “what ifs” and various possibilities. and there is NO television program, not even the nightly news, that doesn’t sometimes sensationalize, or tell half-truths or outright lies. But I am not personally ready to dismiss the premise of Ancient Aliens as total B.S. It is just one opinion on what has happened in out distant past, and it deserves to be heard as much as any other opinion. And it might even have a lot of truth to it.

    1. kudos to you guest….

      a mind that is closed to all but one idea or theory is and will continue to be the weight holding humanity from uncovering truths of it existence…..

      to blatantly discount ancient alien theories really proves and shows the narrow mindedness of all those who have the audacity to do so….


      1. Sorry, but insulting our intelligence and integrity will not make your contentions true. What I’ve stated in this article about the ancient gods and goddesses is true and factual, and no amount of insults will change that situation.

        What is close-minded and narrow-minded is the willful ignorance of the ancient mythology and its meaning, clearly spelled out in thousands of primary sources from a variety of cultures in numerous languages. THESE are the writings that I am drawing from, and unlike insulting bigots I do not pretend to know better than the ancients themselves about their own perceptions and creations.

        1. Yes what you say about the ancients and their myths is true. They were sun, moon, planet and star worshipers and for good reason. Their lives depended on it.

          I have no personal scholarship on ancient archaeology, myths, or beliefs other than what I have read in books such as yours Acharya S, so I won’t defend the Ancient Aliens shows plausibility or irrelevance. I personally do not care.

          But I do know UFO’s and aliens exist from my own personal experiences and that fact is not up for debate to me. Just as I know you exist, so do they!

          As a 3rd generation stone mason myself I do enjoy the show for the marvelous works they were able to accomplish way back then. I do not doubt that humans built and crafted the many sculptures, monoliths, pyramids and other amazing structures they left behind, but I am also not ready to rule out help from above either.

          With enough man power, time and devotion, no doubt they could have been purely human creations, and probably were. But that fact in no way rules out alien existence nor does the fact they worshiped solar deities. Just that the Ancient Alien shows are wrong as I know that is what you are getting at and think you are correct.

          I watch the show occasionally for entertainment purposes, just as I do Pawn Stars and Morgan Freeman Beyond the Wormhole episodes. The Science Channel is my favorite tv channel.

          But writing letters to the History Channel to take off Ancient Aliens is plain ignorant in my opinion. I can think of shows I would think would be better candidates for cancellation than Ancient Aliens. The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo. Of course people enjoy those shows so I wouldn’t ask to take them off the air either.

          Truth is we do not have to watch them if we do not want to. Besides Ancient Aliens is a popular show so it would be just a waste of your time and negative energy.

          Keep us informed of your knowledge and understanding as always and those who desire truth and understanding will find you. Just remember you can’t save them all!

          You could look at this growing ancient astronaut phenomenon as a baby step away from the thousand years old religious myths beliefs. It may not be the truth but anything in my mind is better than the invisible God inserting itself into the belly of a young virgin Jewish girl for 9 months coming out sucking tit and pooping yeller to save the world of sin myth! Have a good day!!!

          1. Thanks.

            Whether or not aliens or UFOs exist is irrelevant to this subject, for the reasons stated. If you would like to discuss aliens/UFOs, I have another article about that issue:


            If anything were happening in antiquity, it would be as “fringey” as it is today. The fact remains that the ancient gods were not aliens.

            Having “Ancient Aliens” cancelled because it is false would go a long way to allowing for the truth to come out, which would incorporate that astrotheology of the ancients, as discussed here, rather than poisoning the well with this false paradigm of ancient aliens.

          2. I understand that! No need in discussing aliens and UFO’s as I have my answers to that. I can assure you the aliens today have no need to be worshiped. Now or then, if they were around back then.

            My wife and I, are planning a trip to the Yucatan for here in a few weeks to see the Mayan ruins. I promise you it is not to prove Ancient Aliens right! Lol!

            But thanks to the show I have a desire to see those pyramids and such. Well not completely, but you know! That show has not hurt the tourism in that part of the world has it? (Wish I could have made it down there a couple years ago. Should be there around the spring equinox.)

            Think about it! The show only insinuates the meaning and explanation of the ruins and god, where as religion tells you exactly. Which would you prefer? 😉

            I personally have nothing to gain or lose as to what anyone else wants to believe. Its really all about perception.:)

  7. You were banned for posting this remark: “your hubris and insults to those who come to your page.”

    When did I express “hubris and insults” to you or anyone else who comes to my page?

