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Blasphemy laws around the world

Anti-blasphemy legislation still exists in many countries around the world, including those dominated not only by Islam but also by Christianity. You’d be surprised at how many countries have blasphemy laws, even supposedly civilized “Western” nations! Americans, count yourselves lucky to have the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and do NOT take it for […]

The conceit of belief

While I’m not too crazy about the arrogance and conceit expressed by the “New Atheist Movement,” as it manifests itself on a regular basis among “militant atheists” who smugly call themselves “brights” and rabidly deem believers “idiots” and so on, I have always been more struck by the arrogance and conceit of believers in whatever […]

Absurd vs Obvious explanations

The more unbelievable a thing is to be believed the more believed it will be. How awful. From “I can’t find my socks” being total bullshit to “an Invisible pink unicorn just ran his pointy horn through my buttocks” – hmm, I can see that one happening – is so utterly ridiculous that I sometimes […]

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