Tens of thousands worldwide petition Iran to end child marriages

My latest Examiner article – please distribute widely. A little girl will undoubtedly thank you. Please also sign the petition and pass it around.

Tens of thousands worldwide petition Iran to end child marriages

A call to action at ThePetitionSite.com created by Christian Miller targets the Iranian government and requests that it not legalize the forced marriage of girls under the age of 10. The petition has garnered the signatures of many thousands of people worldwide, a number of whom have expressed outrage at the Islamic Republic’s move, which some consider to reflect an attitude towards female children as property and household slaves….


  1. Wonderful article! No more child marriages!

  2. mothman777
    An excellent report on a little-publicized issue. Obviously the government there is not fit for purpose if it is not sensitive enough to deal with this issue in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

    But then again the US allows Bill Gates to cripple 47,500 Indian kids with polio last year, and only one kid in 200 that is infected goes on to become crippled according to official WHO figures, so that means, that one in 17 of the 170,000 million so-called vaccinations given out by Bill Gates is actually infected with polio, equaling 9.5 million infected kids a year, using live attenuated polio virus, that would never be used in the US or Israel.

    Just the cheap poisonous crap is used on these kids deliberately with the express intention of causing long term damage to their health. And for every one of the 9.5 million kids infected by the polio in these cheap attenuated live virus vaccines, several others get infected with polio too. But you know what? Officially, since January 2012, not a single case of polio has been officially reported in India; that is because the disease is called something else to cover it up.

    That means that Bill Gates, and we know what religion he is a member of, gives 9.5 million kids a year polio in India deliberately, and God knows how many other diseases he vaccinates kids for in all countries of the world; he is certainly in a big rush to reduce world population by vaccination in a big, big way.

    Islam is a redundant experiment in changing spiritual and social culture, as are all Abrahamic religions; threatening people with ceaseless and eternal torture is the sick invention of the criminally insane, and has nothing whatsoever to do with God; and they should all be banned by law in any truly spiritual society.

    But then, when millions of Iranians die very soon from nuclear weapons, white phosphorus and other illegal experimental weapons, as were in fact used by the US and NATO in Iraq, as well as so-called DU (a complete misnomer, since the DU weapons are still very radioactive, and contain various radioactive isotopes), those Iranian kids will know suffering beyond anything their minds could conceive of in their worst nightmares. Our NATO governments are many times less fit for purpose than the Iranian government, as they regularly participate in the genocidal killing and maiming of others. We live in a sick nightmare hell planet run by the criminally insane; I am so very sorry. Hare Krishna.

  3. [quote]when millions of Iranians die very soon from nuclear weapons[/quote]
    And when is that going to happen? You’ve got some insider information about someone wanting to kill millions of Iranians? Please share it, as I’m sure my many Iranian friends would like to get their family members out of the country.

    [quote]Our NATO governments are many times less fit for purpose than the Iranian government, as they regularly participate in the genocidal killing and maiming of others. [/quote]
    FALSE. The Iranian government has been sponsoring terrorist attacks all over the world. It has funded entire wars, and it has enslaved its own people under one of the most evil regimes in history, by which thousands of Iranian people have been imprisoned, tortured, raped and killed. As this very post reveals, the IRI is interested in enslaving little girls as sex objects and household servants. It is also engaged in widespread sex slavery of other females ([url]http://www.examiner.com/article/inside-iran-s-sex-slave-industry[/url]) as well.

    Do you think the women of Iran want to live like they do? They were beaten into this demented existence by deranged “men.” Take a look at this link:

    Iranian women protesting against Islamic oppression ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV4ODjgFYLM[/url])

    Methinks thou hast been drinking the leftist Koolaid. Please do not EVER defend the disgusting and depraved Islamic Republic of Iran on my blog again. Like I say, I have many PERSIAN friends – some of them GRATEFULLY and PATRIOTICALLY living in America and Canada – who are horrified and appalled by this atrocious regime. They would find your remarks appalling.

  4. Ten years old …
    I sit here and wonder how even the most despicable religion and culture can begin to think of condoning the marriage of girls less than ten years old in the 21st century. And, damn, I hate to equivocate, but even our very own LDS church essentially condones the same thing. It seems that so much religion has become little more than a haven for pedophiles and other sexual perverts. Maybe it never was more than that. I guess once the clergy figured out that they could fool the dumbasses with the pomp, circumstance and bullsh*t and have all the sex they wanted with children, it was all over but the crying. My sister lived in Honduras for a number of years and observed that child sex slaves there were the main attraction for US Americans, Canadians and Europeans. There simply must be a lot of sick f*cks out there. But, to condone it as a national pastime and codify it into law is sickening beyond the pale.

    1. How utterly disgusting. How can these evil men live with themselves?

      And where is the omnipotent God while all these children are being raped all over the place?

      1. Certainly
        He/She created people like you who care, because certainly if saints like you fight such atrocities, god would be with us. But obviously that comment may be misconstrued , but point of fact ; god sure aint showing up through religion , mabye god will only show through actions not cerimony ! The real God not a false one. One that gets up and gets stuff done. Like I know, stupid god believer here, sooo, you don’t know my god but I do, and he loves the actions Acharya takes to bring justice to the world! Oh and my god does not care for religion, or selFISHness of certain misrepresentation made by liars and theives who preach an easy way to life and lack of accountability . My god loves you all and it’s free , no conversion, no tithes , mutilation, or bleeding, or doing anything that resembles religious practice with the exception too religiously stomp out stupid and lazy philosophy that benefits no good cause.- Peace and love y’all

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