Solstice Day Song: ‘Long time ago in Egypt…’

Happy Winter Solstice Day songHere’s a little song I put together for this special time of the year!

Seasons Greetings and Happy Solstice!

Solstice Day Song

From the (hypothetical) album:

“How the Christians Stole Solstice” 🙂


Long time ago in Egypt,
So the ancient texts do say,
Isis’s boy-child, Horus,
Was born on Solstice Day

Hark now hear the Pagans sing,
A new sun born today
And people will live forever more
Because of Solstice Day

Note that according to some ancient traditions, the solstice period begins at midnight on December 21st and ends at midnight on the 24th – the three-day period when the “sun stands still,” which is the meaning of the word “solstice.” See “Is December 25th the winter solstice?

(PS: I tried to put this song into a player, but it wasn’t working. Your computer will probably bring up a player automatically – enjoy!)

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  1. Praise to the burning ball of hydrogen
    I love it.

    All haileth thee Suneth for withoutest it we all shall surely croaketh.

  2. Excellently done D. M. !! I would love to sing a duet with you sometime! P.S. – Where can I find the album??

  3. Nice
    It’s nice to hear it sung by Isis herself.

  4. :cheer: My guest here said ‘wow’ and I say ‘fantastic’!

  5. Now you just need to sing it door to door, play it on every loud speaker in every store across the country, as well as on every light rock radio station and things will be even. Since Santa is based on Coca-Cola’s creation, maybe Pepsi will do Horus Claus. 😡

  6. very nice!
    thank you for your creativity! puts a smile on my face. the photo is nice too. your voice sounds very celtic !

  7. Romans 13 is UnAmerican

    Blessings to all of you who sail the void on your big blue ship. May your next trip around the wonderous ball of hydrogen be filled with joy and prosperity and freedom to see what you see.

  8. Paganism on the increase
    BBC Radio 4 PM news programme this afternoon reported that more people attended Pagan ceremonies in the UK today than at any time since Paganism [i]was[/i] the religion of the people. Apparently practising Pagans now number around 100,000 in the UK, due to growing disaffection with “traditional” religions.

  9. very cute
    This should be a whole song with 3 verses. Come to think of it, it would be a great idea to take several christmas song and alter the lyrics to reflect the correct historisity behind them.

    Happy solstice

  10. Good One!
    Good One 🙂 All the best to You Acharya and your family!

  11. Wow!
    😆 My Ma and Pa should have heard it! Its just great to have a universal song for human beings to celebrate and not only for one religion!

  12. A wonderful a cappella!

  13. Try as they might, the Sun Shines & Lives!
    Try as they might, they haven’t been able to kill the Sun yet!
    Happy Solstice to all who live and love their lives.
    In 2010, may the linchpin that is used to keep the world in lockstep to suffering vanish.
    May the natural goodness spring from every heart true and brave.
    Be well.

  14. Christ Conspiracy / Gospel According to Acharya/ S
    Thank You. You have put in words what I have not been able to do throughout my twenty years of recovery from the “Christian Indoctrination” I received in my first twenty five years of life.

    Now the Song ! 🙂

    Just the thing for my Pennywhistle!

  15. nice singing voice
    I must say, dear one of truthfulness, I like your voice. Try this little diddy if you like. Sung to Rudolph Reindeer’s catchy tune.

    Jesus the new born God child,
    for purpose given utmost crown.

    But if it ever controlled you,
    it could only make you frown.

    All of the other king childs,
    usta laugh and call him names.

    They never let baby jesus,
    play invisible faith king games.

    Then one foggy Solstice morn,
    Sky Daddy came to say.

    Jesus with the world so ripe,
    won’t you be my scam tonight?

    Now all the liars love him,
    and their shouting out w/ glee.

    “Jesus the best fake sky god,
    you’ll pollute all his—tor—reee—–!!”

    Not many performers can write and also sing.

    Excuse me for commercializing the sentiment, sincerity and sanctimoniousness contained within your performance, but your voice and lyrics made me think:

    I’ll make a bet
    This time next year
    You’ll own a Vette…………………….or the cash that it’s worth.

