Birth, death and rebirth in Hinduism

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“You people believe that there is re-birth. If the person does good karma, he will get a better birth and if he commits sin he will get a worse birth – right?”

So enquired the wife of a pastor of a church of me. I answered in the affirmative. She shot back, “Then tell me how a small ant can do any good or bad karma and get a better or worse birth next time?”

In 2002, I visited Toronto in Canada on a work assignment. Toronto happens to be the nearest city to the famed Niagara Falls from Canadian side. I took a conducted tour to Niagara Falls. As it happened, there was a world-wide convention of churches (not all but of one branch), and I went on the conducted tour on which the delegates from that convention were booked. It was on this tour the pastor’s wife caught me off guard. Off guard, because I was a computer programmer and not an evangelist of Hinduism even though I was of 51 years of age.

Hindu philosophy states that all people born on this earth are certain to die and equally certain is the fact that all the dead would be reborn. This concept is enunciated in 27th Sloka (couplet) of the second chapter of Bhagavad Gita, the sacred book of Hindus. They believe that there is a soul (Atman) in every live being, and that it goes through the cycle of birth-death-rebirth and ultimately merges with the universe (Brahman). The second chapter of Bhagavad Gita (Slokas 17, 20, 23, 24 and 25) states that the Atman cannot be hurt, burnt or destroyed.

In Christianity, there is no antonym for “sin.” You can commit “sin,” but can you commit what is opposite of “sin.” Hindus believe that a person is capable of committing not only sin but also “punya” (“u” to be pronounced as in “put” – “put it down”). Punya is currently being translated as “good karma” by some astrologers in the western world.

“Karma,” by the way, means “duty.” There is nothing good or bad about it, just as “duty” has neither bad nor good connotation to it. We will discuss about “Karma” in another article.

Why do souls go through cycles?

Why does the Atman (soul) go through the cycle? It is because of the debts (obligations) it acquires during life. Every time we perform a favor for some one (it need not be to people alone but could be to animals, society, air, water or to the environment), we receive an IOU. Whenever we receive a favor from any one, we execute an IOU. We steal something and may escape getting caught. All the same, we signed the IOU. As we live from day to day and year to year, we execute so many IOUs some in our favor and the rest in others’ favor. Now, who keeps an account of all IOUs of all persons? Hindus believe that there is one God in charge of it – namely “Chitra Gupta,” the celestial accountant.

Now you may be laughing. “Impossible,” you say, “how many terabytes are needed to keep the score?”

Let me state the other incredible belief that is common to Islam, Christianity and Judaism: They believe that there is going to be total destruction and a day of reckoning on which every person has to answer the God for their actions on earth. Now, for the last 6,000 years, no such day has taken place. Supposing today total destruction takes place and the day of reckoning is scheduled for tomorrow, how many people would be in queue? Billions, if not tens of billions – right? OK, so all three religions claim that that their adherents would be first in the queue without much evidence to attest to the claim except their holy books. Now, where do the souls of the dead reside till the Day of Judgment? Don’t tell me that they do not believe in souls! The phrase “RIP” – the full form of which is, “May his/her soul rest in peace till the day of judgment” – attests that they do believe in souls.

In Hinduism, one’s actions are accounted for immediately upon death. A person’s reward (positive or negative), as well as the next birth, is decided, and the Atman is sent back to another birth to enjoy/suffer the reward. The individual’s account is deleted. This action reduces the workload drastically. The judgment can be automated fully. As it is on a daily basis, the workload is distributed more or less evenly. The workload is not postponed and stacked to a single day somewhere in future.

That concept is why the Bhagavad Gita and advanced concepts of Hinduism state that God is none other than Brahman (the universe) itself!

What determines the place of our next rebirth?

14 bhuvanas or heavenly worlds in hinduismWhere does the next birth take place? Hindu scriptures state that there are 14 Bhuvanas (earth-like worlds) in this universe with seven above us and the rest below us. The birth can be at any place. Heaven and hell are part of these fourteen. Heaven is supposed to be above us and hell below us. The next birth can be either in heaven (the best place) or hell (the worst place) or in any of the remaining 12 Bhuvanas. The form of birth would be directly proportional to the IOUs we executed. Please note that the positive and negative IOUs do not cancel out each other! All the IOUs have to be either repaid or collected. You can’t even write them off! If you have more positive IOUs, you will get human form. If negative IOUs are more than positive IOUs, the form would not be human.

