Spain apologizes for killing of Jews

So long as the fallacious charge of “Christ-killers” can be tossed about, Jews will remain in danger. Since the New Testament character “Jesus Christ” is demonstrably a mythical figure and the gospel story does not represent “history” in which the gentle Son of God was hideously murdered by snarling Jews, the latter can be absolved of such unseemly charges. In consideration of all the trauma this fraud has caused, one would think Jews would readily embrace this real “good news” of Jesus mythicism.

Spanish official gives first formal apology for Inquisition

A Spanish official has given what is being heralded as the country’s first formal apology for the Inquisition’s killing of Jews.

On the island of Mallorca, where 37 Jews were killed in 1691 for secretly practicing Judaism, the regional president offered the apology at a May 5 memorial service in the city of Palma.

“We have dared to gather here to recognize the grave injustice committed against those Mallorcans who were accused, persecuted, charged and condemned to death for their faith and their beliefs,” the Balearic Islands regional president, Francesc Antich, told a crowd of 130, according to an Associated Press report….

When the Inquisition was launched in 1492, Spain’s Jews either left the country or converted to Catholicism. Many “conversos” continued to practice Judaism in secret, and were punished severely if caught.

On Mallorca, 82 conversos were condemned in 1691. Thirty four were publicly garroted, and their bodies were burned in bonfires. Another three, including a rabbi, were burned alive.

It is believed that about 15,000 descendants of conversos live on Mallorca today. Almost all are Catholic.

In Majorca, Atoning for the Sins of 1691

PALMA, MAJORCA — The old stones of the historic quarter of the Spanish island of Majorca are worn smooth with secrets ignored by most tourists that pour into this city from cruise liners on the sparkling Mediterranean.

Rarely do visitors come with missions as precise as Joseph Wallis and a small contingent of Orthodox rabbis from Israel: To touch the smooth sandstones of a 14th-century synagogue turned into a Roman Catholic church. To offer a special 15th-century version of the Kaddish, a prayer for the dead that was once forbidden under threat of death and was delayed for 320 years.

They gathered Thursday for a memorial, the first by a local regional government in Spain, to confront a dark legacy of buried memories. Jews, who secretly practiced their forbidden religion during the Inquisition, were burned here in Gomila Plaza in a “bonfire of the Jews” in May 1691, and the descendants of Jews who converted were subject to discrimination that flourished even into the 20th century.

It was “our worst sin,” said Francesc Antich, regional president of the Balearic Islands, who stopped short of issuing an apology for the killings of 37 people, three of them burned alive, including Rabbi Wallis’s ancestor, Rafael Valls. “Memory opens wounds, but also helps to serve justice. The time has come to close these wounds that have bled generation after generation.”…


    While it’s a nice sentiment to bash the Catholics for their treatment of the Jews during the Middle Ages – since we know that there was no Christ and they are living a lie by believing that there was – shouldn’t we also be condemning the Jews for their equally irrational belief in the ancient myths that are the basis for Judaism?

    Just look at the problems we face in the Middle East where Jewish Palestinians fight over several square miles of dirt with their non-Jewish kin and neighbors. As recent archaeological work has determined, the Jews were NOT some non-Canaanite force of hundreds of thousands of warriors who invaded the land, conquering the indigenous peoples and beating their gods on the battlefield. The Jews were, in fact, indigenous to the area, were Canaanite (now Palestinian) in origin and HAVE NO MORE CLAIM TO THE AREA AROUND JERUSALEM than any other peoples of the Middle East!

    So, in FACT, they are as responsible for their persecution as are their persecutors, since they are willing to suspend LOGIC, to forego RATIONAL discussion, and to believe BASELESS myths about their origins – and continue to war against their own Palestinian brethren in the name of their mythological Jehovah.

    I shed tears for the inhumanity that ALL religions have wrought upon the peoples of the earth, and cannot absolve ANY religion for either its persecutions nor its being persecuted.


  2. love
    Hello Acharya,
    Love to you and your deep feminine beauty
    Your work helped me a lot. One thing I don’t understand though is your stance on the historical Jesus. Ok, many universal mythical elements there. But how does this make it a fake story ? That the principle of …let’s say “violence” got it all twisted, is a done deal. But what about a Great Being coming, enacting the predicament of Humankind ? Being both historical and mythical ? When one thinks of Jesus freely ( and I am a free thinker, having no problem with the idea of Jesus story being totally contrived ), what comes to mind is Love. Love. Turning the other cheek, in an act of non violence. Like Gandhi and MLK did. Both inspired by Thoreau’s “civil disobedience” as you certainly know.
    I read in one of your items that Washington and Jefferson -if I rb correctly- maybe doubted the historical Jesus. Ok. They were free thinkers …Free men. Like the historical Jesus -if he ever existed- was.
    What do you make of the Coptic lost Scriptures founded in Egypt in the 1950’s …or smthg like that, telling the same story -in a different version- the Gospels tell ? Why would that be ?
    That Sumerian texts were the origin of the Bible is another done deal. The Genesis story is carved on Sumerian tables, displayed for all to check in Le Louvre, in Paris. But how does all that simply void the story of a man teaching about Love ? A man so in love with the feminine principle that he died for it ?
    Right, Jewish, Christians, Muslims, all have an ego made of fear, violence, suffering, and death. But the Christ figure tells us about Love. He is the only one. Others tell about rules. Christ tells about Love.
    Gandhi, while asked about Christianity, answered that it was a very good idea, and that it should be tried someday. Why about NOW ?

