The concept of Creation in Hinduism

The concept of Creation in Hinduism
by Murali Chemuturi

Let me begin by saying that, in reality, there is no religion called “Hinduism.” What we call Sanathana (ancient) Dharma (righteous conduct) is presently referred to as Hinduism. The word “Hindu” was coined by the Mlecchas (“Arabs/Egyptians”) to denote people residing on the eastern side of the river Sindhu (presently referred to as “Sind,” also called “Indus,” hence “Hindu”).

In Sanathana Dharma (“Hinduism”), the concept of the creation of the cosmos goes as follows: Originally the universe was in the shape of an egg, referred to as “Brahma Anda” (Brahma means “universe” and Anda means “egg”). Then the Goddess manifested herself. She is referred to as “Maatha” (“mother”) and “Adi Shakthi” (Adi means “first” and Shakthi means “energy” and “strength” put together). She created a trinity of masculine, named “Brahma,” “Vishnu” and “Maheshwara” (or “Shiva”).

“In Indian religion, the ‘first-manifest’ Goddess is called Maatha or ‘Mother’.”

Maatha entrusted each god of the trinity or trimurti (“three faces”) with an assignment. She entrusted Brahma with the work of creation. She entrusted Vishnu with the work of sustaining the creation. She entrusted the work of destruction of the creation when necessary to Maheshwara.

In order that their assignments are executed efficiently, Maatha created three Goddesses, named “Saraswathi,” “Lakshmi” and “Paarvathy” (also transliterated “Parvati“) She blessed Saraswathi with knowledge, learning and wisdom. She gave her to Brahma and told him, “Keep her on your side.” Brahma took Saraswathi and kept her beside him, as he went about creating the life in the universe.

Maatha blessed Lakshmi with wealth and gave her to Vishnu, telling him, “Keep her in your heart.” Vishnu took her, kept her in his heart, and went about the task of sustaining the life created by Brahma.

Maatha replicated herself in Paarvathy: That is, she blessed her with energy and strength. Maatha gave Paarvathy to Maheshwara and told him, “Make her part of yourself and give her half of your body to her.” Maheshwara took Paarvathy and gave half of his body to her. They both go about their task of destroying the life in the universe as and when required.

Then Adi Shakthi exploded the Brahma Anda (“universal egg”), which burst with the sound of “Oum” (also spelled “Aum” or “Om”). That is how the creation started.

Can you see the thread?

First in the creation was the universe in the shape of an egg. Then came the energy. The universe exploded due to the energy. From the energy, the aspects of creation, sustenance and destruction were born.

“In Hinduism, the ‘first manifest’ was a female, and the supreme being is also feminine.”

According to Sanathana Dharma (“Hinduism”), energy, strength, wisdom, and wealth are feminine in form. A man would be full only when united with the feminine. A man would be strong, energetic, wise or wealthy directly in proportion with the woman he is with. In this same regard, the “first manifest” was also feminine, and the supreme being also is feminine.

(Note from Acharya S: This essay by Murali Chemuturi reminds me of the discussion concerning the earliest “face of God” as hypothesized in Southern India: To wit, the Divine Mother who parthenogenetically (“virginally”) gives birth to the universe. See my article “World’s oldest religion honors Mother Goddess and nature.” See also my review of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity.)

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  1. You girls are always causing trouble …
    There’s that egg thing again … exploding into duality … again.
    I had a cat named Shiva. He destroyed everything. Guess he needed a girlfriend.

  2. Yin Yang
    It’s just another way of saying, that the Yin existed before the Yang. The Yin is considered the feminine, dark, passive -but not in the sense of submissive- idea and the Yang is the masculine, light, active aspect. Later this was pictured in anthropomorphic termn as Mother (Isis/Mary) and child (Horus/Jesus).

  3. Mother Goddess IS the cosmos
    the beautiful story of the “Hindu” creation is very similar to current scientific views of the origins of the egg-shaped universe, such as the big bang theory which created energy that formed stars and galaxies, which eventually gave birth to our solar system,then earth, then humanity…our universe is still expanding at enormous speed, according to astronomers and astrophysicists, so I guess our Mother Goddess is not yet finished…

    thanks for posting this Acharya

  4. Very nice.

  5. Hyacinth J chelat

    The concept of Creation in Hinduism
    Beautiful, & one of the most logical concept of creation- Thanks Acharya- For sharing it & enlightening us. Murali proud of you !!
    Generations before I was an hindu..& Bascically an what makes me feel happy, when the cream of the nectar of Hindu religion,is read and understood…. Its indeed a great relegion,way of life & culture most revered by Humanity.

  6. Great Minds of our time
    😀 Acharya S’s books are perhaps a few of the most liberating books of all time. Her research on the origins of world religions is something to be appreciated and doesn’t deserve derogation from either theists or atheists alike. I am raised in a Christian country and currently studying in a Catholic University. Acharya’s books showed me that religious attachment could be fatal because their judgement is clouded and to reduces responsibilities to the effect that God paved someone’s destiny. I am taught in sunday school that Jews are Gods chosen people before is because they live justly unlike their neighbors but upon reading CC, that belief is refuted. I am also taught that no historian is questioning Jesus’s existence but by WWJ, there are so much concealing done by early church fathers and CIE exposed the egyptian origiins of Christianity.

    Greetings from the Philippines

  7. Human qualities are neither male nor female, but shared by both sexes. Likewise, universal principles (i.e. gods) are not human but capable of being known by both men and women. It would be absurd to say that the creation of the universe was inherently feminine when there existed neither man nor beast. All this attributing genders and human traits to things such as rocks and energy smacks of a certain primitive childishness which is meaningless on its face.

  8. I love Hinuism
    Artpop is coming 😆 :woohoo:

  9. The concept that the feminine was first is totally true. I have experience this during my spiritual journey in different dimensions. It is the feminine energy who created the masculine 🙂

  10. Jacob Francis Ashrafi

    My only question on this concept of Hinduism is from where does the egg comes from? Why you leave that that God who send that egg? And who is he ? Giving egg is a job of animals then your God is animal, according to your believes?

    1. Many animals including rats give birth to babies and not eggs. Eggs are laid by birds mainly. Even in mammals, the life starts in an egg. But the egg grows inside the womb for mammals unlike the egg of birds which grows outside the womb. So, all animate life begins in an egg. Even in trees, the life begins in a pod which again is like an egg. So, first understand the concept of the egg in the right perspective. You say, “your God”. Do you mean to say there is a separate God for Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, Shintoists and so on each looking after His own flock and castigating the others? Are animals not part of God’s creation? Do you man to say that God created only human beings? Remove hatred from your mind and then the eyes of wisdom open for you. Then you can see the truth.

  11. Creation mystery will always be a mystery as long as this universe sustains itself. Different religions give their different views on it. Hinduism is quite open and embracing in accepting different creation theories in that it has not imposed any specific creation theory as other religions have done. Question of creation is thus open for a wise discussion. Hinduism has nonetheless provided clues as to the mystery of creation in its vast corps of texts.

  12. creation of universe according to Hindu is different and for Christian it is different theory and Muslims it is another theory.Whatever may be theories a super natural power is prevailing in the universe which we cant see or feel it.There exists supernatural power which cannot be feel or see that is God.

  13. Thanks Acharya i I also think so. We can see tree murti in a Atom where proton neutron electron are exist as Vishnu Brahma and Shiva. I want to ask you that what was need a creation if it will be destructed.please connect me.

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