“Taking what nature gives and giving back to nature what it needs is the only way to get out of the cycle of birth and death.”

Now, how can the soul get out of this cycle? Easy – become debt-free in a life! Collect all the IOUs owed to you and pay all the IOUs you woe and do not execute any fresh IOUs to become debt-free. Buddhists call this state “Nirvana.” But everyday living demands favors from us and to us. That is why Hindus clamor to become Rishis who dwell in forests and live as one with the nature. Rishis do not pluck fruits from trees. They eat only the fallen fruits. Taking what nature gives and giving back to nature what it needs is the only way to get out of the cycle of birth and death.

Now, what about animals, birds, insects and other non-human life? How will they escape the cycle? Any non-human form of life is akin to a jail term. Any form of life other than human form is a punishment for the Atman. The Atman suffers the punishment and reverts to the human form similar in circumstance in which it was before taking on non-human form. This is the answer I gave to the pastor’s wife in 2002. I told her that even in jail, the term is extended or reduced based on the good/bad behavior of the inmate. When the environment is tightly controlled by people of absolute authority, how can inmates still behave badly? Or, where is the opportunity to exhibit good behavior when they are consigned to a cell most of the time? An animal or an insect is akin to a person in a jail. The same opportunity is available to the non-human life as is available to a jail inmate.

I was not sure if I convinced her on that day but she did not ask any further religious questions of me.

New translations of the Ramayana by Dr. Murali Chemuturi!

Sundara Kaanda of Vaalmiki Raamayana

Baala Kaanda of Srimad Raamayana of Maha Rushi Vaalmiki


  1. Sorry, don’t buy any of that. The religion I invented is as follows:

    1) The natural world exists. It may well have had natural antecedents but that only gets you so far… so there must have been a transnatural first cause. There must have a been a purpose in that, so the natural world was created to do something that the creator could not do directly? Since I am positing already a transnatural entity, a creator, there may as well be other entities perhaps of a lesser nature. Obviously they desire union with the creator, but being demiurges they can only complete themselves by becoming better. How to become better? By demonstrating the right choices.

    2) When an animal species is sufficiently evolved and its brain complex enough (that would probably only be humans on this planet) as to comprehend good from evil and act on those distinctions (make the right choices so to speak), then it becomes twinned with one of the souls. Us doing good is how a soul evolves, it earns IOU’s if you like. Doing bad does not give away IOUs, as a soul cannot devolve. People do bad things when they lose their way on the path and act on their basest instincts only. The worst that can happen to a soul in a lifetime is to make no progress. Not being in a position to make choices does no good at all. A hermit in a mountain cave or living on fallen berries in the forest is just a total waste of space.

    3) If a soul evolves it mayeventually escape the cycle of rebirth, otherwise it’s back for another go.

    4) Memories, emotions etc are purely of this world,. Souls have none of these, certainly not personalities. Any transnatural features they have would be incomprehensible to us. We will not be reunited with anyone after our deaths. Our lives are like brief flickering candles, but they are not pointless.

    In summary, we and the marvellous universe we find ourselves in are here to help our souls on their journey. We can do good and help, or do bad or nothing and just slow things down. Everything else that happens is just collateral damage.

    1. Thank you for your input. I posted guestwriter Murali’s article not because I or anyone else at Freethought Nation necessarily “buys” it but because we are interested in studying comparative religion and mythology, and I thought it was a good introduction to these concepts. I believe it is vitally important that we all listen to each other in order to further understanding between cultures.

  2. ❗ well said sir !!

  3. re-birth
    What make your personality is the memory. Old computers did not had floppy or hard drive. When you turn the computer off, the memory was gone. I had one of those. Humans do not have any memory “back-up”. When the last cell disintegrate, the memory is gone and with that your personality. Assuming that you are re-born, but who you are. The previous life memory is gone and so your personality. You have no knowledge of previous life’s, and that in sense, you are not re-born, but new born. Religions create a lot of stress, as religious people worry all time of where they will go after the die. Stress shorten the life span and that make religion dangerous.
    Be Atheist if you want to live longer and happier life.