  3. Well… better late than never :/

    1. Given the state of the world, “better late than never” is just the perfect comment. Only love can save it all. “Love” being just another name for “Freedom” and “Spring”. Love dissolving all belief systems. The Spring you so cheer about dear Acharya.
      Thank you ‘High Dagger’… the sword of truth is just another name for Excalibur. No more wars, no more hate. Oops… quoting Jesus spirit…

  4. Christian Hokey-Pokey Reaps Benefits
    “In consideration of all the trauma this fraud has caused, one would think Jews would readily embrace this real “good news” of Jesus mythicism.”

    I say that the Jews (wouldn’t) embrace “this real ‘good news’ of Jesus mythicism” because, despite any “trauma” brought to the Jews by Christianity, the benefits brought to the Jews by Christianity have been far more plentiful than the “trauma.”

    I’ll give you some examples of the benefits that Jews have recieved from Christianity.

    1. From the day a Gentile baby is born and baptized Christian, that baby, throughout its childhood and until that person dies of old age, is disciplined to think and believe that Jews are God’s Chosen People.

    2. By believing that Jew’s are God’s Chosen People, they realize that they – the Christian Gentiles – (aren’t) God’s Chosen People.

    3. If being one of God’s Chosen People means that one is (better) than all other people, then (not) being God’s Chosen People must mean that one is of lower quality than those who (are) God’s Chosen People.

    4. So when a Christian is finally convinced that he (isn’t) one of God’s Chosen People, he is also convinced that he is of lesser quality than the Jewish people. The Christian will go thru his/her entire life with a deeply embedded inferiority complex that causes him/her to think that Jews are better.

    5.This Christian self-subjugation always gives the Jews a jump start in just about anything in the game of life.

    6. Christianity permanently subjugates the Christian to the Jew because the Christian baby is brainwashed from birth with words like, “Dear baby, Jesus brought you to us. Praise be the Lord.” The child may have heard that word, “Jesus”, one hour after its birth. Therefore, within an hour of having entered the world, the Gentile baby hears that its existence is the result of the action of that Jewish godman, Jesus. This realization also means that without the action of the Jewish godman, Jesus, the baby may have (not) even entered the world. In other words, life, and creation itself, depends upon the ficticious Jewish godman, Jesus.

    7. What’s most amazing about all this is that the Christian’s entire perception of creation, reproduction, self-perception, self-worth and life itself, are based upon a mythical, fictional story of a Jewish man that never existed.

    8. The Vatican and the Protestant salesmen, who have forced Chrisitianity upon the European Gentiles for 1700 years, are responsible for the mental degradation of the European Gentiles. The Jews created the Christian drug and put it a bottle called the Bible. The Vatican and Protestant salesmen fed this psychic snake oil to the European Gentiles. What’s even worse is that the Vatican and the Protestant salesmen forced it, with a threat of death, upon the European Gentiles. 1700 years of forced Christian conversion made it stick like glue to the Gentile psych.

    9. Today, I believe, because of 1700 years of forced Christian conversion, fifteen million Jews benefit from and control six billion Gentiles.

    So I ask: If Christianity (is) what enables fifteen million Jews to control six billion Gentiles, would a Jew, (despite) an occasional pogrom, want to relinquish control of the money that comes from six billion working stiffs by revealing the truth about Christianity? I’ll bet that the Jews would say, “No.”

    The Lie is alive and selling well. Tourists still travel to Italy to get a look at the Shroud of Turin. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    (Below) are a few lines from:
    The QUOTES (below) provide examples of how Jews (Hebrews from the Middle East) were able to use Christian hokey-pokey as an entry vehicle (Trojan Horse) to penetrate Europe and European society. First the Christian hokey-pokey enters Europe; then the Jews.

    “The Jews who arrived with William the Conqueror were merchants and bankers – they became an integral part of the early Norman period because Christians (much like Muslims today) were forbidden from lending money at interest.”

    “So why is the date 1656 so important?”

    “Jews began returning to England in numbers in the 17th century…..”

    “With the age of international trade and European rivalries gathering pace, Jewish bankers and merchants bought competitive advantage.”

    “There was also a religious dimension, with some Protestants believing that the return of Jews was a vital part in the hoped-for return of the Messiah.”

    “Menasseh ben Israel, the Rabbi who led the petition for return, also believed that there had to be Jews in every country in the world before the Messiah would return.”

  5. Now if they only apologize for killing the many tribal people that lived in central south america.

    I know it seems petty but if their willing to apologize to one nation of people for something that happen a few hundred years ago they might as well apologize to everyone they did wrong to.

    Spain built on raping, killing , and taking their land.

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