    [quote]hubris: excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.[/quote]
    I have not attacked you personally, and, although you claim to be supporter, you felt the need to be disrespectful to me personally. I am not “threatened” by it, which is another derogatory implication. I am simply not interested in coercion through personal attacks.

    I have no time for such comments or for the insinuation that I am “sad, sick and scary.”

    1. You go gurl, don’t put up with any crap from these insulting low-lifes who think it’s okay to insult you, but you aren’t allowed to call it out or respond. That’s misogyny! They wouldn’t do that with a guy.

      There are many more nutters out there who have been duped by that stupid “Ancient Aliens” History channel show than previously thought possible, I guess.

      I’ve read your work, Acharya, and it debunks that “Ancient Aliens” History channel show with ancient primary sources that actually exist. The History channel should be ashamed of themselves for producing such misinformation. I hope people will contact them to complain and have the show removed.

    2. You express hubris when you insist that you are the only person who has a lock on the truth. Rather than lovingly engage those who express a difference of opinion, you say things like, “this is the state of the human race,” and you use names like “fool” “goofball” etc. THESE, Acharya S, are “insults”. Then you post rants about how you’re being “attacked” by hordes of idiots who aren’t as highly evolved as you are.

      As a teacher, I’d expect you to entertain those on your page who don’t know what you do, but instead, you prefer to prune your page so that only those who agree with you can be seen and heard. What is the point of teaching others if you expect them to already know what you know, and if they don’t, you make them feel like “fools” or “goofballs”? There are many things you don’t know, Miss Murdock, things you may learn if you can open your own mind some time.

      You have your supporters, that’s for sure, but I am officially no longer one of them.

      1. You express hubris when you insist that you are the only person who has a lock on the truth.

        I have never said such a thing, so again you are simply raising a typical calumnious strawman in order to insult me.

        you say things like, “this is the state of the human race,” and you use names like “fool” “goofball” etc.

        Yes, I have used these very mild terms to describe individuals who have spewed vile hate speech at me personally, without provocation.

        Then you post rants about how you’re being “attacked” by hordes of idiots who aren’t as highly evolved as you are.

        I did no such thing, as I never used the word “idiots” or said anyone is not as “highly evolved” as I am – show me an exact quote where I said such a thing? You are putting words in my mouth and then abusing me over quotes I never made, a very poor debate tactic. Moreover, you have essentially insulted me by implying I am “sad, sick and scary,” disgusting calumny indeed.

        What I did do is complain about the incredibly vicious defenders of the ancient aliens theory who most assuredly did attack me, so there’s no need for quotation marks around the word. I notice that you have no comment about the vile hate speech several people clobbered me with repeatedly, when I had made no insults or personal attacks on anyone. For example, someone named Kevin Pittman posted this heinous comment on my FB page, in response to a link to this very article:

        “the dude that wrote this article… Fucking Moron lol. the arrogance is ASStounding! its because of people like you that out of the hundreds of thousands of years man has been around that it was only 6 hundred years ago we realised the world wasnt flat. Fact is man… right now… there is more presentable evidence for the existance of Ancient aliend and Present day aliens than there is of Jesus. Fuckers like you who wanna get shyt taken off the air because it doesnt fall in line with your limited perception of the world.. just amazing. If u spent any amount of time closely examining the sites and everything else there is only one logical conclusion… get your head out of your ass man and write something of value.”

        Despite your own rudeness and disrespect of my person – including the typical shallow canard that I don’t have an “open mind,” a ridiculous derogation that will not work, especially since I have studied and written about the modern UFO/alien phenomenon (, without rancor – the fact will remain that the ancient gods were not aliens. If you actually knew my work, you would already know that fact, and we would not be having this conversation. Where would you ever get the impression that I believe the ancient gods were aliens? My work has consistently shown the ancient gods to be the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations and natural forces.

        I don’t need “supporters” who behave in such a manner in any event. You obviously do not know my work, so there is no loss there, except on your end, as you close your own mind to a massive body of knowledge dating back thousands of years.

        And please stop mischaracterizing my person and what I have or haven’t done. I don’t appreciate it at all.