    1. Religiously not believing in anything is a religion too. fyi

      1. “Atheism is a religion just like Off is a channel on the TV”

  4. Dear Acharya S.,

    But do you believe it till now or not? Do you believe in anything ‘beyond’ the physical?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your interest, Samuel.

      I’m not sure what “it” is that you are asking whether or not I believe in “it.”

      Be aware that I did not write this article – it was written by a Hindu friend. I posted it not because he or I believe necessarily believe in any of the ideas put forth herein but because I found it to be a good overview of what Hindus believe, and it is my mission in life to study and inform others about religion in general.

      1. Thank you very much for the reply, Acharya S.

        I’m sorry for my lack of attention, I didn’t note the it wasn’t wrote by you, sorry.

        Regarding the “it”, I mean the whole subject – continuity of life in a subtle body or something that way -, I’d like to know your own personal view on it nowadays, if possible. For example, I have no way to know it for myself, of course, and the only other source of knowledge I have is studying those scriptures which are not trustful as matter of fact, obviously, but there is the continuity of life as the corpse after the so called clinical death, the corpse will even have much more live in it (micro-organisms etc) than while it was functioning, then this kind of continuity I’m pretty sure it’s a fact, but I mean the so called ‘spiritual’ continuity, subtle body or something, the possibility of such thing as a fact. What’s your view?

        Thank you, and please, let me know if there’s something difficult to understand, my English is not that good, bet your Portuguese is much better (I’m a Brazilian), hehe.

        All the best

    2. re-born
      I do not believe in after life. When I die then I am gone. It is natural circle of life. I will live in memory of my children and, may be in some more generation. Julius Cesar, da Vinci, and others, are still living in memory and their work, good or bad, is being remember. Until we find a way to back-up our memory and transfer to clone body, we will not last long.

  5. I’m told by an admin that a message was mistakenly deleted that was complaining about this article, implying that I was somehow endorsing Hinduism. If the author of the comment is reading this and would like to have it posted, please resend.

    In the first place, I did not write this article – it was written by a FTN guestwriter who happens to be Indian and was raised in the Hindu faith. I published it out of respect for him and because I found it to be of interest and value in the [b]STUDY OF RELIGION[/b], which is my raison d’etre. As I stated in a previous response:

    [quote]Thank you for your input. I posted guestwriter Murali’s article not because I or anyone else at Freethought Nation necessarily “buys” it but because we are interested in studying comparative religion and mythology, and I thought it was a good introduction to these concepts. I believe it is vitally important that we all listen to each other in order to further understanding between cultures.[/quote]
    If a Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan or other writer would like to have a short article of this same type posted here, informing us of his/her impression of his/her religion, without over proselytizing, I would be interested in publishing it as well. Again, my interests are in STUDYING RELIGIONS, not just ignoring or dismissing them.

    As I have stated in the past, I am not against religion in general. I critique the pathological aspects of it and raise up the good points. I am a scholar of ALL religions and will present facts about them or publish factual information about them whenever possible.

    Believe me, as much as I love Indian people, I’ve had my share of rabid Hindus attack me over the years, so I have no love for the fanaticism of that religion either.

    1. EXCUSE ME
      WHAT “RELIGION” ISN’T “fanatical?” In fact, it sin’t even the Religion per se’, but rather the HUMAN BEINGS that “take religion to another level.” That level is “FANATICISM.”……..Peace

  6. 😮 bokertov…..but still it’s called that ! A theory ;and so What’s going on here ? :woohoo:

  7. vsg
    his very nice job porued of you

  8. Good article
    I really enjoyed this article. Even though I’m atheist, I really like to study religion because I think it give you a view into the human psyche. I have a Hindu friend as well, & I think Hinduism is one of the most interesting religions.

    1. Hi friend.. Just let me tell u that, not only Hinduism is the interesting religion among all the religions.. But, if u r interested, I’ll tell u an interesting thing about the real study of real religion.. If u have WhatsApp, then text me to this nmbr +918608389291

  9. educational
    very interesting :side:

  10. … I am gone – but where?
    Janus – You said …” I am gone” – but where? And from where did you come? Birth to death is just a line not a circle. For a circle to be complete, life must return to the pint where it started – that is the birth. Just search the Internet and you will find many genuine cases of reincarnation. Research was conducted by US universities and they found credibility about re-birth. Just check Wikipedia on reincarnation.

