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Free Hawaii!

There’s a resistance and sovereignty movement for self-determination and self-governance by Hawaiian natives that few people know or seem to care about. These natives of Hawaii resent the “prolonged military occupation” of their islands as a result of the “‘U.S. armed invasion and overthrow’ of the Hawaiian monarchy.” These “invaders” have taken over large swathes […]

Climatologist: Tar sands exploitation a ‘huge mistake’ and environmental ‘game over ‘

In a report published by Columbia University in June 2011, climatologist Dr. James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Center for Space Flight, criticizes the U.S. push to exploit the Canadian tar sands for oil production, via the “Keystone Pipeline.” In “Silence is Deadly,” Hansen remarks: The U.S. Department of State seems likely to […]

Religion going green

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Good news from the religion front for a change. When I first started online almost 15 years ago, Christian fundies largely ruled the airwaves and spewed invective at “tree huggers” and “hippies,” who were the only people conceivable (by them) to be involved in environmentalism. I once got into a loud fracas with a rabid […]

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