        1. ME: You express hubris when you insist that you are the only person who has a lock on the truth.

          YOU: I have never said such a thing, so again you are simply raising a typical calumnious strawman in order to insult me.

          EXAMPLE: “the fact will remain that the ancient gods were not aliens. If you actually knew my work, you would already know that fact, and we would not be having this conversation”

          If I knew “your work” I would know that fact? Hubris. Thank you for illustrating my point perfectly. I have read dozens of books on this and related topics, but apparently I should only read your work, since I would know the “facts” and disregard all the others. You have a lock on the truth.

          I was paraphrasing when I used the words “idiots” and “highly evolved,” otherwise I’d have used quotes. You insinuated it, you didn’t SAY it outright. And, “mild” or not, fools and goofballs are insults.

          And I never said I thought you believed the ancient gods were aliens. My issue was the fact that people interested in learning come to your page and are called names and told they are foolish for believing something other that what you teach, even though ALL of this is speculation, and we will no doubt ALL be surprised when we learn the truth. If only people who believe as you do are welcome on your FB page, what is the point? Preaching to the choir? I am familiar with your work, which is why I bought your book. But I have read other scholars and authors also, whose research and opinions I respect, who have different perspectives than yours. So I am a fool? Hardly. I continue to learn, and remain open-minded to all of the mysteries of creation.

          1. EXAMPLE: “the fact will remain that the ancient gods were not aliens. If you actually knew my work, you would already know that fact, and we would not be having this conversation”

            If I knew “your work” I would know that fact? Hubris.

            And you are back to mischaracterize and insult me further. It was not hubris, at all. You are the one who claimed to know my work, and I pointed out that you evidently did not. How is that “hubris?” You are abusing the word, frankly.

            I say it again, if you knew my work, you would know that I do not claim the ancient gods were aliens and that I provide the evidence that they were astrotheological and reflective of nature worship.

            You have a lock on the truth.

            Those are your words, as are the “idiots” and all the rest. I have not said that. I have stated definitively that my work demonstrates that the ancient gods were the sun, moon, stars and so on. That is a fact. You are projecting malicious intent upon my words, and I don’t appreciate it.

            My issue was the fact that people interested in learning come to your page and are called names and told they are foolish for believing something other that what you teach, even though ALL of this is speculation

            That is NOT what happened, and I resent you continually making such derogation of my person. What happened is that several “ancient aliens” fanatics attacked me with vicious hate speech, both on FB and on my blog. You don’t know what happened, yet you too decided to be disrespectful and critical.

            And, no, it is not ALL speculation – that assertion is simply false, and if you knew my work, you would know that fact. We have the ancient texts in which the ancients themselves praise the sun, moon and so on. Entire civilizations have been built significantly upon sun worship, including the Egyptian and Peruvian. It is NOT speculation. I have repeatedly provided the evidence, in a massive amount of texts, which, again, you would already know if you knew my work.

            I have no more time for such trivial and petty back-and-forths, with rebuttals that have already been demonstrated to be false.

            The facts , not speculation, are as I have previously stated, and if you are not interested in the volumes of research I labor to bring to light, then you are free to go elsewhere.

  8. This article is based on FACTS, as expressed by the ancient themselves, rather than modern speculation.

    The bias is coming from those who are ignoring the ancient testimony and are attempting to beat others into their speculation.

    I have to say that, other than a few angry Muslims and 9/11 Truthers, the ancient aliens crowd has been the most vicious and hateful group I’ve encountered so far on Facebook, especially you, who have called me a “douchebag” “fucking moron” “fuckers like you” and suggested I “get your head out of your ass man and write something of value.”

  9. this article is total biased bullshyt

    1. and by “biased bullsh*t” you must mean primary sources and evidence that actually exists? Is that what the kids are calling primary sources these days?

  10. Banned
    Why did you ban me from your FB page, when you allowed the rest of the commenters who dissent from your opinions? I don’t even disagree with you entirely. I even said earlier in the day that “YOU ARE APPRECIATED”. I have bought your books. But as soon as I said something that for some reason you felt threatened by, you banned me from your page. Sad, sick, and scary.

  11. Contact the ‘Discovery Channel’ ([url][/url]) at and ‘National Geographic’ ([url][/url]) at and request that they produce a response to the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” show and use Acharya’s work on mythology to debunk it since those gods have nothing to do with aliens and are provably allegories for natural phenomena i.e. the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations etc.