    One’s belief or non-belief doesn’t alter the truth.

    All the best

    1. Wow, interesting . Well, for me, there is nothing like reincarnation, it’s all fiction. You said there are true testimonies of reincarnation, impossible . I would like to hear their stories Jesus Christ is the only way. He’s the way, the truth and the life. I pray that God makes you all to see that, in Jesus’s name, amen!

  11. M Prashantkrishnan

    What exactly do you mean by “IOU”?

    1. I O u is ” I owe you “. Now if you go over that piece again you will understand.

  12. IOU
    IOU = I owe you

  13. The caste system
    I really dont understand the caste system can someone explain it to me.

    1. Caste is nothing but your profession. If I’am an engineer then my caste is ‘Engineer’. If my son becomes doctor then his caste will ‘Doctor’. This is mentioned in the BhagwadGeeta by SHRI KRISHNA. Now a days there a complete wrong definition of caste which only spreads hatred.

      Have you understood the meaning?

      Rahul V

      1. That would be helpful, Rahul V, if we were actually talking about “Caste”, however, we are talking about Chaste:

        Here’s one example:

        Srimad Bhagavatam 10.3.17 “You never entered the womb of Devaki; rather, You existed there already.”

        Srimad Bhagavatam 10.3.32 “best of the chaste”

        Srimad Bhagavatam 10.3.43 “O supremely chaste mother…”

        Srimad Bhagavatam 10.3.46 “He then transformed Himself into a small human child.”

        Chaste: “1. not having experienced sexual intercourse; virginal ”

        “The Hindus have worshipped from ancient times the baby Krishna in the arms of Virgin Devaki just as the Roman Catholics worship Madonna with baby Christ.”

        – Indian guru Ramakrishna, Swami Abhedananda

        Born-Again Virginity in the Mahabharata

        So, even Indian Hindu scholars disagree with the anti-Zeitgeist crowd. Serious research in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGES and primary sources prove ZG1 correct. Most Indians and Hindus are not even aware of these facts, same as Christians are not aware etc.

        1. Who knows Lord Christ and Lord Krishna may be the same.

          1. I am proud to be as a Hindu because worlds first religion is Hinduisum and the worlds last religion also be Hinduisum .And many religions which started in kali yuga will end in dwapara yuga.And then the only religion is Hinduisum . All the humans worship God SHIVA . HE IS DESTROYER .

  14. rebirth
    A girl was loving me like anything and even i,but due to some bad reasons in her home she commited suicide,but i can’t forget her from ma memory?
    is That concept of rebirth is true? If yes ,then any chances of getting her in our next rebirth..
    Don’t think I’m mentally upset but just a small hope that i’m looking for….

    1. Girl friend and next birth
      See, rebirth is certain. But we would not know if she would be born again as a human being and as a girl. She may not be born in your country/state/district. It is also not certain that you will be born as a human being, in her vicinity as a male. The relationships in this life end with this life. In the next life, you would not remember your past life except in the rarest of the cases. So, your friend has departed. She is now a sweet memory to be happy about.

      Deal with it and move on in this life and find happiness.
      All the best for you
      Murali Chemuturi

      1. are you kidding me? You say all these impossible things with such confidence. OMG If reincarnation is real, that guys should get his girlfriend in his mext life, what the hell? There is nothing like reincarnation.

  15. 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

  16. NONE
    REBIRTH is just a BLIND belief. Use your brain and think logically. I’m sorry to say that Indians are still superstitious. Apparently The author don’t have any idea of other religions. So boasting one’s own religion while comparing to other religions without knowing them is such a bad idea.

    1. Instead of insulting the intelligence of the author, perhaps you should take your own criticism to heart and not boast about your own ideas of religion while disparaging someone else’s about you clearly do not know.

      In the meantime, the author is not “boasting” at all – that’s a projection. And where is the author comparing Hinduism to other religions “without knowing them?” He has done no such thing.

      The purpose of this article is not to establish doctrine that everyone should believe in but to describe the beliefs of a billion people. According to you, apparently, we are not supposed to discuss these beliefs, while you claim contradictorily that we should know other religions.

