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Buraq Obama

Buraq Obama Burqa

Obviously, this is art, a humorous commentary, a play on words: Barack => Buraq => Burqa. This image reflects Obama’s obsequious and largely fallacious or exaggerated remarks regarding Islam’s contributions to the world, which is a very perilous position to take, encouraging fanatical followers of one of the most dangerous and murderous ideologies ever devised […]

Ban the Burka?

women burkha burka burqa veil

As I said in my last burkha post: To be a good Muslim woman…she must not: have a job wear anything but Muslim clothing, including hijab, niqab, chador, abaya or burkha drive associate with non-Muslims/infidels What we discover, therefore, is exactly what Islam means for a woman: Debilitation and isolation.  And that demoralized and derogated […]

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