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Why are young people leaving religion in droves?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because the standard religious beliefs and practices globally are irrational, illogical, ineffective, intolerant, guilt-inducing, fear-promoting, bigoted, sexist, divisive, hateful, cruel and violent? I have little doubt that this healthy and welcome move away from religious fanaticism is due significantly to the American Constitution and secular ideals of our freethinking Founding Fathers. […]

Rhode Island student follows American Founders, gets hate speech, death threats

Bring back the witch burnings! The brouhaha involving Rhode Island high school student Jessica Ahlquist, 16, who requested her school remove a prayer banner invoking ‘”Our Heavenly Father,” serves to illustrate how the ideals of the American Founders have been trampled and corrupted by religious fanatics in this country. Ahlquist made a simple request to […]

Obama and religion

Someone has asked why President Obama is so focused on religion, constantly attempting to appease it, it seems, even when the most base and foul faiths human beings have come up with. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I suppose that he makes these gestures because he understands what a disruptive and divisive […]

‘We don’t do God’

A Christian group in the UK was asked to remove adverts for their upcoming “green” meeting–the organizing of green gatherings within the Christian movement is in itself big news–because the signs mentioned Christians and God. While I am all for making sure church and state remain perfectly separate, based on past abuses, I certainly hope […]

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