1. wow, the first computer!
    Acharya, you are right! The Greeks were super advanced! Do you know that the founding formers of the USA (ie. the freemasons)based the building or America on the total culture of Greece! 🙂

  2. The Christian way
    At least a thousand years pass until this technology surfaces again. What is the reason? Christianity? No knowledge, no inquiry, destroy past knowledge, don’t ask questions, god will take care of all.
    It is sad that we have to deal with these types still.
    If Christians had their way we would still be applying leaches to wounds.

    1. Funny!

      You are aware, of course, that leeches are in fact useful in medicine? (Maggots that are good for wound cleaning.)

      I would wager that the practice long predates Christianity.

  3. What a close minded thought process
    Did you not listen to the facts of the story Chrestos? The mechanism was found on a Roman merchant ship on the bottom of the sea. I really doubt that over 1400 years ago a warship of anti-techno Christians attacked and sank the Roman boat full of Greek artifacts to destroy the clock. If you had listened to the story, you will hear that the technology had continued and simular clocks were made. It is just that in this case this gentleman and the Master Instrument maker had a replica of a clock that had simular technology 1400 years after this Antikythera Mechanism is thought to have been made.

    Unfortunately your statements demostrate how those that discriminate against religion are as ignorant as those who practiced or are practicing religious theism with naively (in the sense of being plain and straightforward) literal interpretations of sacred text.

    Just a note for you and those that share your view, religion was/is not the only reason for past anti-scientific movements. Objections came from other bases of society such as Politics ( both conservative and liberal), Philosophy, Sociology, and even the scientific and medical community it self.

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