      In the meantime, any religious belief could be called “blind,” so dismissing reincarnation in this manner is meaningless, regardless of whether or not we subscribe to this belief.

  17. rebirth
    well,let us assume no religion and hence no bias.In that case if we are an intellect creature can we ponder

    whey we are born and dying?

    what is the purpose of life?

    Whey some are born as invisible microorganisims to humans at the other end?

    Whey some are born in comfortable homes and some miserable?

    How is that every part of our body is so purposefully designed ?(leave alone the mystery of other living creatures and the awesome universe which we cannot fanthom)

    Please answer this before I put some more intellect questions.

  18. hi – just came across this article and I must say you’ve made me understand this philosophy very easily. Putting it in very lay man terms has helped me get it. A few clarifications though and I hope it is taken in the right spirit

    a) You say there is no antonym to sin in Christianity. There is and actually the Bible and the whole concept of Christianity is the redemption of the human race. More on that in the last para of summary

    b) On the day of reckoning – yes there will be a day of reckoning where everyone who has been born will be judged. This will happen at a time when God deems fit – ours is not to make assumptions on when that day will be. The Bible says that a thousand days are like one day for God so the 6000 years are like 6 days for God – not that much time. Again on how the scores of all these people are kept – well that is for God to worry about (I think we all believe that God is God – he is not a human who has a computer that runs Windows 8 or has a disk storage of GB’s or TB’s). That thinking is trying to confine the infinite God into the thinking of a finite man :-).

    c) Yes – Christian’s believe in souls and they are different from the physical body and they are neither in hell nor in heaven after a person dies. They rest till the last day (the day of reckoning)

    God created man and woman, but the original man (and woman) committed a sin and by that sin blocked the ability to be reunited with God. There was no way that any man could be free from the guilt of sin despite all the good works they did. Also when a child is born you don’t have to teach the child to be naughty or angry or to fight. But you have to teach them to be patient, gentle and kind. Right? So there is no one who is sinless in this world. This sin cannot be blotted out or forgotten nor can it be cancelled by doing good because both of them are not accounting to the same head. If I were to take a crude example – just because one is a father (or mother) and has been responsible for bringing a life into this world, can that person say “Ill murder someone”. Nor can I say I’ll steal just because I gave charity to another person. They are two different categories and its not like a debit/credit system. If you do good…but that cannot cancel even the one bad thing that you’ve done. Our laws also are of the same nature – the court does not pardon a person just because he/she has been doing good all the while. The punishment of sin has to be borne by the person who had committed it.

    But God is perfect and Holy and he cannot come in contact with the unholy or sinful…and since he wanted everyone to come back to Him, he sent his sinless son (i.e. Jesus Christ) to die for us and be resurrected from the death for us. Anyone who believes that is washed of his sin and given the righteousness of Christ – which means you are clothed with the spiritual nature of Christ – blameless, sinless and spotless. So when God looks at you he sees Christ in you and he is able to have communion with us.

    This is the essence of Christianity. It is a way of life that encourages those who know about it to tell the others about it and spread the word. Why couldn’t God have just forced everyone to believe on his Son’s death – he didn’t because he wanted each one to exercise his free will to choose to accept/reject him.

    1. Thanks mate, I agree with you

  19. Yes, i believe in re-birth and i can prove it with scientific evidence.evidence.The theory of animal’s rebirth was the challenging and most wanted question for the scientists in the past. But to day on ward it is no more a question. I have defined this theory with great accuracy and evidence. According to my this rebirth theory I shall tell the scientists and the world that a human when dies how he rebirths in shape and life of Buffalo, cow, camel, birds , crocodiles, fish ,snake, lion , horse, dog etc, And when these animals dies rebirths in life of human . There fore I challenge the world scientists to discuss it with me and to inquire me about this discovery. I am entrusted to show this amazing discovery to the world in Presence of Press and electronic media in Pakistan.

    Bakhtiar Ali
    Email :
    PH : 03005931937


  20. Animal rebirth? 😮

  21. I am eager to learn the answers to the questions of rebirth, purpose of life, who created all this, how it is changing etc. as on today my understanding is that all religions have given some wisdom in their religious books but none of them have given any sensible clarity regarding these main and most important questions. I believe that the concept of rebirth is a false belief. there is no retribution nothing, we all go back the sea of atoms on this earth. new life is born from the present life through sexual/asexual reproduction passing charecteristics through DNA. regarding purpose of life none found so far even though nature is looking very complex and well designed. I think the need of the day is take morals from religions but follow the route of science in regd fundamental questions.