    The History Channel is performing a disservice leading people to believe the ancient gods are aliens when we already know for a fact that they are not. Ancient Astronaut Theory, Debunked ([url][/url]).

  12. “Again, what I have stated above is true and factual, and whether or not I have detractors – most of whom have not read my work at all – is irrelevant.”

    Exactly. Thanks for posting articles and having a forum to talk to people about this stuff. Im amazed at what i have learned from you on this stuff.

    Morality isn’t an issue at all on whether or not jesus lived. But I was wondering: Why do you think life is better to know for sure that this is not true instead of hoping that death is not the end of everything we are. Is death better or worse knowing this is true or not? Seems to me that human nature has spoken over the years that humans really don’t want to go into nothing. And since we arent killing one another here anymore over this stuff for the most part, whats the problem?

    Do you really think that the holocaust is reason enough in America to justify this? To me it is paramount to telling people that they are going to die one day, which is mean. We should be comforting to one another in death.

    And u dont have to answer this. Just saying that now that I know, life kind of sucks.

  13. Thanks, FTL. Here is what I posted on my FB page yesterday:

    Wow. I have to say that I am stunned at the viciousness and hatred spewed at me by some of the “ancient aliens” crowd. These individuals are some of the most hateful people I have ever encountered online, right up there with religious fanatics of assorted stripes. (The single most vicious person was a “9/11 Truther” who threatened me with physical violence and found a sheriff at his door in response.)

    I posted a short article demonstrating that the ancient gods were not aliens, and a boatload of very nasty people insulted me repeatedly. When I addressed the insults, they insulted me further, blaming me for their abuse.

    It seems that the problem with this false paradigm is widespread and is contributing to a great deal of the same sociopathic fanaticism and hatefulness we see within religion.

    How very disappointing and unfortunate that, once again, the true religious and mythological origins are being buried under erroneous literalism. It seems the concept of anthropomorphization within our world’s great mythological tradition is difficult for many people to comprehend or accept.

  14. Acharya is now being quite viciously attacked by the History Channel “Ancient Alien” fanatics for pointing the obvious; that none of those ‘gods’ have anything to do with aliens and that we have ancient primary source evidence that most of the ancient gods are allegories or personifications of natural phenomena i.e. the sun, moon, stars, planets, constellations etc., and their cycles. I was unaware that such a fanatical “Ancient Alien” cult existed until now so, be aware.

    Here’s a website that explains their tactics.

    [quote]”Ancient Aliens pundit Jason Martell is not content merely to threaten lawsuits against me. Martell mass emailed subscribers to his mailing list to send me hate mail. In so doing, Martell accused me of poor research while simultaneously confusing me with Chris White, the creator of the Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary, with which I am not affiliated. Martell also compared himself to Copernicus and Galileo, suggesting that he is being persecuted for correct ideas. Below is the email Martell sent, conveniently copied by one of his fans in the message history of a nasty piece of hate mail full of vitriolic attacks on my person.”

    – Jason Martell Asks His Fans to Send Me Hate Mail ([url][/url])[/quote]
    [quote]”As you probably read yesterday, Ancient Aliens pundit and entrepreneur Jason Martell threatened to sue me to prevent me from criticizing him. He also requested that his fans send me hate mail, which resulted in one death threat. I have forwarded Mr. Martell’s hate mail request to officials at History and H2, the networks that air Ancient Aliens, to ensure they are aware of his actions. Although H2 does not directly employ Mr. Martell (the show is produced by an outside production company, Prometheus Entertainment), I expect the network to categorically condemn any action by one of its personalities to engage in harassing behavior.

    Mr. Martell accused me of poor research, but he himself appears to have mistakenly claimed that I was responsible for Ancient Aliens Debunked, Chris White’s documentary film with which I am not affiliated in any way: “he only causes negative views with his ancient aliens debunked.” However, his meaning is not entirely clear since the poor grammar and capitalization makes the sentence ambiguous.”

    – Facts about Jason Martell Taken Directly from Jason Martell’s Many Websites ([url][/url])[/quote]
    From here ([url][/url])

  15. And I should add that it bothers me not at all to call people “goofballs” and “foolish” who out of the blue insult me by calling me “brainwashed” and a “douchebag,” “fu**ing moron” and so on.

