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Bible morality or depravity?

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(Following are biblical verses compiled by independent comparative religion scholar and Freethought Nation guestwriter Barbara G. Walker, concerning the supposed “morality” of the Bible. The paraphrases and commentary are Barbara’s, while the original verses are linked. For more of Barbara’s Bible investigations, see MAN MADE GOD, especially the section on Bible Studies.) BIBLE MORALITY (King […]

Adam and Eve a myth?

The NPR article below explains that Christian scholars are being forced to reconsider the account of Adam and Eve in the Bible, largely because of genetic studies. If Adam is mythical, then the Bible is incorrect and not “inerrant.” Moreover, the New Testament traces Jesus’s family lineage to the (fictional) Adam. (Lk 3:38) Based on […]

Swiss police arrest Hindus over proposed Bible, Koran burning

In Switzerland, three Hindu fundamentalists tried to invoke Agni the fire god to destroy anti-human and children-abusing hate speech. In this quest, they wanted to burn Bibles and Korans, which are loaded with such hate speech, targeting non-believers, women and all manner of other ethnicities and living creatures. The Hindus’ planned religious ceremony was stopped […]

The Great Noah’s Ark Hoax

In case you somehow missed my latest Freethought Examiner article, here it is!  Please read, enjoy the comments – phew! – and leave a few yourself. The Great Noah’s Ark Hoax The reasons for doubting this alleged discovery are many, including the plethora of previous purported “arks” dating back centuries, a fact that immediately causes […]

Religion and mental illness

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I have many religious friends who are clearly not mentally ill. They like to fool themselves into acceptance of their religion by denial that their religion promotes unethical and at times horrific actions, not to mention the acceptance of supernatural occurrences without a smidgen of evidence. There is a wide range of this self delusional […]

Source of Bible tale discovered?

Archaeologists working in Turkey found a tablet dating to around 670 BCE that “could have served as a model for the biblical description of God’s covenant with the Israelites.” What this discovery suggests, of course, is that the biblical tale does not represent “history” or “facts” but is a rewrite, borrowing or plagiarism of this […]

Mistranslating the Bible to whitewash thorny scriptures

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Here’s a short excerpt from the book I am currently editing and will be publishing relatively soon. Man Made God is by the great mythologist Barbara G. Walker, who thoroughly demonstrates the massive injustice committed against ancient goddess-worshipping peoples by the Abrahamic, male-dominant cultus.  Included in this manmade cultural domination is the ongoing attempt at […]

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