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Women in Buddhism

My latest Examiner article.  Please read, comment there and pass around! Women in Buddhism In August 2010, the Dalai Lama made a somewhat astonishing statement that he could be replaced in his leadership role by a woman, even though he clarified that she “should be attractive.” Ignoring the howls of feminists about that last bit, […]

Korean bhikkhunis unveiled

No, that’s not a misspelling of “bikinis.” It refers to a female Buddhist monk. Naturally, the females must do more penance in order to attain to enlightenment. In fact, it’s generally taught that women must reincarnate as men to become Buddhas, the penis being all important in this quest, apparently. Korean bhikkhunis, creating a culture […]

The Buddhist ‘crucifixion’

In my forum, I have posted some fascinating information concerning the crucifixion/impalement of a Buddhist figure as depicted in ancient texts. I related this episode in my “Origins” article, which I have updated with some more clarifying material. The Buddhist “crucifixion” Please be aware that I post much of my ongoing research to the Freethought […]

Buddhist sexism

buddhist nuns

As much as I like various of the notions of Buddhism, it is guilty of the typical organized religious sexism and misogyny, largely traceable to this notion: “From what I have heard in Bana preaching by Buddhist monks, a woman could become a Buddha if during her journey through Sansara she accrues sufficient merit to […]

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