The 2010 Astrotheology Calendar | A Review

stellar house publishingHistory has always been written by the victors. For nearly two thousand years, the victors in Western Civilization’s war for souls has been Christianity. They have forged artifacts, historicized past events, and rewritten history to suit the needs of those in power and in control of the clergy. The 2010 Astrotheology Calendar takes a significant step in recapturing this lost historical accuracy. So much of the history of Pagan religions, thought destroyed by the attempts of people such as Emperor Theodosius and the violent censuring mobs of Christian zealotry, is once again regained here in this wonderfully informative document.

Each day of each month reveals new celebrations that long predate Christianity and yet were usurped by the social engineering efforts that were so crucial to the Christian myth. For those interested in historical accuracy, and for those simply curious as to the origins of the many holidays that we take for granted today, The 2010 Astrotheology Calendar is a must have.

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The 2010 Astrotheology  Calendar
by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S & N.W. Barker

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  1. Review of the Astrotheology Calendar
    For those of us who want to learn more about the many religions shared by humanity over thousands of year, this calendar is a must have. Each day documents various holidays associated with religions around the world. The [i]2010 Astrotheology Calendar[/i] serves as a visual reminder of the connections between religions including Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

    I especially appreciated the information provided at the end of the calendar including explanations of the events listed for each month, as well as the cool stuff and interesting websites. Well done Acharya, and thanks for your all of your efforts!

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