  22. All those who have lost loved ones meet up.. Everything, is one point the universe is never ending. All is Maya rebirth and End then start up Again. Do you really think like an Atom.? know that .those who leave the body at death do not die your atoms cannot die you are universe it’s not your time you can stay in many areas of atom plains at death for a long time the whole thing is endless there’s no time Limit the animal lives on atoms and you live on ..until this maya ends from this earth to the many world’s seen and unseen Don’t fear it ..It’s Part of you Do your best in the world.

  23. I read the entire article very carefully and I really respect what it had been quoted. I also am very much open and frank to share my problem here with a desired reply as early as possible. I live in a decent middle-class home with my mom and dad. The thing is that my equation with dad is really worst. I am not able to accept him nor he is accepting as I am. We have a big age group i.e. I am 20 right now and he is 55. But the issue is there has been utter negativity and all I feel that I am facing up for my karmas. Lately since last 4 years I accept that I have beeb backanswering to things which are unacceptable. But also I have been taking care of him and been good to him generally. When the last quarrel happened, I wrapped up things up very swiftly. Now I planned to accept as him as it is. Soon in span of maximum 4 months I am starting up life on my own because of my career development and I shall be away from him. But the thing I want to ask is that, do I again have to face all this again ? I have been chastised by him nastily since day one of my birth. Do I have to face more of him in my next birth ? Please do reply.

    1. Harsh – find middle ground so that you can minimize arguments. Use a face-saving phrase to end an argument amicable. I will send a special personal reply to you. All the best – Murali

  24. Dear Sister,

    Your work is acceptable, well researched and of greater need than you know. The Liberator who last came as “Jesus” WAS Horus and many other personalities throughout the history of this planet. Since he found the way to freedom and taught it dramatically so it may stick in our minds do you think his brother from the Garden will sit idle and allow Man to free themselves by following the Liberator’s teaching? From Paul onwards the Liberator’s teaching has been doctored to mislead humanity and he has been discredited to the point that now many even claim that he never existed! Josephus had all the records on the Liberator obtained from the Sanhedrin who had received the same from Judas but he never mentioned Jesus in his history of the Jews. he did that on purpose. Reason? it should be obvious to you! Japanese history say they never invaded China! My dear sister in your work you have all the answers. You now have to start connecting the dots.

    1. Thanks, but I already have connected the dots. The “liberator” is not a real person. Horus was significantly a SOLAR MYTH, as is Jesus, explaining the ubiquity of these stories. They were not real people in history.

      Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness

  25. My Dear Sister, you have not changed a bit! After all the centuries you come back the same! Ra, Horus, Abram, Moses, Solomon, Krsna, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Mohamed, Tshaka, Napoleon and even Obama are all myths!

  26. to pastor’s wife,
    you asked a question that “Then tell me how a small ant can do any good or bad karma and get a better or worse birth next time?”
    See, only humans can perform any karma, not animals or insects etc. Insects etc do not get rewards or punishment for their deeds. Only humans do. Insects, animals etc do not have power to understand good or bad, sin (bad deeds) or good deeds. Only humans (not the mentally retarded)do.
    It is said that the insects, animals after their death keep on going to upper species till they reach the top most i.e. human specie. After becoming the human, it is upto his/her deeds to get freedom from life and death system or go to some lower specie or become human again.

    Rahul V

  27. Well explained Sir.

    I have a question …
    When does a soul join/ energise the physical body?
    Is it in Womb stage ? or After Birth ? or at the time of conception ?

    Please Reply

    1. HI Prabha – thanks for your comment. The moment of conception is the point in time when two entities necessary for a birth conjoin together and that is the point when energy is infused into the body. But it is so tiny at that time, it is not measurable by any of the available instruments. But, most perceptible mothers know the moment. It begins growing from that moment but it will take some time for us to be able take cognizance of the same. All the best

      1. Thank you for your quick reply.
        I have some more questions even…
        1. Once a soul departed from a body (after death) , how it gets travel to earth atmosphere ?
        2.Whether it will choose any object to get in temporarily ? And later it will choose new parents based on karma:-) (please correct me if I am wrong) ? long the departed soul can wait and join to new family in next birth ?
        4.whether a soul can wait till it gets the chance of rebirth to same family (if it deserves for human birth)?

