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This could be YOU!

Frightening. But be sure to keep allowing in thousands of illegal immigrants, who are costing the system tremendously! As Frosty Wooldridge says, “Illegal aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion dollars last year according to Harvard Professor George Borjas.” If you would like to know more about the costs of […]

Lindsay Lohan the Christ?

Lindsay lohan on the cross

I have posted a new Examiner article about the brouhaha concerning Lindsay Lohen in a “Christlike pose.” Lindsay Lohan crucified – in more ways than one This past week Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, a former child star now known for various excesses, was revealed on a French magazine cover in a pose that suspiciously resembled […]

Beer is my savior

I am a confirmed beerophile. I love unpasteurized local micro brews, not only for their taste but also for their abundance of nutrition, both physical and spiritual. Hence, a well-made organic beer is one of my sacraments. If I were in a fanatical Muslim country, of course, I would be denied my holy sacrament, in […]

Writer’s Guidelines

Writers’ Guidelines for Freethought Nation Thanks for coming on board! We hope you enjoy your time at Freethought Nation! Content While the term “freethought” in my mind is designed to give a great deal of leeway in the subjects we would like to see covered at Freethought Nation, there need to be some guidelines as […]

Don’t mess with this Jew!

Wow!  Here’s a guy who destroys stereotypes.  If you ever thought that Jewish people were not particularly athletic, apparently the Russians are producing a new breed. Igor Olshansky is the 6’6″ 315-pound defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys who is also a Russian Jew. He is not “observant” but nevertheless has two Stars of David […]

Write for Us!

We are looking for volunteer guest writers of a like mind who are interested in having their work seen by Freethought Nation readers. Guest writers may promote their own websites and books in their articles, to a certain extent. If you feel you are likeminded and would like to contribute to Freethought Nation, and you […]

Welcome to Freethought Nation!

Greetings and salutations. We at Freethought Nation are pleased to announce our newly redone site, which has been designed to create what we hope will become a global hub for freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, secularists and humanists, as well as aficionados of history, religion, mythology, mythicism, astrotheology, archaeoastronomy, nutrition, environmental issues and assorted other fascinating subjects. […]

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