1. kinda silly
    This is what happens when people vote GOP, they get the Lindsay Graham/Dick Cheney types who want to use perpetual war to remove everyone’s rights. If we just threw these stooges who perpetrated 9/11 and pinned it (sloppily) on “al queda,” we wouldn’t have to take anyone’s rights or demonize a group of people who had nothing to do with any of this.

    The only real problem in all this stuff is: what are we supposed to do when a bunch of Muslims are sitting on our oil? If you’re Cheney and company, you frame them and then send in military to take the oil. And then get a bunch of rightwing apologists to scream loudly and generate fear of Muslims. Can you say 1984?

    1. Did you watch the vid ? And did you note that under “Democrats” “some of the greatest atrocities have been pulled off!” Or do you just think any thing limp sorry left is always “right” OH sorry again correct? The whole stinking lot of the “Polit Bureau” is corrupt and needs routing out like the poison pulpit of all religions do oh can’t forget the banks as well. As for the stock markets well just like the lodges of the brother hood nail them in and cut off supply to the let them eat each other instead of us ;-)!

      1. Oh forgot to give credence to the war for oil theory, or not ;-)! Please do take the time to watch the following documentary, even though it came from PBS which if you know who’s really behind them well they would know so……


        Thought provoking stuff!

  2. Hate is imbedded in Islam “Holy Book” indeed. Just check the Old Testament and you will find the same appeals to murder. Check Christianity’s history and you will find millions of murders in the name of Christ. Check American history and you will find the same numbers, in the name of The Empire. Check the Talmud and be afraid. Etc… etc…
    The dysfunctionality called satan plays in all camps.
    Time to wake up and stop blaming others.

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