        Sir..I am just curious on this topics.. Having lot of questions more 🙂

        Thank you once again

  28. I belive in Hinduisum ,i born as christian but i don’t want to die as a christian so i converted to Hinduisum and i can feel the GOD now. OM NAMA SHIVAYA NAMA HA .

  29. I born in hindubrahmin family , had 9 year experience in Budhisum , I can say bible is true, God Jesus Holy Spirit are true. (Now I m born again Christ ) thank God.
    People going back from Christianity they might have lack of right church or faith ..
    As Jesus not came on earth for to create religion , he came to make us to understand about him.
    In Hindu Veda Puranas also written about Jesus birth…
    So everything truth, only Jesus can complete our puzzles..
    Generation to generation truth got hide from us…
    Born in Christ family doesn’t mean people Christ …
    Same for me too …so I read Gita 3 times in life listen many times , practice hindusium sincerely same Budhisum ….
    End came to know truth and real salvation moksha concept only from/through Jesus .. Thank God…
    May god bless you all and open you guys eyes ,heart and mind so guys able to see ,meet listen to him and his truth…

  30. Re-incarnation is something that we just can’t wrap our mind around. In the contemporary world, it begs the question if it is even possible for us to be reincarnated as something or someone else. But this question is not something that has surfaced in the recent past, but has been researched and penned in our anicent spiritual tests of Hinduism. Found this amazing article that eloborates on the Re-incarnation as per Hinduism.

  31. logically it seems reincarnation is the program one follows , however who knows anything beyond this point as one one has even seen
    or experienced God its sort of all bling believe ( i am not atheist ) but person with questions to any dogmatic format

  32. I have always been an interest person in world affairs, but the pastors wife question is a very good one. how can an ant make any change in his “destination” As a devout Christian we do not use RIP because we feel that the soul is not alive, and won’t be until Judgement day, and that day will come in the near future. Yes we have a holy book which explains things in a detailed way. How can Hinduism be an accurate religion when there are so many different Gods.

    1. If RIP is not of Christian origin, then whose is it? Second it is a misconception that Hindus worship multiple gods. It is touted by those who dwell on the periphery of the religion. The fact is that Hinduism opines that God Almighty can be worshipped by any name or shape or no shape and no name. It is enunciated in Bhagavadh Geetha as well as many other scriptures. I translated Bhagavadh Geetha into English and it is available on You can look it up and find a reference for this in its 9th chapter. A right definition of God is given in Bhaagavatha in its 8th book,3rd chapter thus “God is neither neither a human bieng nor an animal nor a bird, nor an insect, nor a reptile, nor matter; God is neither a female, nor a male; nor a eunuch; God has no qualities, form or shape, no duties; God is that what is remaining after all this is eliminated.”

  33. Hello my name is Arun Saroj
    I wanted to hide myself,but due to certain point i have …..
    *i have seen (all major god of all religion-hindi,muslim,christ-and i am lucky one- by naked eye-not on dream)
    *I got one msg all god r same ,all have one main go.
    *Real God never take birth,birth r taken by child of god or servant of god.
    *majorly if u focused
    Muslim god is like giving warning to (in hindi we say akash wani-still didnot know who give it-but donot have power to kill)
    Christ god give peace of msg.
    Hindu finaly kill the evil/devil/monster/some innocent too
    * all r same
    *but there is one main God-he have no religion
    Religion r made by follower not by God
    *no one the main god
    *every religion book claim creater of universe
    *Name r changed maybe because- while spreading msg ,the name n due to languge barrier migth have changed main reason we r calling by different name.



    ******i want to know what will happen to those who complete the whole life cycle of birth. Where his soul n spirit goes???

