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What is ‘your’ religion?

An exchange on my Freethought Examiner article “Pope further damages Church reputation with Shroud claim” brought up a recurring issue regarding religion and culture: To wit, what is “your” religion and/or culture? Is it really “yours?” Did you create it?  Or was it put upon you from the outside? In the latest incident to remind […]

Religion and mental illness

image of an Italian monk wearing

I have many religious friends who are clearly not mentally ill. They like to fool themselves into acceptance of their religion by denial that their religion promotes unethical and at times horrific actions, not to mention the acceptance of supernatural occurrences without a smidgen of evidence. There is a wide range of this self delusional […]

More religiously based sexual abuse

tony alamo sex crimes sentence

And here’s yet another example of how religion has been used to create a depraved view of human sexuality. As I’ve commented in other posts, the repressive and unenlightened perception of sex within fundamentalist religious ideologies produces obsession and perversion. This time the deranged sexuality comes from the Christian quarters, although this notorious character “Tony […]

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