• April 21, 2024

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gets schooled!

A Church/State Lesson for Duck Dynasty by Freethinkaluva Dear Mr. Phil Robertson: I’ve been a fan of the┬áDuck Dynasty show, which I thought was very funny, so I am disappointed in your now-notorious comments regarding gays and the church-state issue. In the video of your speech at the Republican Leadership…

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Why are young people leaving religion in droves?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because the standard religious beliefs and practices globally are irrational, illogical, ineffective, intolerant, guilt-inducing, fear-promoting, bigoted, sexist, divisive, hateful, cruel and violent? I have little doubt that this healthy and welcome move away from religious fanaticism is due significantly to the American Constitution and secular ideals…

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Supreme Court challenge to Church & State separation?

Please see my latest Examiner article – Supreme Court challenge to Church & State separation? “While I do not generally engage in criticism of individuals, I have to say that one of my least favorite Supreme Court Justices during the many years I have been a sentient adult is Antonin…

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