The Book No Pope Would Want You To Read

With the recent news about the Catholic archdiocese in Los Angeles, California, covering up child-abuse crimes by its priestly authorities, it is time to highlight this brave book, which was edited by a very resolute and bold friend of mine, Tim Leedom. Editor also of the infamous best-seller The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read, Tim has included an article of mine in this latest work, The Book No Pope Would Want You To Read. My article is titled, “Christ: A Composite Character,” with some of my notorious lists of characteristics possessed by various gods in common with Jesus, e.g., Mithra and Krishna, included as part of the exposé of the Church’s fraudulent foundation nearly 2,000 years ago.

The Book No Pope Would Want You to Read is full of articles about crimes committed by the Catholic Church and by prominent Catholic authorities, including references to many news items of the past several decades. Some of these articles are written by credentialed experts such as doctors and lawyers, while others are by independent historians and mythologists.

We begin to hear of violence and other criminality within the Church almost from its inception, with a history of attacks on non-Christians such as Pagans and Jews, along with Catholic armies rampaging in various countries and engaging in crusades and inquisitions. These wars did not end in the Dark Ages but continued with Pope Pius XII’s collusion with the Nazis during World War II.

The Book includes a discussion of Vatican finances and money laundering of ill-gotten wealth.

Also exposed is the near-genocide of native peoples, as their cultures were almost destroyed, including language and religion/mythology that dates back many thousands of years.

Included too is a discussion of “Women and the Church,” and we can be assured that the picture isn’t pretty.

Next we read about how the Church has stifled scientific thought and advances. We are treated likewise to an analysis of the Church’s war on words, with numerous examples of how censorship has been applied to disallow speech and thought in opposition to Catholic doctrine. This censorship has extended, of course, to keeping a lid on the wanton pedophilia committed by countless priests against thousands of children globally over the past many centuries. In this regard, names are named and prominent churchmen outed, as editor Tim Leedom pulls no punches but comes out with guns blazing.

Child sex scandals

An activist for children’s rights, Leedom has made a dog for himself in this fight, having spent many years trying to get to the bottom of Catholic child/sex abuse in his local area of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California. In this regard, Tim is to be lauded for what appears to be success in his enduring battle – I’ve known him for 20 years, and he’s been doing this work since before then – as the local cardinal, Roger Mahony, has finally been proved to have covered up a legion of crimes committed in the jurisdiction of his archdiocese:

Cardinal Roger Mahony and Other Priests Shielded Child Molesters, Files Show

Church personnel files have revealed that retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and other top Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles officials kept parishioners in the dark, maneuvering behind the scenes to shield molester priests.

The confidential records filed in a lawsuit against the archdiocese disclose how the church handled abuse allegations for decades.

The files also reveal dissent from a top Mahony aide who criticized his superiors for covering up allegations of abuse rather than protecting children.

The exposé in Leedom’s book does not begin or end with California, however, as the notorious cases in Boston and elsewhere likewise are included.

The Book No Pope Would Want You to Read represents a horrendous litany of atrocities and abuses by people wielding seemingly unlimited power based on the false claim that they speak for, and operate on the orders of, the Almighty God of the universe.

From the “Preface”:

The Vatican, the Church, the Holy See, and the Pope… a day doesn’t go by that the Roman Catholic Church is not heard about in one form or another. For close to 2,000 years, the “Mother Church” has been a major factor in shaping the world’s history. As we know, history is not always joyous and inspiring. Quite to the contrary, history has been dark with wars, greed, poverty, suppression and inequity. No one force or element can be blamed for all the evils, nor be credited with progress, light and humanity.

However, one institution, the Roman Catholic Church, more than any other historical influence has lead to more crime, corruption and pain throughout modern history. As Steve Allen, the consummate Renaissance man of the arts, comedy and literature, said in an interview with me in 1994, “the Catholic Church is organized crime…a proverbial crime wave throughout history.”

“The Catholic Church is organized crime…a proverbial crime wave throughout history.”

–Steve Allen, American TV personality and freethinker

The following is a summary from the book’s website:

This book is an all in one expose of the Catholic Church and their leaders who have lied, cheated their parishioners and the world for 2000 years… This expose names names and takes no prisoners…gets past the infallibility claims and public relation campaigns that still go on…for Catholics, ex-Catholics and the world. The mafia, the drugs, weapons, molestations are not the work of the holy…but the work of criminals.

They killed innocent men, women and children. They burned women alive. They condemned science and sent scientists to jail or to death. They used torture to get false confessions. They collaborated with Mussolini, Franco and Hitler. They assisted in the escape of Nazi war criminals. They embezzled gold from Jewish holocaust victims. They abducted, tortured and killed 50,000 children. They spent over $1 billion in payouts to cover up their unending child molestations.

