States move to legalize pot

medical marijuana cannabis hemp potIn consideration of the terrible cost all around because of the Draconian anti-cannabis laws, it is about time Americans look for an alternative.

What a complete and total destructive waste this prohibition has been, not the least of which because of the related hemp issue, which would have given us biofuel, paper and so much more if unsavory individuals hadn’t destroyed the hemp industry. One result? OIL, bringing with it physical pollution and spiritual toxicity, the latter of which in the form of “radical” Islam, which is in reality classical Islam. If it hadn’t been for the oil industry, there would be no global threat of Islamic domination.

The cannabis ban has been a disaster on many levels, especially the cost to individuals and their families who have been incarcerated under the anti-pot laws. Then there’s the fact of the drug gangs destroying national parks.

High expectations? States weigh marijuana reform

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington is one of four states where measures to legalize and regulate marijuana have been introduced, and about two dozen other states are considering bills ranging from medical marijuana to decriminalizing possession of small amounts of the herb.

“In terms of state legislatures, this is far and away the most active year that we’ve ever seen,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance, which supports reforming marijuana laws.

Nadelmann said that while legalization efforts are not likely to get much traction in state capitals anytime soon, the fact that there is such an increase of activity “is elevating the level of public discourse on this issue and legitimizing it.”

“I would say that we are close to the tipping point,” he said. “At this point they are still seen as symbolic bills to get the conversation going, but at least the conversation can be a serious one.”

Opponents of relaxing marijuana laws aren’t happy with any conversation on the topic, other than keeping the drug illegal….

That’s just too bad for them.  Perhaps they should be billed for the high cost to humanity this  irrational and unscientific prohibition will mean in the long run.

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  1. Everyone at Power Essence supports 100% legalization of cannabis. We can pull the plug on black-market profits if all drugs were legalized and we treated abuse as a medical issue and not a criminal issue. Cannabis legalization/decriminalization is a step toward that. Who benefits from illicit drugs? Of course, organized crime benefits and they’ll do anything to keep their incomes from the drug trade, but some aspects of law enforcement benefits too. Bullies in law enforcement continue to have an outlet for their control freakiness and they generate funds from selling seized property. A ‘war’ on drugs will never be won. It really is time for society to evolve regarding the cannabis issue.

  2. Hurray! It’s about time!

  3. Legalize Pot
    Is there a rational case for legalization of all drugs? Most drugs are sold in drug stores as it is now. We have ‘Druggests’! :dry: Criminal types are now encouraged to flourish through drug sales with increased violence.
    Drug sales of current illegal drugs, must be tightly regulated for sales and, a heavy tax on them for drug prevention, education, cures, etc. Legalized drugs will create a new monster but, at the same time, kill a present monster. Conscious people don’t need drugs. Unconscious types unfortunately, need them less. Your innocent children today will be more likely to be drug users – deal with that! Frequent use of pot has many, many problems that accompany it. Consciousness becomes ‘redefined’ by pot users which eliminate certain ‘prime manifestations’ of more conscious, loving people. Personally, I have NO interest in excessive users of alcohol or use of cigarettes and pot living in my
    ‘spiritual environment. There should be methods to ‘judge’ drug impairment as they do with % of alcohol.
    Will shake up some of the ‘same ole, same ole’ status quo!

  4. I know I said would not comment but.
    I this happens all over the country “I doubt it” don’t let the intellectual infants abuse it by getting high all the time! As with every thing use in moderation or become a slave of your own weak will and habits!

  5. Damn dirty Washington insider politics all the way! The Doritos & hackey sack lobby are clearly pushing this!

  6. Now everyone hold your breath!
    Seriously don’t exhale! soon it will be a crime as well! Why, I here tell the Queen and Al Whore-sorry Gore want us all taxed for breathing their atmosphere 😡 sorry I must be tripping B) :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: 😛 🙂 ❗

  7. Prohibition is far more harmful than legalization
    Prohibition creates a black market and therefore an industry for criminal activity. Drugs are much easier to obtain when there are no ID checks. When I was in high school I was not able to obtain alcohol because it was regulated and wasn’t old enough to purchase it. But I could sure enough get any drug I wanted. The legalization and regulation of alcohol in 1933 eliminated a black market (or bootlegging industry) because there is no money in it for the crooks. It will do the same for pot if it happens.
    In addition pot is harmless. Especially when compared to nicotine or alcohol. On SHOWTIME’s documentary America’s War on Drugs they showed a lot of data that demonstrated the harmlessness of pot.
    Due to my career I wouldn’t be able to partake. But I certainly don’t begrudge anyone else’s right to partake of the completely natural experience of getting high high high.

  8. Drug posession
    In Argentina drug is illegal but not the posession of small quantities for personal use, but, on the other way anybody found in posession of drugs is not asked for who sold it.
    Evidently this is a way drug merchants assure their market.
    I disagree with peple who say drug is’nt harmfull; that’s another advertisement made by drug providers.

  9. Hmmm
    You mean like Bayer, Baxter, Lilly, Abbott Etc.Etc.? I don’t think something natural is as harmful as something made from Petro Chemicals, do you? But if some idiot goes out and does something stupid it is because they are! :whistle: :woohoo:

    I guess you do not believe in freedom of choice do you? Carlos

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