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Why are young people leaving religion in droves?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because the standard religious beliefs and practices globally are irrational, illogical, ineffective, intolerant, guilt-inducing, fear-promoting, bigoted, sexist, divisive, hateful, cruel and violent? I have little doubt that this healthy and welcome move away from religious fanaticism is due significantly to the American Constitution and secular ideals of our freethinking Founding Fathers. […]

America’s homeless children

So very sad. America’s becoming a Third World country. I wish there were an “Extreme Makeover: Village Edition,” in which not just one home is decked out wastefully and outrageously but whole towns are renovated, inexpensively but efficiently, using environmentally friendly/green methods and materials. “The American Dream is durable, and there is something about growing […]

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