    How does one live in the real world if one is mortally offended by such silly terms as “goofballs” and “foolish?” And one holds THOSE terms against an individual while giving the abusive terms above a pass?

    Again, I have no time to waste on such pettiness. The fact remains that AA fanatics attacked me, and instead of criticizing [i]them[/i], you piled on.

    I’m not interested in any further discussion of this situation. Again, if you are not interested in my work – which proves that the ancient gods were astrotheological, not aliens – then you are free to go elsewhere.

  16. Agree with Sleepers
    Based on my observations, I agree with what Sleepers is saying. I got the same impression from your posts.

    For the record, I think Ancient Aliens is a horrible program based on shoddy evidence and hack conclusions. However, I found most of Acharya’s books and the Zeitgeist series also based on shoddy evidence and hack conclusions.

    There can be no winners in a battle between these two camps 😆

    1. Thank you, but it is clear that you don’t know me, my work or what transpired here and are simply piling on for whatever reason. I’m guessing you are a Christian apologist, possibly Chris White or one of his fans, or an atheist who has not studied the subject. If you agree that “Ancient Aliens” is false, then you do not concur with “Sleepers.” You only agree with his/her insults of my person, obviously.

      I doubt that you have even read “most of my books,” and Zeitgeist was simply a short summary, based on FACTS that you also do not know.

      For those who are interested in that subject, which is an irrelevant aside utilized by this individual in order to disparage me, please read the VERY SCHOLARLY INFORMATION diligently put together here:

      The Zeitgeist Sourcebook

      Rebuttal to Christ Forbes regarding Zeitgeist, Part 1

      You will see who is being “shoddy” and “hackish” here: To wit, the poster of this derogatory remark who has not studied the subject but who is merely making a personal attack on me.

      Here is the bibliography for the Zeitgeist Sourcebook (

      Ancient artifacts and archaeological sites

      Lascaux, Altamira and Trois Freres cave paintings
      Tassili N’Aijer figures
      Mohenjo-daro, Indus Valley site
      Goseck, Germany
      Thirteen Towers, Chankillo, Peru
      Nabta Playa, Egypt
      Karanovo Tablet
      Dendera zodiac and other Egyptian artifacts
      Brindisi disk
      Greek pottery, paintings, mosaics, temples
      Roman mosaics, paintings and statuary
      Early Christian artifacts, etc.

      Ancient Writings

      Egyptian hymns, hieroglyphs, papyri and carvings
      Pyramid Texts
      Coffin Texts
      Book of the Dead
      Diodorus Siculus
      Justin Martyr
      Minucius Felix
      Clement Alexandrinus
      Julius Firmicus Maternus
      Bhagavad Gita
      Bhagavata Purana
      Lalita Vistara
      Vishnu Purana
      Venerable Bede
      Epic of Gilgamesh
      Assyrian, Babylonia, Akkadian tablets
      Dead Sea Scrolls

      The information also comes from the best and most thorough, scholarly and modern sources wherever possible, with the result that many authorities cited possess credentials from respected institutes of higher learning, and their publishers are some of the most scholarly in English (and other languages), such as the following.
      Academic Publishers

      E.J. Brill
      Kegan Paul
      Oxford University/Clarendon Press
      Princeton University Press
      Cambridge University Press
      Cornell University Press
      Yale University Press
      University of Chicago Press
      University of Pennsylvania Press
      University of Wisconsin Press
      Johns Hopkins Press
      Harcourt, Brace & Co.
      Macmillan & Co., etc.

      Those who really know what academia is will recognize the list above as the best of the most respected institutes of higher learning.

