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Josephus forgery on Jesus

Here’s a neat little paragraph succinctly summarizing one of the many problems with the passage in the works of the Jewish historian Josephus used to “prove” the historicity of Jesus Christ, called the “Testimonium Flavianum”: “Its brevity disproves its authenticity. Josephus’ work is voluminous and exhaustive. It comprises 20 books. Whole pages are devoted to […]

The Great Noah’s Ark Hoax

In case you somehow missed my latest Freethought Examiner article, here it is!  Please read, enjoy the comments – phew! – and leave a few yourself. The Great Noah’s Ark Hoax The reasons for doubting this alleged discovery are many, including the plethora of previous purported “arks” dating back centuries, a fact that immediately causes […]

The Roots of Distrust, Part 1

I was raised Roman Catholic. My mother was from a religiously strict Irish Catholic upbringing and believed most of the literal translation of the Bible. Offenses and even atrocities committed by the Catholic Church were ignored in my family. Any questions about religion that included the words “how do we know” were answered by “you […]

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