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Adam and Eve a myth?

The NPR article below explains that Christian scholars are being forced to reconsider the account of Adam and Eve in the Bible, largely because of genetic studies. If Adam is mythical, then the Bible is incorrect and not “inerrant.” Moreover, the New Testament traces Jesus’s family lineage to the (fictional) Adam. (Lk 3:38) Based on […]

Mistranslating the Bible to whitewash thorny scriptures

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Here’s a short excerpt from the book I am currently editing and will be publishing relatively soon. Man Made God is by the great mythologist Barbara G. Walker, who thoroughly demonstrates the massive injustice committed against ancient goddess-worshipping peoples by the Abrahamic, male-dominant cultus.  Included in this manmade cultural domination is the ongoing attempt at […]

Cherry-picking religion

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Thomas Jefferson, questioning the miracles of the New Testament while approving of some of Jesus’s moral sentiments, produced a thin volume called The Jefferson Bible, edited literally with a razor and paste. Jefferson removed many of the contradictions, atrocities and absurdities from the Bible and, in the end, there weren’t many pages left. In Evidence […]

Jihad for Jesus!

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The Arab word “jihad” has a number of meanings, including the one that symbolizes “holy war” and that many globally are feeling. In a reverse jihad – part of an old holy war – it has been revealed that in the sighting scopes of American soldiers’ rifles appear passages from the Bible. These scriptures are […]

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