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Why are young people leaving religion in droves?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because the standard religious beliefs and practices globally are irrational, illogical, ineffective, intolerant, guilt-inducing, fear-promoting, bigoted, sexist, divisive, hateful, cruel and violent? I have little doubt that this healthy and welcome move away from religious fanaticism is due significantly to the American Constitution and secular ideals of our freethinking Founding Fathers. […]

Re-thinking American policy toward Egypt: How the U.S. should approach the current turmoil

By Tawfik Hamid www.tawfikhamid.com The recent violence that erupted in Cairo was an inevitable result of the recent illegal declaration by President Morsi. This declaration essentially concentrated all governmental powers (executive, legislative, and judicial) in his own hands. This dictatorial act, which is eerily reminiscent of the Nazi power grab in 1930s Germany, has created […]

Ron Paul for President?

I posted the following video on Facebook, and a number of people jumped all over me and Dr. Paul, making rather unseemly accusations that have little basis in reality. My original comment was: I thought Ron Paul was excellent here, while MSNBC’s Chris Matthews played devil’s advocate. Paul is not stumping for anarchy but for […]

What about 9/11?

imagine no religion

Over the years, many people have asked me about my opinion as concerns the atrocity of 9/11. My answer has always been short and sweet. Here I will lay it out in a longer manner. This post was prompted by someone challenging me over my take on Islamic fundamentalism, specifically as concerns the alleged Fort […]

Islamerica on its way?

Nothing to see here – move along now. A group of black Muslims converted in prison is agitating for an Islamic state within the U.S., replete with weapons and attacks on the federal government. Mainstream Muslims must be thrilled to have such individuals representing their faith!  I am certain they will come out in droves […]

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