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The Mythicist Position and Astrotheology

The Mythicist Position: “Mythicism represents the perspective that many gods, goddesses and other heroes and legendary figures said to possess extraordinary and/or supernatural attributes are not “real people” but are in fact mythological characters. Along with this view comes the recognition that many of these figures personify or symbolize natural phenomena, such as the sun, […]

What is a mythicist?

Christ Myth

Just as declaring oneself an atheist does not make one automatically an expert in religion, seeing Jesus as a myth does not make someone an automatic expert in Christian origins. There are many people calling themselves “mythicists” – i.e., someone who views various biblical/supernatural figures as mythical, not historical – who are not experts in […]

The Mythicist Position | Mythicism

Here is my video on the Mythicist Position or Mythicism. Freethinkaluva and Vega (Allan Jones) helped me put this together, so many thanks to them! “Well done!” “Acharya’s video ‘The Mythicist Position | What is Mythicism?’ helps introduce the mythicist position to the masses, and for that I’m thankful. We can already see from online […]

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