  34. Sorry….will miss her(D.M MURDOCK/ACHARYA)
    I want her to take birth as same profile…..may god make her…
    Her research made to think realty…
    After reading her above post i became fan of her

    I am late to get main answer

    I wanted to hide myself,but due to certain point i have …..
    *i have seen (all major god of all religion-hindi,muslim,christ-and i am lucky one- by naked eye-not on dream)
    *In hindu Brahma is one God who never took birth(but in hindu we never consider him first main God(but consider main in group of god)but he is creater of god,there may be hardly 3 temple. But does not make him main god)
    *I have seen power n feel the power of god.
    *I got one msg all god r same ,all have one main goal .
    *Real God never take birth,birth r taken by child of god or servant of god.
    *majorly if u focused
    Muslim god is like giving warning to (in hindi/hindu we say akash wani-still didnot know who give it-but donot have power to kill)
    Christ god give peace of msg.
    Hindu finaly kill the evil/devil/monster/some innocent too
    * all r same
    *but there is one main God-he have no religion
    Religion r made by follower not by God
    *no one the main god
    *every religion book claim creater of universe
    *Name r changed maybe because- while spreading msg ,the name n due to languge barrier migth have changed main reason we r calling by different name.



    ******i want to know what will happen to those who complete the whole life cycle of birth. Where his soul n spirit goes???

    Who made dinosour it had same design as human/animal.(some had two leg some four leg).

    Before creation of human there is gap of 10 to 20 lakh of year from dinosour exist and human formation……

    Dinosur ruled more then core of year

    So do after end of human formation will be there any other form….first dinosur,then human,next_____…..

  35. That’s a nice post. There is an ancient story where Time gives a sermon on death.

  36. Hi acharya, I want to ask the question that soul take birth and rebirth based on their karma. But what happened when it all starts I.e. from the level 0. Why it enters to any body. There would be definitely a time when it’s Paap and punya was zero. Or you can say what will happen when all soul will be in stage of incarnation. Than for what purpose god send soul to this cycle.

    1. You are asking about the origin of creation and why the creation itself. This question is under research by the science. The religious answer is that the God has created this universe for his entertainment. Unfortunately, I do not have any convincing answer to your question better than this. We are able to under stand His actions but not His reasons.

      1. Dear Murali,
        From one aspect yes I’m asking for creation.
        Second aspect I want to know that once you got the moksha, what will be the soul stage. Is in that stage karma will be work with same method or it will stop. Stage in the sense deva or any upper stage.

        1. Let us take our discussion offline. I have sent an email to you with my explanation.

  37. I kind of agree with you. The only way to be released from this cycle of birth and death, is to create less karma. Whatever, you throws in this universe, it comes back to you. You keep throwing good or bad karma in the universe, and you will be standing there to receive all of them. So you need to create very less karma.


  39. my brother sarthak i used to call him tinny we were very close and he was the best brother in the universe he meant the world to me but unfortunately on 18-09-2017 he left me forever he was young just 27 he died in a accident aakal mrityue he had lot of unfinished work left here i didnt even had the chance to say good bye to each other we met for the last time in the gym did shoulders together did’nt knew will have to lift the heaviest of the weight for any men in a few days im broken and remember him every day most of the time he is always in my mind and i have a deep faith that he will come back as my son back to me can you tell me why aakal mrityu takes places and i have heard god is always merciful i have deep faith in god but it weakens now but i have faith in god when will god show mercy.

    1. We come into this world bringing with us the debts carried over from the previous births which include debts to be collected and the debts to be repaid. Once the debts are paid and collected, we depart from this life. We come into a specific family when there is a significant debt to be paid or collected from that family. Once the debt is collected or paid, we depart from this life. The Sanskrit slok “Runaanubandha roopena, pashu, pathni, sutha, aalaya describes this concept well. It means, that one begets household animals, the spouse, children and a house. Once the debt is cleared, they depart. God is neither merciful nor vengeful. God is justice. What God is, is described in the tenth chapter of Srimadh Bhagavadh Geetha. Since you are a Hindu, you may please read it. I am sorry for your grief and loss.

  40. i am very thankful for your reply murali but aakal mritue or acertain death in accident in young age is not normal i think that means that he had work left but died because of some mistake so there are chances that he comes back as my son as he respected me a lot and was very close to me and why does aakal mritue happens and i also want to know more about god and religion i have been a very spiritual person since i was a child and have a deep belief in god but it has shattered a bit at this time i keep on reading religious articles to gain inner strength.

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