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Muslim spokesman: 90% of the victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims

Canadian Muslim Congress spokesman Tarek Fatah speaks volumes of pure, refreshing truth! THANK YOU! In response to the Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s remarks about “Islamicism” being the greatest terrorist threat to Canada, Fatah says: The comments of Prime Minister Harper should be saluted. He’s the first Western leader who has come up with the clarity […]

Climatologist: Tar sands exploitation a ‘huge mistake’ and environmental ‘game over ‘

In a report published by Columbia University in June 2011, climatologist Dr. James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Center for Space Flight, criticizes the U.S. push to exploit the Canadian tar sands for oil production, via the “Keystone Pipeline.” In “Silence is Deadly,” Hansen remarks: The U.S. Department of State seems likely to […]

Canada caters to Islamic ‘radicals’

No special treatment here: “Oh, and there’s something else funded by Canadian taxpayers:   Harems! Hundreds of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Muslim men in polygamous marriages are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses.” America should follow suit – and keep letting in all the resource-sucking illegals.  We will soon be in shambles, […]

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