(Hey Tim, this book needs to be in Kindle/Nook and searchable inside both on Amazon and on Google Books. )

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  1. Recovering ex-Catholic


    🙁 😡

  2. That book sounds both intriguing and disturbing at the same time.
    The bit about the Catholic Church embezzling gold from Jewish Holocaust victims was new to me, but not too surprising considering the church’s horrific history.

  3. Top Irish Priest Sacked For Saying Jesus Did Not
    The latest travesty from the Catholic Church – Tom Brodie removed from his position after writing a book claiming Jesus did not exist. ([url][/url])

    says Fr Tom Brodie makes the claim in Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus.

    “The publication sparked fury in his order and he was removed from his post at the Dominican Biblical Institute in Limerick, which he helped set up.

    According to documents seen by the Irish Sun, the veteran scholar was also banned from any lecturing, teaching or writing while a probe is under way.

    It is understood Fr Brodie has questioned the existence of Jesus since the Seventies but had until now been unable to make his views public.”

    1. Awesome! “In the book, Fr Brodie insists many of Jesus’s acts were a rip-off of the Hebrew Bible or, in some cases, of earlier texts.”

      Sounds like my kinda guy. 👿

      He can set up shop on the internet – who needs the institution anyway? As we can see, all that does is tie one’s hands.

  4. About Pius XII
    About the specific case of Pius XII, it true that he appeared somewhat neutral about the holocaust, but it was only the public face of this Pope. In fact he was against the holocaust so that he helped a lot of jews:

    In January 1943, Pius declined to publicly denounce the Nazi discrimination against Jews, following requests to do so from Władysław Raczkiewicz, president of the Polish government-in-exile, and Bishop Konrad von Preysing of Berlin.[189] On 26 September 1943, following the German occupation of northern Italy, Nazi officials gave Jewish leaders in Rome 36 hours to produce 50 kilograms of gold (or the equivalent) threatening to take 300 hostages. Then Chief Rabbi of Rome Israel Zolli recounts in his memoir that he was selected to go to the Vatican and seek help.[190] The Vatican offered to loan 15 kilos, but the offer proved unnecessary when the Jews received an extension.[191] Soon afterward, when deportations from Italy were imminent, 477 Jews were hidden in the Vatican itself and another 4,238 were protected in Roman monasteries and convents.[192] Eighty percent of Roman Jews were saved from deportation.[193] Phayer argues that the German diplomats in Rome were the “initiators of the effort to save the city’s Jews”, but holds that Pius XII “cooperated in this attempt at rescue”, while agreeing with Zuccotti that the pope “did not give orders” for any Roman Catholic institution to hide Jews.[194]

    He was in a discomfortable position. If he openly said anything against the nazis, with the nazis occupying the city of Rome, a reprisal would be immediate. Don’t forget that nazis were used to reprisals, for example this one:

    Honestly, what would you do if you were in his shoes?

    1. Thank you.

      This “save the Jews” excuse sounds like something after the fact, of course, and it doesn’t explain the Nazi ratline via various Catholic authorities. Hard to believe the pope didn’t know about the ratline. ([url][/url])

  5. Save as many as you can…
    Acharya, go easy on Antonio Petrelli. I have read something similar many years ago when the Italian press was discussing that pope’s standing in helping the Jews of Italy. I am not saying that the pope was perfect but things were tough for all Italians at that time. Have you ever seen the movie”La Vita e’ bella” (Life is beautiful)–it won the Academy Award for best foreign picture. Italians when confronted with difficult issues try their best to adapt to circumstances–they are survivors as they have been for 2500 years. That pope tried his best to help as many as he could without causing a worst situation that would have occurred if he had been completely open in opposing a psychopath like Hitler. Maybe the answer should really come from those Italian jews that were saved and survived because they were sheltered in some church owned building!

    1. I see. I do believe I [i]did [/i]take it easy on him. 🙂

      I hope Italians will recognize increasingly that Christianity is based on a mythical figure and that the pre-Christian Roman religion possesses much fascinating information, including astrotheology.

      If they could get over the defense of Catholicism, they would discover an amazing and inspiring body of knowledge that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives.

      I keep uncovering all this good stuff, like a physical archaeologist digging through the dirt to discover fabulous treasures. This work simply cannot be done with such joy and inspiration if one is biased against pre-Christian religion and mythology.

      1. Well Acharya, I know well the Italian behavior and things have moved downward at a steady pace when it comes to strict adherence to Catholic demands. The young Italians might not be rejecting the idea of the Church but they are slowly moving away from participating to ritual requirements. Here is an article that gives a picture of surveys made in 2010–I imagine that with the expansion of the “electronic age” more young people will be joyning the religion of Facebook and Twitter and create new idols to worship!

  6. E Christopher Reyes

    Beliefs of Mankind
    B) Free Internet download; “Man’s Search For Spirituality” by E Christopher Reyes.

    Chronology of man’s beliefs. Did you know mankind believed in werewolves since the 3rd century B.C. E.?

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