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Battling global #infidelophobia

Every day around the world, we read about examples of blatant infidelophobia, in which non-Muslims are harassed, beaten, imprisoned, tortured, raped and murdered purely because they are not followers of Islamic fundamentalism. Also abused and killed regularly are Muslims who are deemed not fanatical enough, such as the Ahmadiyyas, or who follow a different sect, […]

Muslim spokesman: 90% of the victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims

Canadian Muslim Congress spokesman Tarek Fatah speaks volumes of pure, refreshing truth! THANK YOU! In response to the Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s remarks about “Islamicism” being the greatest terrorist threat to Canada, Fatah says: The comments of Prime Minister Harper should be saluted. He’s the first Western leader who has come up with the clarity […]

The Lies of Infidelophobia

There is an article being spread far and wide around the internet called “The Lies of Islamophobia” by someone named John Feffer. The article is full of falsehoods, half-truths and misapprehensions, basically accusing the West of bringing on Islamic terrorism (“blowback”) and insinuating that those who are concerned with Koranically induced violence are not only […]

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