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Egyptian Muslim cleric: ‘When I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and buy her’

Egyptian-American activist Raymond Ibrahim has written an article discussing remarks by “popular” Egyptian Muslim cleric Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini justifying the invasion, plunder and rape of non-Muslim lands, in order to enrich Muslims. Ibrahim also cites recent cases of this behavior, justified by Islamic doctrines, as put forth by such preachers as al-Huwaini. In a speech […]

Orthodox Jewish sexual abuse

haredi jews

This post following on the heels of one about sexual enlightenment seems appropriate. In the tightknit “Ultra-Orthodox” Jewish community there has been a dirty little secret for a quite a while, which is rampant sexual abuse by men of women and girls. It’s basically the same ol’ same ol’: Sexual repression increases obsession and perversion. […]

Osho: Sex is sacred

osho speaks on sex sacred

Here’s an issue that really needs to be discussed. Within the realm of religious fanaticism, sex is often given a bad name. Some religions/cults have the most appallingly perverse attitude towards sex that it takes the breath away. Without naming names, these cults of oppression and death are at once obsessed with sex and incredibly […]

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