    Jon Smetana

  17. Getúlio Marques Martins

    You have the gift of joyfully surprising us, Murdoch. The Creator, whatever His ends for His creatures are, must rejoice every time you come up with some new move of yourself…
    I can only thank Him for the oportunity of having me share this line of time with you.

  18. Revelation
    In the past 12 month I have found so much revealing information about Iesus Krishna and the truth about christianism and religion. This song serves as a reminder of those illuminating findings.

  19. Congrats!
    Thank you, Acharya, and congrats for a rendition well done. :>)

    I believe the writer of the Rudolph ditty meant in the next to last verse: “and they’re shouting out with glee.”

    Peace and happiness to all, and to all a g’day.

  20. Nice set of pipes
    I can’t wait to see when D.M channels her inner “Punk Princess” or does what Pat Boone did a few years back and gets down with a Heavy Metal Mood. D.M. can pull it off. Now thats what I call holiday spirit, with bonus points for style and cool!

  21. Damn! Everything else and a beautiful voice too! It must keep your sanity with all the seriousness of your subjects, to have some fun like this. Once again, D, you rock!

  22. beautiful message,
    beautiful voice
    beautiful messenger

  23. It was SHEER DELIGHT to hear you!!
    I love the freshness of your notes. I imagine you do not smoke. Beautiful voice that sounds so pure and crystal clear.

    I loved it… want to duet with you… LOL 😛

    I really enjoy you voice. Did you check out that place I told you about?



  24. Hi sweetums –

    I just took a look at that website. It’s a bit overwhelming for me to consider at the moment. As it is, I’ve been distracted from completing my editing of Barbara Walker’s new book, which I’ll be publishing ASAP!

    But remind me later! So much to do, so little time.

  25. Jon. Maybe she’s not telling us…..
    …..that besides Latin, Greek, and those other languages, she also studied music at some place like the Juilliard School. A person doesn’t just sit down, make up a lyric like she did, and incorporate it into a famous melody with such flowing smoothness without some kind of training. And when she sings it, she doesn’t lose the melody. If she (didn’t) have training, can you imagine what she’d do musically (with) training!?

  26. What a wonderfull song,to defeat the opposition one must become as one of them. You are fabulous.

  27. Sounds Terrifc
    Great song Acharya S and wish The Sun keeps shining on You!!!!!!!!! 😛

  28. Great singing!
    Want to see you produce and act in a movie in which you also do the singing and script writing/screenplay direction, etc.! 🙂

  29. You’re Beautiful
    What nerve you have. Even your voice is beautiful. The more you do the more beautiful you are. And you’re not even ashamed to sing. Wow!

  30. That is lovely. Made my morning. Thank you!

  31. Acharya has provided evidence that Goddesses do ex
    I don’t believe in the existence of God but Acharya has just provided irrefutable evidence that Goddesses do exist !

    Acharya , you are a Goddess ! 😉

    As a hetero male, I must say the world would be a lot better with Goddess-centric spirituality!

  32. Creating alternative songs (carols) for the season
    Thank you for this original solstice song (carol). I feel that to advance a better / more accurate / radical reason for enjoying the festive season e.g., the solstice, compassion, non-violence, celebrating the human community / nature, et. alia, a very good place to work from is the creation of original and preferably catchy songs to sing in lieu of traditional Christmas favourites as it seems that even non-believers continue to engage in activities and/or singing because they like or were brought up with traditional carols. This song is a welcome contribution to realizing an alternative / indigenous / radical acknowledgment or celebration of this time of year in my view.

  33. That’s a lovely song.
    This song should become an official solstice tradition. :cheer:

  34. Bless us with more of your vocal beauty, Acharya!
    This surely is pleasant, what with all the traditional stuff filling the air waves these days. 🙁 I don’t plan to “live forevermore,” however. Just that eternal sleep experienced before my birth is what I look forward to. But, if there is something else, I’ll certainly welcome it when it appears! 😯 Happiness, good health, long life to you and yours.[

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