• April 21, 2024
Christ Myth

The Great Jesus Debate goes mainstream

The Great Jesus Debate is now in the MSM at The Washington Post. Unfortunately, the article by Raphael Lataster cites the snippy Richard Carrier, as well as Bart Ehrman and Maurice Casey, all of whom have attacked and defamed me rather viciously. Of course, there is no mention of their…

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Christian book admits Jesus mythicism is having unprecedented influence

In January 2013, biased New Testament scholar Maurice Casey published an anti-mythicist rant called Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths? The book contemptuously misrepresents my work in a string of ad hominem attacks and fallacies. Of course, I’ve addressed a significant portion of his arguments already, but he’s willfully…

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Ken Humphreys on the ‘New Apologists’ desperately seeking the Son of God

The illustrious Ken Humphreys has spoken on the subject: “Joseph Hoffmann – biblical scholar ‘par excellence’ or arrogant know-it-all? Maurice Casey – out in the sun too long?” Ken makes many good points here, especially in exposing the bizarre wishy-washy behavior by R. Joseph Hoffman, a “lapsed Catholic” who once…

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