      Professional Scholars

      Dr. Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green, a professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University
      Dr. Lee I.A. Levine, a professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary
      Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory
      Dr. Emund S. Meltzer, American Egyptologist
      Dr. James P. Allen, curator of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
      Dr. Erik Hornung, professor emeritus of Egyptology at the University of Basel
      Dr. Henri Frankfort, Dutch Egyptologist
      Dr. Jan Assman, professor of Egyptology at the University of Konstanz
      Dr. Badrya Serry, director of the Antiquities Museum at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt
      Dr. Bojana Mojsov, Egyptologist
      Dr. Reginald E. Witt, Egyptologist and professor at the University of London
      Dr. G. Johannes Botterweck, professor of Old Testament and Catholic Theology at the University of Bonn
      Dr. Alfred Wiedermann, Egyptologist and professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Bonn
      Dr. John Gwyn Griffiths, Welsh professor of Classics and Egyptology
      Dr. Raymond O. Faulkner, English Egyptologist
      Dr. Tryggve N.D. Mettinger, professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of Lund
      Rev. Dr. Alfred Bertholet, a theologian and professor at the University of Göttingen
      Dr. Herman te Velde, a chairman of the Department of Egyptology at the University of Groningen
      Dr. Andrew T. Fear, professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester
      Dr. David Adams Leeming, professor emeritus of English and comparative literature at the University of Connecticut
      Dr. Patricia A. Johnston, Brandeis University professor of Classical Studies
      Dr. David John Tacey, professor at La Trobe University
      Dr. Edwin F. Bryant, professor of Hinduism at Rutgers University
      Dr. Hugo Rahner, Jesuit theologian, dean and president of Innsbruck University
      Sir Dr. Edmund Ronald Leach, Cambridge professor and anthropologist
      Dr. Donald White, professor emeritus of Classics at the University of Pennsylvania
      Dr. Martin Schwartz, professor of Iranian Studies at the University of California
      Rev. Dr. Harold R. Willoughby, professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago
      Dr. Mary Boyce, professor of Iranian Studies
      Dr. Payam Nabarz, Iranian scholar
      Dr. Marvin Meyers, a professor of Religious Studies at Chapman College
      Dr. Theony Condos, professor at the American University of Armenia
      Dr. Aviram Oshri, senior archaeologist with the Israeli Antiquities Authority
      Dr. Chris Dolan, American astronomer
      Rev. Dunbar T. Heath of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
      Dr. John L. Heilbron, professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley
      Dr. K.A. Heinrich Kellner, a professor of Catholic Theology at the University of Bonn
      Dr. David Ulansey, philosopher professor at California Institute of Integral Studies
      Dr. Robert M. Schoch, geologist and professor at Boston University
      Dr. Henricus Oort, Dutch theologian and professor of Hebrew Antiquities at the University of Leiden
      Rev. Dr. J. Glen Taylor, an associate professor of Old Testament at the University of Toronto

    2. You sound like an idiot. There Acharya, I did it for you. 👿

      Got your back.

  17. I think there are valid arguments on both side of this issue. I believe there is an angle being overlooked, however. The connection can be made via the research of Nassim Haramein with The Resonance Project. If he is correct, then the sun is used as a way to travel throughout the galaxy and beyond via other stars. He shows that sunspots are actually vortices into the center of the sun. It would mean that any aliens arriving would come out of the sun. An extremely large spacecraft would make quite an impression starting as a dot in the center of the sun and growing to eclipse it. Presentation by Nassim

  18. Ms. Murdock,

    After spending, no wasting, 35 years in Christianity I find your work to be incredibly refreshing. I liken the Ancient Alien discussion to the Creation discussion; we look at the same evidence but draw completely different conclusions. This doesn’t mean aliens were here or gods are real, it just means we come to the same table with different views based on different experiences. Having been one who believed in both of those fallacies at one time I had to come to a place where I was willing to let the facts lead where they may, even if it meant the realization that I was wrong nearly all of my life. Not many are willing to make such an adjustment in their world-view, it was not an easy road. You and many like you helped see beyond my discrimination and bigotry towards those with whom I disagreed.

    Thank you and keep to the grindstone, there are many others out there like me who are waking up.

    Your friend,

    1. Thank you for sharing and for your kind regards. I appreciate hearing your experience and will take it as inspiration to continue my work.

  19. It always amazes me those who rightly claim the Hebrew bible is derivative from the Sumerian, and then take it literally as actual factual history a la Sitchen.

  20. Can you tell me what you know about the hieroglyphs depicting modern aircraft at the Temples of Abydos?

  21. In the beginning Demeter hovered over the earth!

  22. The gods may be crazy, but they are not aliens!

    Stone Age Zodiac by National Geographic

    Astrotheology of the Ancients

    Star Worship of the Ancient Israelites

    Zodiacs on the Floor of Synagogues

    2,750-year-old solar-aligned temple discovered in Israel

    Zeitgeist Part 1: The Greatest Story Ever Told

    ; )

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