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Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ remark fuels women’s increasing skepticism of religion

I’m all broke up! Women, please leave these idiotic male-dominant cults in droves NOW!!! They are manmade, FALSE and destroying the world. ‘Legitimate rape’ remark fuels women’s increasing skepticism about religion A roar has erupted over the now-famous phrase “legitimate rape,” Rep. Todd Akin’s clumsy attempt to justify fundamentalists’ justification of strict anti-abortion measures. Echoing […]

Who needs men?

Margaret Battye

An interesting article about how society does much better when women are more actively involved. My post title is tongue in cheek, as I’m quite fond of men. My take of nations thriving under female empowerment is not as competitors with men but as complementaries in steering the Earth Ship. Perhaps because life is not […]

Korean bhikkhunis unveiled

No, that’s not a misspelling of “bikinis.” It refers to a female Buddhist monk. Naturally, the females must do more penance in order to attain to enlightenment. In fact, it’s generally taught that women must reincarnate as men to become Buddhas, the penis being all important in this quest, apparently. Korean bhikkhunis, creating a culture […]

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